I’m totally AMAZED! Yesterday we met a singigng male angel! We came to The Hop Store in Antibes, Heine, Margret, Svein Erik and me. The weather here in Antibes had just gone from bad to very bad…13 degrees and raining. It was freezing cold. We thought about going home or inside somewhere, but decided we’d try The Hop Store, while we waited for Vibeke and Filip to turn up.

There were no people except a few people in the far right corner! We sat down on the table next to them and ordered 4 big beers to warm us up…..Then this cool guy from the table beside us, pulls out his guitar and starts to sing «I said Yes!»

Margret’s and my jaw just dropped, becauce he was so good, he was so alive and he was so cool. With a white hat, Ray Bans, white wide v-neck, the guitar and a Guinniss, and this gift of a voice….!!

So glad we stayed!! He broght the sun back and before we knew it we were singing with and applauding this Gods gift….We got a name before we went home, and first thing in the morning I looked up «Probably Mike» and now I am a total fan! Love this music so I just wanted to share it with you all! He called it «Folk-ish!» Then I can say I like Folk-ish!

Hope you like it too! I sure do and I can’t wait for him to do a duette with another up and comming star our own Catharina……;))))

Here is a screen dump of my instagram account, becauce I did not have the picture on this device….And I am to lazy to do anything about it!


I say yes! I said Yes! Yes! Yesssssssssss!

I Said Yes

When Your Love Is Gone