I had almost forgotten how easy it is to just make a wok for lunch or dinner!

All you need is what you have left of vegetables in the fridge….

In this case I had one squash, one mushroom, one green pepper, one onion, three small spring onion, half a leek, chopped garlic and ginger, 3 fillets of chicken, soya sauce and a packet of nudels

Fry the chicken with some good olive oil from O&Co, then just add the vegetables.

(Actually I only used half of the copped vegetables portion, and saved the rest in a plastic bag for tomorrow, it became too much….for just two of us)

Then add some water and a good 1/2 to 1 dl soya sauce. You don’t need salt when you have soya sauce I think! I also squeezed in a reasonable dash of this stuff:

The hot stuff with the ginger and chili flavor!!

It tasted soooooooo goooooood!!!! And took only like 15 min to make!



We left Kristiansand at 7 o’clock wednesday morning heading for Torp. Our flight was at 11, so we assumed that would be enough time to get there. And it was!

I have never flown from from Torp before so I was a bit excited how that would turn out, flying with Ryan air and all. I’ve heard so much about how strickt they are with the baggage and overweight. I had clear instructions from Svein Erik…Ryan air had send him like alot of mails warning him about the charges if there were overweight… so I packed carefully and minimalistic….and watched the weight 🙂

Everything went smooth! We arrived safe in Liverpool, turned time one hour back and got our rental car, passing a yellow submarine on our way to the parking lot!

We drove stright to Harrogate, an approximately two hours drive from Liverpool airport and our destination for the next four days!

I had been told that Harrogate is a very nice, old, posh English town. And that turned out to be true. It was not posh in a negative way, it was just very clean and nice and polite. It was well kept and had a really nice and relaxed atmosphere. There were a big Turkish bath in the middle of the town. In the earlier days the royalties used to come here and get treatments and go for a swim. Now most of the bath had been turned into bars, restaurants and night clubs. And that looked well nice, if you ask me!

We went to the turkish bath on friday afternoon and it was a totally lovely experience!!

If you ever have the chance go and stay a couple of nights in Harrogate!

And if you have a pilot in your stomach you can come to Harrogate and take the pilot license with http://www.thegreatcircle.co.uk/





I was really supposed to do some house work to day…..but I keep ending up in front of this screen instead! Obviously I find it more amusing to share photos from our trip to England! House work is not running away as they say…it just accumulate and pile up. So let’s not worry about that now!

I have been to Liverpool once before. It must have been like 18 years ago. But I could not remember being here before, at all! I blame it on the change of intrest during these years!

Back then I was only intrested in party, pubs, bars and disco. And I was with my friend Mette and we liked more to look at boys, than at the arcitechture so that must be the reason 😀 And the fact that we only stayed one night before taking the train to…was it Crew…or something!?

Anyway I was very pleased with Liverpool! It was full of life. There were pianos in the streets, and musicians and singers sat down and entertained passers! It is not the home town of The Beatles for nothing!!

It was easy to find your way around. Lots of shopping, Debenhams, John Lewis, and smaller arcades and streets with nice shops and boutiqes.

Eating was nice too. There were alot of nice restaurants down in Albertdock!

And there were this incredible funny vehicles rolling around down in the dock…first on land then at sea, and of course they were yellow like the submarine in the famous song….

We went for a spin in the «Wheel og Liverpool». But had to press the emergency button and ask them to let us off, course Lucas thought it was a bit windy on the top and needed to get out!

I can really recommend a visit to Liverpool! Flights from Torp with Ryan air is dead cheap!!!





So we had a nite out in Liverpool. And without anybody we could trust taking us to the right places, we met,  by accident, on our way home, some very friendly people….

As we were passing, they asked me to take a photo of the three of them. And of course I would do that. And suddenly we stood there chatting and just taking the micky out of each other and having real fun!

The bar closed and our new friends wanted to show us another place with cheap drinks, so we walked the town, witnessing a very drunk person taking a piss on the cash machine….jiiiiizes…..well just to warn you and remind you to always wash your hands when you have been out….cours you never know…right!??

Anyway we arrived at destination and OMG….haha, what a place! We would never have found this on our own, but then again we would probably never look for a place like this either…! But the conclusion must be it was an experience and after a couple of beers, finding out that they all were gay, we said good night and went home!! Here you can see for your selfs the scenario we ended up in!

First we had a nice dinner with our boys at this Brazilian Steak House! Tomas was thrilled, cours he loves meat. They come at your table with all kinds of barbecued meat, pork, sirloin, lamb etc. And we could eat as much as we wanted….Tomas ate a lot, having a blast!

This green side up meant that you would like some more meat

Satisfied kids, totally stuffed, wanted to go to the room and play on the computer. Parents wanted to explore…came across this Abby and decided to shoot it…

Also found this in the ladies toilet and wondered if it was what it was or if there was a hidden message, but I guess it rains a lot, so why not…?

Then we meet our new «one night stand friends». After I took their group photo I was persuaded to take a photo of Karls tattoo, and it is Karl with a K……got the whole story about that! The tattoo was not exactly fresh, haha, Liverpool fan for many years!

This is Jay, and he turned out to be gay. He was a real nice gay guy, though!

And here we are, Karl, Jay, Katie and Svein Erik. Katie was a chef at a pub somewhere.. We were actually going back to the hotel, but things can change, we are curious, so we went along with the three musketeers….

…to this place….and Karl wanted to dance with Svein Erik, and I am so disappointed that the picture turned out so bad, but you get the illusion, Karl was not a tall man, and trying to dance with Svein Erik it was a hilarious situation

Outside – the door guards!  Say no more. We had to pay 2 quid to get inn, and then it was 1 quid a bottle. So it was nice price…

Just the logo of the place, just in case…..

