Yesterday we took a day trip to Auron! Auron is a ski resort in the French alps with over 135 km of ski runs at an elevation of 1600 to 2450 m.


Sunset at 2450 m above sea
Sunset at 2450 m above sea

We picked up our friends Christian and his daugther Carmen at 09:00. We drove 100 km, on very curvy roads. Including two puking stops we used 2 hours…..

Up in the fresh air we bought ourselves day passes and got into one of the gondolas taking us up to one of the tops! From there we skied down a little bit. Found a chair lift which took us very high! 2450 m above the sea! That was fantastic! The view from up there was amazing!

Lucas had a bad ski accident last year in the winter holiday at Isola 2000. He broke his leg, a spiral fracture, and had some terrible months after that incidence. With a plastered leg, a lot of pain, not able to play or be with his friends, constipation, humping around on crutches we wondered if he would ever ski again!

Yesterday he did. How brave of him! He was very careful and did not go fast, so he stayed with me, he,he.( I’m so slow on my snowboard these days…) He had some difficulties with his fear, but he did good, and in time he will ski like he did!

The French school he is attending now are arranging a 10 days ski course for his class up in Auron during the easter holiday. How cool is that?!

Here are som pictures from Auron. My mobile had a flat battery, so I only got these few photos to share…;-)

Lucas in his skiing outfit! I had forgotten that we had to cut his skipants off last year so he is übertrendy in jeans
Lucas in his skiing outfit! I had forgotten that we had to cut his ski pants off last year so he is über trendy in jeans yesterday…

Chair lifts





I have been looking for a place to socialize and work out, but I have had no luck. Two days ago I found it Star Loisirs, Antibes!

Only a couple of minutes, walking distance away from home!!

So during the last couple of days I have tried double class Yoga, Swiss Ball Pilates, twice, and Zumba. OMG I think I am about to explode! I’m benefiting both health-wise and french language-wise, and I figure:

«You give energy, you get energy, it is so true, TRY!»

Here are some of my mobile catches from Milano! On impulse we decided to go to last friday after school. Our friends had already planned and booked a hotel, so we just decided to join them. Hope you like them 🙂

Bon weekend 🙂


«If you want to change, you have to be willing to be uncomfortable»

-I’m starting work out TO DAY……

I find it rather hard, I must admit! But in order do get rid of exccess fat I have no choice, really! So sneakers and running gear, you are about to get used again. It’s funny though, how the shoes still fit, but not the top…well it’s fact of life, when the body is not being used it stores all the energy in its temple…..and I want to eat good food, so no choice, really!

The road is calling – LET’S HIT IT, HIMBERG!





It is the fifth day in 2013 and my first blog post this year!

I went to Kragerø on thursday to help Svein Erik with some issues. It turned out to be a lovely little trip and I captured some very nice motives I think!

IMG_5771Here we have turned off the highway and we are onto a icy road towards Kragerø. I see this smoke and manage to snap a shot!
IMG_5772We parked the car at Barte Bygga, a very funny name in my opinion….

IMG_5773…passing by EL PASO
IMG_5775 Shadow fun in the stairsIMG_5776 ..A very nice door and two decorated treesIMG_5777wow! I bought the exact same pair in Liverpool this summer, haha! I have had lots of nice comment about them and I thought they were rare and nothing you would get in Norway..HØ!
IMG_5778 Nice narrow street, very slippery, though!IMG_5780 And what do you know??? A PLAYMOBIL storeIMG_5781 On a prime location…IMG_5782 ..a NR1 store in KRAGERØ Who plays with playmobil anymore…?IMG_5783 Two girls in a frosty fountain, sure waiting for the ice to melt!IMG_5785 Train Station and tourist office have their ice cream man from «Diplom Is» standing outside in the snowIMG_5787 This fellow is my favorite. He is a sailor. He is dreaming about the ocean and he is waiting for the Sommerkabaret to open so he can let go of the wheel and swing his foot instead….and find a girl to dance with!



I had to shoot him from a few angles, he insisted!!IMG_5789 Ice on the water…a fire in the sky!

IMG_5796 Barte Brygga IMG_5797 And to my great surprise I stumbled over this cosy Bon Bon Jeanette Café! I got the total feeling of south of europe, france, spain, so I had to try the spanish tomato soup. IMG_5799


And this last picture is from my trip yesterday to Plutos Playground with 18 birthday children eager to get out lots of energy celebrating Lucas 10 years! Well, we moved up a floor out of the noise and sat here at «Jordbærpikene» instead. I liked the interior with the pink lamps!