Yesterday I was so busy! I have started a BIG project sorting out all the accumulated stuff in our house…

But that is a another story I will come back to!

Now I just need to express my feelings for what I witnessed yesterday! I have been added to this group on facebook called «Ingrid venter på toget – Ingrid is waiting for the train» by a friend of mine. And I have not been able to figure out what this group was until I read the newspaper yesterday.

It is a group to support little Ingrid of three years and her parents who have been through operations and tough times with their little girl. She was born with a heart failure and she has had a kidney transplantation and been through sepsis (blood poison). It is more than most of us go through….

Yesterday, Camilla Ingebretsen, Ingrid’s aunt,  arranged a charity concert at Kick where all the money gathered would go to support Ingrid and her family. And if you read yesterdays article in the newspaper it is not possible not to get touched! So of course I wanted to go and support the family and be a part of this. And I must say it was a fantastic show.

I had chills from my toes and right up in the roots of my hair when Caroline was singing accompanied by Stein Roger on his acoustic guitar ! 

The performance of the artist like Stein Roger Sordal, Jorun Stiansen, Ingrid’s aunts Merete and Camilla, Johnny  Augland, Caroline Eid Nodeland, Lene Jarlsby, Trine Bariås, Martin Wikstøl, Solfrid Gautestad and the  Boybandet Tidløs were all making the show a complete success!

I am sooooooooo glad I took the time to be a part of this touching experience!

Thank you Camilla Ingebretsen for having such a big heart and pulling together this work of charity.


Here are some more images taken from the show! Some are a bit blurry, but what do you expect from a mobil 🙂