Out of pure curiosity, and because I by chance remembered this wedding event taking place in Mandelieu, I decided to persuade my boys to come with me and take a look.

My curiosity clearly have connection with my over 12 years in the wedding industrial business as a wedding photographer.

«Salon du Mariage»used the whole congress center of Mandelieu, and turned out to be a very big happening!

I think photographers were the most represented exhibitors. There were like ten stands with photographers and movie makers. Interesting to see how they do it here. And also to compare the price level and the quality.

My conclusion must be that weddings in France are big business. I had like a ton of brochures when I finished my tour in the «Salon du Mariage» and sat down with Svein Erik and Lucas for a coffee one hour later!

Here are some photos to give you an impression and maybe inspire you if you are planning a wedding 🙂


When I took the pregnant pictures, Life is A Gift, of Maud in september, Antoine was supposed to be with us. But he did not make it that day, and I did not want to postpone, cause I was so ready to GO!

I promised we’ll take another shoot later with him.

The very lovely couple came to dinner at our flat on friday. We had a little mexican fiesta with them. We were eating nachos and tortillas, cheering in corona and aquavit, singing bamboleia and dancing salsa, well, not so much the last part, to be honest..

Anyway we decided to take the photos the next day at a very special place.

Lucas was with us and jumping around on location. Svein Erik got a phone call from our french teacher in the middle of the shoot, which lasted 5 minutes (the shoot), and instead of calling him up in 2 min he needed to know here and now if 14:30 on monday was ok….


I had my and mind and focus on what I was doing. Photographing our french friends speaking english trying to make them pose and relax while I tried to find angles and see that all the details were in place, and that the camera function was right like shutter speed, ISO, filter, frame, field of depth, focus, white balance, etc….


Pretty stressful 5 minutes, but as the professional photographer I am, I took it all with a smile and kept crushing calm, I did not let a little disturbance ruin our shoot 🙂


Last sunday is only a week ago, but to me it seems like a few month ago. So much have happened!

I love life when it is full of action. Like last sunday when Espen Hennig Olsen and his lovely wife, Jannicke, called and asked if we should meet! They had some time before their flight departure so we invited them for breakfast at our terrace!

In a jiffy we made something out of what we had in the refrigerator. We are good at using what’s in store. A pinch of creativity and a teaspoon of positive thinking helps too! And when you don’t worry and just do what you have to do, most things turn out well.

So we had the most impulsive and interesting breakfast with two people I have never met in my life before.

But Espen Henning Olsen is the MAN! He is the owner of the new flight company FLYNONSTOP. (Check it out and book your flight for spring holiday NOW if you are from the area!)

When he came I gave him a big, warm hug and thanked him for this big investment that means people from the south of Norway can travel directly to a lot of destination in Europe.

It makes life a lot easier for travel hungry «south of Norway people.»

And taking into consideration what Svein Erik and I are planning down here in the south of France, direct flight to Nice fits like a glow and we couldn’t have asked for a better timing!



Let me ask you

What is important for you when you are thinking of traveling some where?!

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Parce que je le vaux bien

I have been very busy!  Big things have happened this week so I have not been able to write updates, not prioritizing to do so….

My main reason to write is to keep track of my self and my life and some of the things I experience, think and do.

I’m writing an open diary for my self, but also very much for those who care. When someone else enjoyes my post and get something out of it, what ever, it for sure makes me very, very happy!!!

I love to share and I love to make people happy!

To day I got an encouraging comment on my La Lune post. Nice with some support. So thank you for that one 🙂 You made me happy and inspired me to write this post, now!

I will be back with an update very soon!

Turning 40 was just beyond my wildest believes in the way of being caught by surprise and getting pampered.

And I like to say it must be «Parce que je le vaux bien»

So stay tuned 😀

❤ ❤ ❤



I drove up to Valbonne after driving Lucas to school! So I’m sitting here now in the town square with a large coffee creme! And a big stinking dog right beside me. He smells of puke. I’m not sure how long I will be abel to stand it. Wow, did they read my bodylanguage….they left! Thank God. There is another dog to my left, but he is clean!

There is a big marked here to day. I will check it out after this but first I want to write down some thoughts about my passion for cars.

Ever since I was I little girl I have had some masculine tendencies.

I remember at an early stage I was a bit dissapointed that I did not have the advantage of standing up when going to the toilet. One day I found a 20 cm long pipe and figured I try it out. So I brought it home and tried. It did not work too well….

Accepting that fact, I expressed my masculine side by putting up fights with the boys, and really kicking thier asses. I wressled them down one by one, I had no fear. And my elder brother was so proud of me. Once in Porsgrund, a small norwegian town, he challanged me to fight three boys. Said and done, I think they still talk about it, hehe!

I also enheriated clothes from my brother, and dressed like a boy in the 70’s.

Going into my teens it changed. I discovered my feminine side. And that was in a way pretty extreeme. I came to love makeup and fashion. I began to dress like a woman.. some might call it a prostitude. I also used my face as a platter. And did experiments with make up in all the colors a rainbow can offer! This was in the 80’s and looking at pictures from back than makes my laugh hard!

