What is worse than waking up and up and realize you have overslept? Many things, but right there and than it is awful! What is more awful is when you think you are on time like I thought this morning!

The bell rang 06:30 and as usual I thought five more minutes and turned over. Than I woke up again looked at my watch 06:40. «Better get up, no point in postpone the inevitable» I jumped out of bed into the shower. I considered not washing my hair, but then I changed my mind, thinking I had time to do it. I came out of the shower. I looked in the cupboard and my eyes fell at a body butter from Body shop. Long time no use! I decided to balm in my body and did so.

I got dressed, made my self a coffee, thinking it is about time to wake up Lucas. I thought it was 07:05. I reconsidered and decided to wait five more minutes. I wanted to sit down and have the coffee in peace and silence.

I sat down enjoying my coffee, I looked at my watch again. And jumped up in horror!!             I spilled my coffee all over my clothes, ran in to Lucas room crying out loud: «WE ARE LATE – WAKE UP!»

Poor lad, he just did as I said and got moving.

How could this happen, I asked my self! I had to check all the watches and they all showed the same time 08:10. I had to check my alarm and it was set on 06:30.

One hour is missing to-day, one hour just hopped over my life…like. I can’t believe I slept one hour after the alarm went off!!! But I did!

Wet from the coffee and full of stains I ran to get the car. Lucas has a good routine getting ready, so to him it was no problem, thank god! He even remembered his gym outfit 🙂

We arrived right on time 09:59


As you can see it is not a digital watch..






«A smile is a curve that sets things straight» 

At the airport coming home from Barcelona last monday, I had time to sit down and read the magazine «Harper’s BAZAAR» Linn had left behind.

I read it throughly, looked at the fashion reportage and photos of Nicole Kidman and more, all the ads, best dressed list, read about Mark Zuckerbergs sister, Randy…and the answer to the question «Are Platforms Over?» which I at this point don’t recall the answer to…not important information to me.

But what I do recall is this sentence above.

There was nothing more to read, so I read my horoscope, then I read all the horoscopes. (Next time I must bring a book, for sure:)

Under Leo, Linn’s star sign, it said «A smile is a curve that sets things straight.»

I love the graphic sound and the visual image I get from this phrase. I also like a smile. And I like to set things straight, with a smile 🙂

Make this day a good one!

Smile, you are alive! 


I just woke up and felt how stiff my right arm is, from my fingertips and upwards. And I wondered why? Then I remembered me and Lucas went bowling on friday!

I’m not very good at bowling, but on friday I sucked. I have never learned how to actually do it, what is the details to the game?

I alway just find a bowling ball that fits the size of my fingers, and if it’s not too heavy, and have a nice color, I’ll go for it!

On friday there was only one ball that fit my fingers, it was blue, which is OK, but very heavy, 11 kg. I tried to use a lighter, dark pink one, but when it hardly let go of my fingers I went back to the blue on.

I have never understood why we need these special shoes either, and to my despair I had no socks on this evening…horrible experience, I was sliding inside the shoe, say no more!

Lucas had great fun, than the rest does not matter 🙂

With the lack of training, it is actually good to feel the arm knowing it has been used for fun, hehe

When I think of it, there is a funny film called «Kingpin» or something about bowling! We might watch it to night…..

Next time I will try my pool skills, I used to be quite good at it once up on a time….


Yesterday I followed Svein Erik to meeting in Nice. I had nothing better to this morning so I thought why not! He was going to meed up with a teacher in order to discuss some new advanced education technology.

Not my cup of tea, I thought, but as we sat in the meeting, I found it very interesting and suddenly I found my self really involved in the conversation. I started to suggest ideas about how technology in the future should work, and on and on!

Svein Erik just smiled and Marco, the teacher, was also very patient with me, hahaha.

The trip to Nice was fun. There was a marked outside the school. The student sold ecological products supporting an organization I didn’t get the name of….

Then we drove up to Haute de Cagnes, where we last year looked at a hotel as a possible investment. But that was last year. That was before our plans had developed, changed a bit and taken another direction. Anyway, Haute de Cagnes is very dead and quiet this time of year, but that doesn’t change the wonderful sea view.

We had lunch, taking good notice of the few people walking around. Or maybe I should say females beings, high aged females beings, with funny outfits and funny dogs. One of them had an big, clearly over weight, blood hound sniffing around. I wanted to take a picture but I was kind of too slow…

The waiter was dressed like a man, though the very feminine voice and moves made me wonder. After last time in Haute de Cagnes, looking at Werners, Hotel Grimaldi with Sissa and Svein Erik I’m very suspicious to the people up here.

And my suspicion was confirmed when Svein Erik went to the bathroom. He saw that the restaurant was a oneman show. He saw the waiter standing in the kitchen. He stood in a ladies apron with big tits. The chef-hat he had put on, had long blond hair.

Me and Svein Erik find these kind of thing hysterical funny, so we had an absolute faboluos lunch before we drove to pick up Lucas at school!


If you are healthy you are wealthy, but if you are wealthy you are not necessarily healthy!

I have bought some spirulina and chlorella. It’s supposed to be very healthy…I read it on another blog Kristina Andersen’s, and got inspired to try! I have flushed down the maximum dosage pr day which is 12 chlorella and 6 spirulina for a week now!

I’m not very good at taking pills and tablets. I think I have a very tight and small eating pipe. So for me to flush down all this tablets at once is a fight every morning.

They are green and the surface is kind og matt. Which means not so good to swallow. The taste is kind of not so good either. It actually reminds me of another time in life when I tried out health food products. That time you should mix, I think it must have been the same thing, out in water and drink it.

