Life is a gift! So what is more beautiful than a pregnant woman carrying the gift of life?

It was an honor to be asked if I would take some photos of my french friend Maud who is six month pregnant with her dear Antoine. I though well, why not? I love to make photos and what could be more fun and inspiring than this!

The plan was to have both of them on the shoot, but the weather forcast on the day we had planned looked like this:

…but I was so ready to do it that I told Maud to come anyway even if it was splashing down! And she is a real sport and we agreed to meet at 17:00

I thought it would be great with stormy weather. I imagined a rough sea and some strong wind to make the shawl flap! At 14:00 it was pouring down, or more or less bucketing down, open sky and water just falling out, and I though, well might be a good idea to cancel…but Idid not, and waited.

Around 16:00 the weather was perfect no more rain, overcast and a flat light!

Here are my mobile photos of Maud, I think they turned out gorgeous! She was a joy to work with, so easy and relaxed!

Thank you Maud, for trusting me 🙂


You know the feeling when you are really exited and you just want to jump up and down, and the energy level is at full boost!! That is me to day!!

I’m counting down, only hours left and I will be reunited with my dear beloved son Tomas! I have not seen him in a good month, and I miss him so much!

But to miss someone is not a bad thing, I think it is a good thing! It makes you realize how much a person means to you, and it makes you think and not take the time we have together for granted.

So welcome Tomas, we all miss you like crazy, and we are going to have the best time together here in France!

Weather is great! You will be able to go swimming and fool around on the beach with me! I have also bought norwegian salmon and eggs, hehe <3

Tough Tomas is flying down all by him self and I am soooo, soooo, proude of him 🙂

Fotos from yesterday



Lucas and a class mate were carrying a big heavy box with things for the gym when suddenly Lucas lost his grip and the box fell right on his big toe. And then another class mate managed to fall on top of the box and Lucas poor toe…..

It was painful, so painful that we had to come and pick him up and take him to x-ray.

As we drove to pick him up a terrible rainstorm came over us and the sky just opened! The water came flooding down the hill we were driving up!

We should not have been driving with water coming down like this, but our only concern was Lucas…

And of course the tank was nearly empty, so we had to fuel up at a gas station. A lady pointed at our license plate and that’s when we realized it had fallen off….ok, so luckily we had to fule up…!

We made it to the school! Driving down to the hospital the weather was like this:

Happy ending!

After 2,5 hours at the emergency the doctor told us that the toe was heavy beaten, but not broken!!

So lucky Lucas, though accident stroke, he came from it with minor harm!! God bless!!

No soccer practice for a week…but he had a lot of practice on saturday. He joined his team on a football cup the whole day from 08:45 until 16:00



La Lune de Mougins Spa Hotel

Five fabulous days at «La Lune de Mougins Spa Hotel» came to an end on saturday. This 3 star hotel in Mougins was a real treat and the most beautiful decorated hotel I have visited in a long time. There were so many details. The use of tone in tone color, different textures, textile and material, beautiful furnitures, made it so interesting, warm, welcoming and homely.

I really enjoyed our stay here! The staff was just adorable. All of them were so friendly, helpful and kind.

We ate dinner and breakfast at the hotel, both very enjoyable with impeccable service.

The spa facilities were great! With sauna, steam bath, swimming pool with jacuzzi effect, tropical showers and spa treatments. I did not get a treatment, but I used the steam bath.   I love steam bath!

Another bonus was the distance from the hotel to the school, only 2 min by car! Compared to 20 from Antibes! You need a car to stay at this hotel be course there are no amenities in walking distance.

There is also a tennis court at the hotel. Every day after school Lucas and I had a tennis match. I like to play tennis and I am happy that Lucas enjoys it too!

There are no doubt I will be back. They told us we were very welcome to use the spa. So after dropping Lucas off at school I will for sure follow up on that invitation. Especially when it gets colder. Right now the temperature is great, cold at night and 20-25 during the day.

Though we had a great stay it is good to be home in Antibes again, home sweet home!

Here are some photos I took of the place the day we left


There are philosophies and expressions about life using doors as the symbol of their meaning! Like «sliding doors», «open the door when you see opertuneties come knocking», «open the door to your heart» and «when one door closes, another one opens»

Here are some beautiful doors, say no more!

Have a wonderful weekend every one!




I grew up waching Julius the monkey grow up! He was a big, big zoo attraction during the happy 80′ in Kristiansand.

He had his own television show back then. So everybody knew the family Moseid and their adopted sjimpanse Julius.

He also had his own hit song ruling the top 10 for weeks even years!

