Grandma and me
Grandma and me

Yesterday we went to see Grandma at her farm on Strai! It’s my boyfriends mother and Lucas Grandma!

Her name is Gunnhild and on August 2, she will turn 86. She lives on the farm and after her husband died 5 years ago, she has lived alone here.

It’s a fantastic place and Svein Erik and his two older brother grew up here. They have had all sorts of animals living here. And the farm has provided them with all sorts of meat; lamb, chicken, rooster, rabbit, turkey, capercaillie (tiur), elk, eggs, vegetables, fruits and berries and surely more….

And they have had many dogs and cats, and one horse that I know of, I don’t think they ate them…though you can never be totally sure…

Anyway, it’s more quiet now. There are some apple trees and some gooseberry and currants and black currants bushes AND rhubarb!

So when we came yesterday, actually on our way to Vennesla to look at some Labradoodle puppies, Gunnhild welcomed us with open arms and a BIG smile, and told me to go and pick some rhubarb.

Haha, she is fantastic! She is so generous and she is sharing everything. I asked if I could use her toilet, but as she in short time she was driving downtown to have lunch with Catharina, the door was locked so I needed the keys. She handed them over to me and asked me to be careful and not drop them in the toilet.

Then Catharina called and had to cancel lunch. There was more time to chat. I asked if I could go and get a glass of tap water. Oh, no, «Just sit» and she ran into the house and came back with a carrier bag containing three bottles of soda 1,5 liters…and glasses. Well, she is something!

Then we had to call it a day and we left with rhubarb and soda.

I told her I would try to make a pie. So when we came home I did so! And here is the result:

I got the recipe from TurboLotte’s blog as I asked Facebook to help me out! DELICIOUS, Thank You, TurboLotte 🙂


If you give good you get good – or – you get as good as you give!

I salute my PAPA!

Tomorrow it’s 1 month since my dad left after 6 weeks spent on the French Riviera with us! And that makes us home for 3 weeks now….

Anyway, my dad!

It’s amazing how happy and simple this man is. After 6 weeks in the same flat with him we just have to say he is the most easy going person we know!

He went through a massive heart attack 11 years ago and had a pacemaker installed.

I was 3 month pregnant with Lucas and at my friend Mette’s 30 birthday party when I got the phone call of my dad’s attack.

11 years ago I did not have much contact with my father, I barely met with him, and my son Tomas, at 4 hardly new his granddad.

But then we slowly began to catch up! He recovered and I needed a babysitter for Lucas, especially, but also for Tomas, Helena and Catharina. So we started to bond through the children.

Owning my own joint, as in being self-employed, I had no maternity leave and I had to go to work only 6 weeks after giving birth! I had Lucas with me at work when he was small, but at 5 month he began to be a hand full. So my dad came to rescue when ever I needed him! He took Lucas for long strolls in his carry cot.

I have never had a NO from him ever. Every time I ask him to baby sit, it’s always YES!! And he never complains or nags about anything, not even his serious illness! He is just happy and grateful for being given a second chance, both in life and with me and my family.

He even came down to France to look after Lucas when we were attending the Love Art weekend! Then with no complaints he flew home with the boys, Lucas and Tomas, one week before us and just stayed in our house with them. Really helping us out and making it possible for us to the photo shoot with Svein Bringsdal for SchimJolie!

I think it’s amazing and look at him on the last day in france! He was celebrating 6 weeks by ordering the biggest seafood plate at «Aycolon», his favorite restaurant in Antibes!

Mr. Shellfish
Mr. Shellfish

Thank You so much, daddy! You are the best, and you deserve the best. I don’t think I can ever tell you how much your support and easy way of responding means to Svein Erik and I!

You are always welcome to the place you have become so found of, Antibes, with its large port and all the big yachts you know so much about…Lady Gu, etc hehe!!


He is also my biggest fan on facebook, he likes everything I do!! That way I know he is paying attention and I know he is doing fine 🙂 So thank You again!

Love from me!


Last week I got a request from a friend. She wondered if I could photograph her 6 weeks old son.

Well, I thought….

I don’t have a studio anymore, as I have given away my share of my former photo business in town. (I’m all out of that affair for over a year now)

Then I thought of how fun it would be to take the challenge. I do have some cameras and I have for sure the experience. I also have a big living room where a little 6 week old easily could fit in!

Coming back from France, after 10 month, I’m for the moment out of work! And I’m kind of missing meeting clients and being social with them! Though I have a project I’m working on called SchimJolie I’m open for different kind of design and photo assignment!

So I figured, Yea! Let’s try, and see if I’m still up for it!

I rigged my living room and prepared for the shoot!

Home Office

It worked perfect! And I was given so much joy and I think I gave some back! When I start working with treasures like these small babies I forget time and place!

I was sweating bullets as I flew around, slowly, high and low with my big Hasselblad and Leica around my neck.

It was great fun and I’m so glad I said yes to help them out with some proper nice photos!


We have a nick name on the model…BLÅB, and don’t ask, it’s just very intern stuff.