I remember holding my nose and with a few gags getting it down my neck followed by a big glass of clean water.

I also remember Heine came a saturday morning, a bit hung over, when I was preparing my green drink. I told him to take it, convincing him he would feel  a lot better after!

He knocked it down and suddenly he went all green in is face, I looked at him, he looked at me. With astonishment in is eyes he stared at me before he ran out and threw up over the balcony fence!

I understand that.

He felt better after, though! And he got his revenge, but that is another story!

Back to this week again! When I throw them all in, I’m very uncertain if it is going to work out or if I have to spit them all out! So far I have managed to get them down in between two or tree gags….

I can not say that I have noticed any health benefits so far…..I expected to get more energy, to feel less bloated, have a fresher complexion, good digestion…well I’ll just have wait and see… the end everything is very green and long like recycled sea weed…

Yea right!


It has been, funny, good and interesting days!  Let me just start with Nancy, she is unbeatable, she is a comedian, big time! She makes me laugh so hard that, the other night, one of my blood veins in the eye exploded! And I was close to wet my pants as well! I don’t know, it is just her face and expressions and the way she talks and use her body language that I at times find hysterical funny.

We have eaten a lot of good food, we have seen different parts of the city.

I would like to see more, Barcelona is big, and four days with six friends did not cover my explorer needs. During these days I have all ready decided I will be back!

On friday when I arrived, I went to Carpe Diem Lounge Club, CDLC, down by the beach. I ordered a glass of Chablis and sushi!

I sat there enjoying the view, waiting for the others to arrive. I was really looking forward to see the crazy FFF girls!

I met up with the girls at the hotel and later we went to Moo restaurant. We ate a 10 course meal with a wine pack. It was a blast and a kick start to the 40 years celebration trip!

Nina hardly liked any of the dishes, poor girl! She even gaged at one point 🙂

It was very dark in the restaurant so the photos did not come out too good, as I don’t like to use flash…

Saturday we spent exploring Gaudi architecture! We went to see Mi Casa

Gaudí was hit by a tram and died in 1926…..I know now…

Then we strolled down to Sagrada Família,

the famous church they have built for ages and for sure never will finish! It is now a tourist machine and the queue was so long that we did not even consider going inside!

We met at lunch at:

Mette also made us laugh hard when she during lunch at Xaloc tapas bar said FFF means:  Forty, Fat and Finished.

Nancy and Mette had bought a surprise present for the rest of us. That made us feel Forty, Fantastic, Fabulous and Far From Finished.

Later after lunch at Xaloc, we had a closer  look around the Gothic area.  I found it very pleasent with many nice shops in small narrow streets.

We made dinner only 15 minutes late at restaurant Los Caracoles in the Raval district! Another tourist machine, but very good ambience. The food was nothing to talk about. What is to talk about was the three musical musketeers of the house! They played and sang to us, and we sang along on the spanish hits we knew  like » Bailare, åå, cantare, å-å-å-å» We made lots of fun and the other guest seemed to enjoy our good mood as well!

My mobile had a flat battery, so no pictuers…..but this…

…as we entered the restaurant we had to pass by the kitchen!

In this part of Barcelona, we were not only warned ones, but three or four times to hold on to our bags and never leave it unattended! I held so hard on to my bag. I was ready to kick in some balls anytime. Luckily I never got to do it!

Sunday we bought tickets for the tourist bus.

We hopped on the blue line, which took us up to Güell Park. Like the rest of Barcelona, Gaudi had been here and  put  his architectural signatures to the park!

There were some music men in the park as well. Entertaining visitors like us! We bought their CD as they were quite good and made us smile!

For dinner sunday we went down by the sea, at Agua, that means water! We had the best cosmopolitan, ever! Cheers girlies, it was fun! Good food, good wine, wonderful view and Five Fabulous Friends!  I felt blessed!

Flamenco! We can not be in Spain and miss out on a Flamenco show! Therefore we lined up and got into a Flamenco performance.

Flamenco is a passionate latin form of dancing, playing music and singing, while telling a very dramatic love story! I did not understand too much of the words, but with a little imagination I think I got the point and the story!

After we took a taxi to Strass Bar. It turned out to be shot down four years ago, haha! We had a drink at the new bar and then we headed home!

I can really recommend Barcelona! The city has good atmosphere and a good ambience!

Go to Barcelona!

From Kr.sand Flynonstop will take you there easily!

Here is a gallery with a lot more pictures 🙂

It’s good to travel, but it is even more good to come back home after a travel!


Champagne and Candy, like hand in the glow…;)

To morrow I think I will fly to Barcelona!

OH-NO. I have already booked a flight for Barcelona…To morrow I will meet up with some norwegian friends of mine.

I can’t wait!

My flight is at 11:50. From Nice it only takes one hour to get to Barcelona. And what more is great, I only paid 100 EURO for the ticket!!! Then there is more left so I can enjoy more good food and drink very good wine!!!


I will take lots of pictures!!

Anyone have any places to recommend???

We have booked table at Xaloc for lunch on saturday. Tapas heaven I’ve heard. Anyways gotta go and pack!

❤ ❤ BESOS ❤ ❤


….that makes me rock ‘n roll!

I love rock n’ roll 🙂 This outfit is perfect for a rock chick like me! iNeed a pair of leather pants, it’s a shame they are so expensive. iMust save for a pair like these!

See more about the details HERE



I have given up being fit for the rest of this year. In stead I want to use more energy on finding an outfit….I want to be more conscious about fashion and I find this website very inspiring ! I love the shoes in this picture! They are awesome 

You can find more details about fashiolista and the outfit HERE