Then he became a cool teenager and he was the main attraction until midlife crisis hit him and he started to throw bananas and his own poo at visitors!

That was basicly the end of Julius. He is now an grumpy old sjimpanse seperated from his own family with strong steel bars.

But that part we do not need to tell our children who swears to the tasty good childfriendly Julius Bread!

Lucas was so happy when our dear friend Sissa brought two breads from Norway last week 🙂




My mobile camera was burning hot as we left Mougins after a very pleasant lunch the other day.

Oups! I didn’t see the «no photo» sign until now….But I guess it is if you only shoot the art! I’m making a documentary here! Must bee all right!


Since saturday we have been like nomades traveling around…Before we decides to move to south of France we rented our apartment out for a week in september.We could have canceled them, but at the moment we thought it would be all right taking a week somewhere else and discover new places for instance…and we sure did!

Having known this for such a long time we could have booked way back in advanced, but, hey, did we…? No, two days before we booked at a cheap family resort in Cannes La Bocca. I mean the price should have alarmed us, but sometimes money talks and you get blinded by how much you can save and you compromises with quality. Not a good idea in most cases.

We arrived at Pierre & Vacances Beach Resort Cannes in La Bocca. At first it seemed all right, the reception was pretty nice. We checked in and took all our luggage to our room. And talking about luggage, how much do you need for a week when the plan is to lay by the pool or at the beach to relax….

We had a full car, me I had like one big bag, two medium, and one small bag  with stuff I most likely never will use during this week, plus my 27″ Mac and a TV set of 32″!

I came dressed for Cannes and the Croisette, but was quickly pulled down to La Bocca…what a shit hole. Just going to the Inter Marche, a supermarket, made me feel uncomfortable, it was so dirty and sketchy on the road and in the places we passed!

We got back to the room with our grocery bags with saturday goodies and thought we better make the best out of it. There was a TV set in the living room were Lucas and his new friend and sleep over guest, Alexander, rigged the playstation.


We put our TV in the bedroom to watch «Homeland»a new series we have started on! So exiting, just saying!!!!

I had already noticed the stench in the room. A stench of ammoniac and sewage. But I kept convincing my self that a few sprays of perfume and a good airing would make it disappear. Wishful thinking.

The toilet was terrible it smelled of pure piss. And I’m sure there was so much piss on and in the plastic CARPET that they would have to change the whole ting to get rid of it. I can just imagine how boys have been standing up and spraying around……

We made it through the night and early sunday morning we went jogging along the beach getting plenty of fresh air!

Our new friends, parents of Alexander (7) and Carmen (9), also norwegians, invited us to come with them on a boat exhibition in Cannes on sunday so we met them there at 11.

Then we spent the whole afternoon with them looking at yachts and having a marvelous time. We were not back in La Bocca until late. But nothing had changed it still smelled awful and the place just sucked. Though we had prepaid for 7 days we decided to get out of there!

Said and done!

Now we are at a wonderful spa hotel, La Lune de Mougins, just two minutes from the international school in Mougins. The atmosphere here is so nice and the staff is really friendly. They put us in «Suit 1″and the colors and the interior is inspiring and pleasant. Lucas and I were jumping up and down in the beds like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Being so happy!

There is a lesson here. If you don’t experience bad, you’ll never know good!

It is so important to be grateful of what you have and make the best of it, but it doesn’t mean that things can not get better:)

Anyway here we are, happy as pigs in shit…..

Lunch at Le Petit Fouet in the old town center of Mougins made me even more happy! It was a real treat both price-vice, taste-vice and surrounding-vice!

If you go to south of France I really recommend to visit Mougins and the Vieille Ville (Old Town)!

Here is my photo catch the last few days!


It is nice to be important, but it is more important to be nice…..

…….it is also nice to be in Nice!

We drove in to Nice on friday. We had an appointment with the bank in order to check out the posibillities of getting a loan if something interesting villa-vice should turn up!
How umbarressing is it when you are in a serios setting like this and Sven Erik says something and I think we are supposed to laugh so I’m pressing out a loud laugh, and no one else is laughing! Oh, well, it sure turned me red and made me shot up quick…
I was so relieved when the meeting was over and I could go to the M.A.C store and buy a mascara, angled brush and lipliner! And do some photoshopping of the great lines and details in the big city!
So here are some photos i took calming down:
Place Massena
Love these big gorgeous lanterns
What a jewl
My favorite make up store
I got my stuff
Love the old buildings and their beautiful windows…
…and the balconies
Place Masséna
Place Masséna