Armor of amore


As you might have noticed I live and breath SchimJolie Silk. They are my heart and soul. I have designed them and I love them so much.

Today I was invited by my own gentle and so all the way generous man to come join him for dinner in town.

And of course I had to dress up and bring some beautiful scarves along to the restaurant to show them off.

Being a busy Fashion Farmer at Strai and Silkebekk Gård I have to use every occasion I get….

….so I «kissed» my Silk Chickens goodbye and off we drove in our dear beloved Land Rover Defender, Schimbo.

Here you see the beautiful scarf palette and their names with links:

«D e f e n d e r»   «O n e L i n e T w o H e a r t s I n f i n i t y L o v e»

«L t d   # a r t s c a r f  BigBenGreatMan»   «S c h i m J o l i e S i l k» 

Scarf armor of amore

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My day – Mayday?

Long time no blogging..I lost my blog to spam comments, but now I’m trying to fix it and this is a test…but I can fill the test with content incase it works!

This is my day to day:

I let the picture speak for its self..or not?

First workout at Progressive with Magnus Franzen. I lifted 80 kg…in Ltd SchimJolie Silk Scarf «Blue Hour» (the picture shows only 70kg)

I went home and had a quick style up, I put on «Pink Purses», before heading over to Tangen Media and Communication to shoot a new video toturial for SchimJolie showing «Love Is All Around» as a skirt.


Break Down

Ltd #artscarf "Channel" by SchimJolie
Good thing I had ELLE and could read about our beloved Crown Prinsess,  HRH MM, in Ltd #artscarf «Channel» by SchimJolie on the hood of SchimBo 😀

Did I mention when our Land Rover Defender, Schimbo, broke down in the middle of nowhere?

Well, that’s not exactly right, but we were far out. We had by coincidence ended up at one of Norway’s few wine yards called Kvelland VinGård in Lyngdal.

After seeing the Alpacas at Lista we were recommended to take a look at the wine yard to get inspired.

We were lucky and got hold of the farmer who showed us around and let us take pictures.

He also told us about the spiritual evenings he organized in the function house and told us to come one day.

We were going to leave, but then SchimBo refused to start!!!!

We turned the key, but not even a sound came out of SchimBo, who had been so happy to be taking us out to a different country side!

The car does have soul, and we also started to think about the spiritual affairs going on here, but to what end?

«You can check out any time you like but you can never leave…Welcome to Wine Yard Kve-e-elland!» hahahahaha

Anyways we tried to run it, to tow it, but no life! So we had to call Falken and after an hour or so the tow car came and took us to Mandal!

And the story will continue another time course in Mandal we learned some more interesting things!

Here are the photos from our adventure at Kvelland Gård:

Read more about our Ltd #artscarf concept at


Dandelions skirtHello Everybody!

Today I will tell you a bit about my new project! As you probably have noticed I’m promoting something called SchimJolie!

I do know that I’m posting a lot on Facebook, but I find it necessary. I try to post different things and to renew and variate the posts. But if you think it’s too much and not of your interest, there is a button to hide status updates from persons you don’t want updates from…just saying!

To all the others thank you for following and supporting us 🙂

SchimJolie is a new Brand and LifeStyle Concept. SchimJolie is a combination of two intelligent and creative and  brains, Scheie/Himberg = Schim…. (the love of my life and me), and Jolie is just beautiful in French 🙂

«When you do the common things in life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world.» -George Washington 

And that is exactly what SchimJolie is about to do! Nothing is new in our concept, printing on silk is way old, and wearing just a piece of garment is even older, I mean that’s what they did in the early age and still do in some parts of the world!

But to combine my photography from different destination in the world, not edited, all with a title and number, printed on one piece of 100% highest quality silk in limited editions, with fashion and all the multiply, adjustable styles you can get out of it, produced in England, seems to be something new!

We have attended two big fashion fairs, one in London and one in Copenhagen. Both places we got so much attention and credit for our new concept, the visitors loved the innovation and the creativity!

So here I am in front of my «silkybabies» as I like to call them, at SchimJolie’s Head Quarters, wrapped up in Ltd #artscarf «Dandelions» as a skirt, fitted just under my knees!

Because of SchimJolie – I am as happy as I can be!

