For the time beeing I’m a very bad blogger. It’s not that nothing happens – too much is happening!

I have been in Norway for the last nearly two weeks, being busy meeting with family and friends.

We went to see family at Strai.

This is where my boyfriend grew up. On these field he ran in his, as we say in Norway, «childshooes», I think he rode the sheeps and what do I know??

It is a beautiful place as you can see from these two photos.

Hopefully I have some more time on hand next week. I have lots of photos to share and things to write about. So don’t give up on me 🙂

I’ll be BACK!!

In the mean time TUDELUUUU

Farms and branches at Strai
Farms and branches at Strai


Sunset in the woods at Strai
Sunset in the woods at Strai


And the folk music singers statues on the Jordaan Square, featuring Tante Leen and Johnny Jordaan with more! Love to portray statues 🙂

I have not been in Amsterdam City since I was 5 years or something. I have been to Schiphol many times, but have never thought of going into the center.

Well, I should have, because what a busy center. I was caught by surprise, really! I did not expect it to be this crowded and lively at all. There were bikes of all kinds, motorbikes, mopeds, people, cars, buses, tourist buses, boats, taxi, trams all over the place!

It’s absolute worth a visit. Here are some atmospheric pictures too:


Reflections Colorful

Sunset over Amsterdam



Another statue I came across on my quick stroll through Brussel in Belgium was the stunning queen Elisabeth! She is standing tall, looking strong. I think she is watching her palace in the far end…? 

Queen Elisabeth of Belgium
The Queen Elisabeth statue made by René Cliquet in 1980

Facts about the statue:

«Queen Elisabeth of Belgium statue, born Elisabeth of Bavaria. Her ascension from Duchess to Queen came in 1900 when she married Prince Albert who later became King of Belgium and reigned from 1909 to 1934. She became popular among the Belgians during WWI for her visits on the front lines to wounded soldiers and being a sponsor of a nursing unit. She founded in 1937 a musical festival that was renamed later in her honor the Queen Elisabeth Music Competition that is world famous to this day.» – quoted from here


…but of course! She is looking at her prins Albert on the high horse!

Look at the person walking in the brown coat! Has Elisabeth walked out of her statue…kinda?


I have this thing going. I love to portray statues I see as I go.

Take a look at this priest in Lyon! He is amazing and he is just standing there. Posing. Completely not moving….I can just go around him and find the angels I think is most interesting!

Halleluja IMG_6119

Share if you like 🙂 Thank you



Big Ben

I love London! I lived in the metropolis in my younger days, so it is always a pleasure to come back and see how some things changes and some things don’t!

This weekend we came to attend a big education conference called BETT. Svein Erik is connected to a company who developes software and via them we all came together this weekend to promote the new application, «app», called «Smart Class»

The «app»basicly puts the teacher in control of the students tablets when in the classroom. The teacher can lock down the tablets and make them only see the educational stuff presented! The teacher can see all the screens of the students on her/his control tablet and make sure they are paying attention. if not, she’ll know:))

The system is 100% android. And there was so much people visiting and paying interest to this product. We were all exhausted by the end of saturday!

Anyway it was so nice to see Tomas, and the girls; Catharina and Helena, who lives in London, again!

Tomas flew over all by him self from Kr.sand via Oslo to Heathrow! Then he took the Heathrow express and I met him in Paddington.

I did not expect him to be stopped in custom because he is a minor, but so he did! Custom called me and asked if it was correct that he was traveling alone. I agreed to that and they let him continue his travel! It’s good to know they are doing their job, he could be on the run for all they knew 🙂

Tomas is so calm and very smart. He navigated London like a native in no time 🙂

Here are some photos taken during our stay!

On sunday we had the time to do some sightseeing, but not enough to take the bus! So we took a taxi, hihi!


Our neighbour stand was Condor with Canon printers. By end of saturday I came to ask if they could print some of my work! That was no problem. They were so helpful and nice. I only regret I didn’t ask them on friday! They printed two of my art work – on over time!! THANK YOU AGAIN, Condor and Ryan Briscoe for your will to work 🙂