My mother was at times so embaressed when I wore big fluffy bands on my head, and other stuff, but she had nothing to say. I would not hear. Well you know!

Anyway, finding my extreemly feminine side did not change the fact that I was serious concerned about cars and motors. I got my motorcycle lisence befor my driverslicens, and I wanted a motorbike so bad. I loved fancy cars and dreamed that one day I would have one. 

I got a polo, white «station wagon», as my first car, not very pretty, but it took me from A to B….

I realized the cost of having a car, and with my financial situation I could not afford an expensive car. But the interest and the dream of having one never left.

I met the man of my dreams and together with him came a porche convertible, and that is funny. Becourse years back I had a dream of driving over the «Åros bridge» in a convertible sports car with a dark man, his name was Carter, but never the less it can not all be right in a dream…

Later we bought a Mercedez ML and I never forget the feeling when driving this car. It is silly, but it is a fact. The comfort and the feel of driving a solid nice car is a kick! I feel a bit stupid telling this, because I come from a town where you are not supposed to flash or think you are more than you are, but I don’t give a shit! I have to state that is how I feel. To drive a cool car is a rush!

Now we are driving a golf, and that is ok. I never jeopardize my economy over a car. 

But to dream and to wish for something is always a good thing.

For years I have been dreaming of, in my opinion, the coolest car ever a Range Rover Sport.Yesterday we went to a car dealer and asked to try one.

Svein Erik behind the weel we moved like a rocket in this big bolldozer, and I was laughing all the way, litturally speaking! What a blast!

Well, who knows one day I might sit behind the steering wheel of one of those! Then I’ll be kicking some ass, for sure, haha!

Earth is calling! Time to check out the marked, absorb the nice smell from spices and feel the good atmosphere!



Just find this song so incredible beautiful! And thought I’d better share 🙂

Birdy – Skinny Love

Looked up on wikepedia and found out this about the artist! She is only 16 years old, GOD DAMN! »

«Birdy was born on 15 May 1996, in LymingtonHampshire. Her mother is a concert pianist, and Birdy learned to play piano at the age of seven, and began writing her own music at the age of eight.[4] Birdy currently studies at Brockenhurst College in Brockenhurst, a sixth form college in the New Forest; she sings and plays the piano. Her great uncle was the actor Sir Dirk Bogarde. She is of mixed English, Belgian (Flemish), and Dutch ancestry.[1][5]  

Her stage name comes from her nickname her parents gave her as a baby because she opened her mouth like a little bird when fed. Her whole family calls her Birdy while friends, especially at school, call her Jasmine, her given name. »  ref – Wikipedia

The whole album is actually very nice!

Birdy – People Help The People

Birdy – Shelter

Birdy – Without A Word

Birdy – 1901 -Lyrics….

Makes me wish I cluld play the piano…awwwww (h)


This is a day of joy!

Thank you Espen Hennig Olsen for making this happen!!! Finally!!! I’m so happy I could FLY! And I’m for sure going to Flynonstop!

Now it will be so much easier to travle, to discover more places and explore from Kristiansand to London, Berlin, Parma, Dubrovnik, Barcelona, Paris and….

….welcome to Nice, I just say!

Her on the french riviera you have everything you need all year round! You have the beach, sun and fun in the summer. The alps full of snow and glow in the winter. And you always have history, culture, nice villages, museums, art, architecture, good food and wine, beautiful scenary and nature. It’s all here and more!

So get get your flight ticket from FLYNONSTOP and get your ass moving, right NOW! 

To day I have been a little trip to Nice and Valbonne!


Just before the rain started to hammer down we had a nice visit to Cotignac and Correns. Cotignac is a little cosy village in the inland of provence. We used 1 hour and 15 minutes  from Antibes to get there.

We thought we’d better check it out! Becourse our friend Sissa, running «Provence Reiser», have her food and wine courses and the painting and art classes here in these, as it turns out, beautiful surroundings.

After walking the streets and shooting some pictures we had a pizza. Then we decided to drive through Correns as well. This is the next village and the place where Angelina and Brad has bought a Château with a wine yard called Miraval. Here «they» produce a rosé named «Pink Floyd»

Did not find the Château and did not see the americans. But it seemed to be a nice place…As it happend we were in a bit of a hurry to meet our friends, Anette and Christian down in St. Rapaël. So we rushed off!

Here is the photo catch of the day 🙂



When it rains on the french riviera it really rains! Yesterday the whole sky opened! It rained cats and dogs….

After a nice lunch in Cotignac, one good hour drive from Antibes we headed down to meet our friends in St.Raphaël for a coffee!

Midway in the coffee the rain startet. And it came down like a waterfall! Christian came to think of the windows he had left open…

We jumped in the car, «took fart and dissappered like a prick in the sky» haha!!

The trip home turned out to be a bit troubled as the roads were flooded with water!

Here are some documentation photos from the rainy, wet sunday!








To day, though, it’s nice and sunny again ☀