In the back ground from left is:

«Yellow Summertime» as a nice evening gown  – «Standing Tall» as a smart dinner dress – «Dandelions» as s cape – «Pink Purses» as a scarf and «Duomo di Milano» as a skirt!

See more photos and styles at

And if you want more information just contact me on Facebook, Ingrid Himberg or by email – or here on my blog



Out of pure curiosity, and because I by chance remembered this wedding event taking place in Mandelieu, I decided to persuade my boys to come with me and take a look.

My curiosity clearly have connection with my over 12 years in the wedding industrial business as a wedding photographer.

«Salon du Mariage»used the whole congress center of Mandelieu, and turned out to be a very big happening!

I think photographers were the most represented exhibitors. There were like ten stands with photographers and movie makers. Interesting to see how they do it here. And also to compare the price level and the quality.

My conclusion must be that weddings in France are big business. I had like a ton of brochures when I finished my tour in the «Salon du Mariage» and sat down with Svein Erik and Lucas for a coffee one hour later!

Here are some photos to give you an impression and maybe inspire you if you are planning a wedding 🙂


I renturned to the spa I discovered a few weeks ago when we were staying at the La Lune de Mougins Spa Hotel! This time I got treatment: Full body massage and a full facial. Oh man, did I feel good after wards!!

I usually treat my self to spa and massage two or three times a year. This is the second time this year. Hopfully I will have one more before x-mas 🙂

Usually I do skin treatments my self with Cellex-C, but once a year it is alright to put a professionell skin therapist to do the job.

She used some products called THALGO. First she cleanced my skin, scrubbed it, steamed it and removed all the black worms….than she put on a mask and finally she massaged in a serum which pumped my skin and made it glow, totally!! Very good products, I recon!

This was a real treat to my self.

I encourage all you readers to treat yourself, go and get a nice massage and just dive into the state of total relaxation.

Let this hour be your priority! Relax and set your mind free.

I always come up with new ideas and good solutions when I decide to take this kind of therapie. The lovely smell of herbs and oils, the soft music and the thouch of soft hands rubbing and loosening up the mucles and speeding up the blood sirculation just makes you feel incredible good and relaxed!! It can’t be anything but healthy!

So book now at your favorite saloon, beautyparlor or spa resort.

Just do it!

PS! In Kristiansand I can recommend NIMUE HUD for both facial treatments and a good massage. Anita, who runs the place is a gorgeous, warm and welcoming person with long experience! She also do permanet eyliner and brows, with great success! And botox!


I ❤ M.A.C

It is a force of habit! But I can not resist to walk past a M.A.C make up store when I see one!

To day we took the train to Cannes. It is amazing how quick that is! Only 8 minutes from Antibes to day…!

New collection…

Let’s see what’s in store to day!

Did not come out empty handed!

…and this is what I got 🙂

Now I’m off to Nice attending a dinner with the fine Love Art Crew – more to morrow!



Now I’m very tired of tidying….and still there are a more mess left, can you believe it? And I have, believe it or not, one more overloaded car to go! This is madness! It seems to be an endless road I have started on. But I will hang in there and see it through, I have no choice!

It’s just ridiculous all the things we have collected through the years. Things we have though that maybe one day, mayby one day, maybe one day this will come in useful…..

…and it might, and I know the minute I throw all these things away, there will in short time be a question or a need for some of them, but what the H**L I need to clear up my mess, it is messing with my mind! I have no more use for all this stuff!!!

I threw away my graduate suit, (russedress) I have stored it for over 20 years…so in my mind I could think why not store it 20 more and just keep it….for what?? For my grandchildren to see all the dirty stuff written on it, hahaha, I think not! So rest in peace god old russedress!

I also threw away all the outfits, or should I say funny costumes, Mette and me used in Spain, totally serious, omg!!!! But when they are about to vaporize it’s about time…though they are funny and could come in handy for a bad taste party some time, but to what end….maybe again…

This wonderful green outfit did its last dance performance for Mette’s birthday video..haha! RIP green glory!!

Well I gotta go, but before I go I will recommend this lip glass from MAC:

It sit put on your lips for a long time….

and gives them a nice shine, I think…. !

Messy mind is of to get order and system! Wish me good luck 🙂