The Diva DJ

And this «lady» hosted the Dj boot, talking dirty in the mic while playing music that made people move..I don’t know if dance is the right word…haha!

WE ARE OFF, bye, bye, new best friends, we probably never see you again unless you read this blog! If you do, please send me a message! Was really nice to meet you!!



FOUNTAINS ABBY – North Yorkshire

Foto: Ingrid Himberg

I’m so grateful for all the places i get to see, discover and explore! Some places just by chance. Like this place I am about to show you.

My boyfriend likes to fly. And he has taken the pilot license so he can fly piper and sesna. Every two year he needs do take an out check, to make sure he is fit to fly.

He took his pilot license in England and he knows this spot on instructor, Adam Berrington, who owns and run this company http://www.thegreatcircle.co.uk/

And that’s why we planned our summer holiday at this destination.

We spent four wonderful days in this area. Adam and his girlfriend, Stephanie, was taking so good care of us. They showed us the best restaurants and made us relax by taking care of everything.

Adam knew the menu and just ordered us the best from the http://www.orchidrestaurant.co.uk/  menu to share! We had a blast!

And they took us to http://www.lightwatervalley.co.uk/ where we had a most enjoyable time with the boys!

What really amazed me was when they took us to an old Abby up in Ripon http://www.fountainsabbey.org.uk

OMG! My camera went warm and out of battery, of course, but here is my visual catch from this afternoon! Sit back and enjoy!

Foto: Ingrid Himberg


I left my poor flowers for a week without anybody to water them. I thougt I’d better store them in a cool, dark place and give them a good «clunk» before we go, and just hope they will survive. So I put them on top of my freezer in the cellar and amazingly enough they made it through the week! And they were waiting happily for my and they embrazed me with a good smell when I released them. And still standing proud and tall I brought them back to the sun and the light and I brought them plenty of water!

Surviving Flowers


Back in Norway after a tremendous week in North Yorkshire and Liverpool. I don’t know where to start…with the end or the beginning?

The end is a good start, I think.

Yesterday we went to see Anfield and the home stadium of the famous football club LIVERPOOL FC.

Lucas (9), our youngest son, is a huge Liverpool fan and he had the day of his life. Except from the fact that we did not meet any of the players he had a great understandig for their summerholiday, and is determind to come back another time to meet them:)


Bill Shankly. Team manager of Liverpool 1959-1974

We were met by the manager of all times, William «Bill» Shankly, who appart form the obvious, was also known for his special bond with the Liverpool supporters. The scarf he is wearing was thrown to him by a fan.

Under his management Liverpool won the Second Division Championship to gain promotion to the top flight First Division in 1962 and then won three League Championship titles, two FA Cups and the UEFA Cup before Shankly announced his surprise retirement from football a few weeks after Liverpool won the 1974 FA Cup Final, having managed the club for 15 years. (ref. wikipedia)

L.Scheie on his way up to the Boot Room

…for some food..

…in a boot with a TV showing higlights from Liverpools career…

…before joining the Museum & Tour Centre

Small and big Scheie…:))

Here we are in the press room, an acctually very tiny and small room. In here they had the real boot room. It was actually a room that stored the squad’s football boots that Bill Shankly also changed into a coaches’ meeting room.

Here we are in the changing room…

…nr 21 Lucas Leiva’s shirt!

….and mini Lucas!

…and Suarez…

….and as you can see the changing room is very, very basic. No lockers, cause the players have to trust each other, the guide told us. And also the idea is to not take focus from the match by having material goods!

This is our tour guide…he was a bit of a caracter… comming in to tell us that we are going to see the stadium. And in a loud and confirm voice he was making sure that everyone understood that if anyone tried to walk on the grass/pitch they would be sentenced to jail…wohohoho, relax, man:))

This is, by the way, where the away team is changing, even smaller and apparently there is no  slipfree floor in here, (lol)

Good thing there is an injury bench in here then……

The sacred grass of Anfield! Here the ashes of past away players have been spread all over the pitch for their eternal rest. So you don’t wanna mess with this pitch. I stayd clear of the grass, totally:))

…so did Lucas, but he can’t wait to play on it in a couple of years:))

The Pitch Preacher…

Sitting comfortable in the managers and trainers seat… I think it was….

Supporters view…. and our tourguide down there! He was really in command and loved his shift…reminded us of the Alcatraz tourguide in «The Rock» hehe!!

…now you are warned!!

Then we had a little tour around in the museum…

The people’s man, The great Shankley and his signature pose!

Championship trophy!

Ian Rush…my super hero from the ’80 when I met the whole Liverpool team in Denmark. My mother had taken me to Kolding for summer vacation, and suddenly there were Liverpool players all over the place at the hotel we were staying!

I ran for autographs and pichtures! Sadly I can not find the one with me and Ian Rush, but here are some other…

Craig and me…

OMG I thougt he was soooooo handsom…. we enlarged this photo and put it in a frame, haha!!

Craig Johnston

And I made an autograph book when I came home with all the signatures I had caught

Ian Rush
Ian Rush
Bruce Grobbelar


Sammy Lee
Kevin MacDonald
Mark Lawrenson
Bob Paisley
Gary Gillespie
Kenny Daglish
Ronni Moran

And last but never the least I also met the danish player Allan Simonsen! The reason Liverpool came to Kolding to play a friendly training match with the danish!

Allan Simonsen and I

Ha ha ha! Sneeking up on his side there!!! Look at my outfit, self made throusers, of course….

Allan Simonsen

So this was our trip to Anfield from yesterday, July 24th 2012 and from the summer of 1986

«You Never Walk Alone»