About my blog

Feeling Free!
Feeling Free!

Designinglife is a blogg about how I make the most out of my life by beeing open minded and creative.

I love to design my own things. I love my camera. I’m a photographer of profession. I love to see things from different angles, both visually and practically!

I also love travelling, discover new places, eating good food and drinking good wine.

And I write about my experience regarding places I have visited. I like to take care of my self as well, and I try to look good.

I work out, I take care of my skin and I like to eat healthy and to cook!!

And I alway spice my blog with interesting pichtures, I think…

I also own my own LifeStyleConcept SchimJolie in co-op with the love of my life Svein Erik. In the concept we have SchimJolie PhotoGraphy,  I will blog from all the different assignments I’m signing up for  🙂 So stay tuned 🙂

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