Home Run and Family Photo Fun

Collage1_72It’s really working out. At first I was not sure if it would be a good idea, but now I have no doubts anymore!

Mobile photo shoots, as in driving home to the motive, is the new thing for me! I love coming home to my friends and clients and save them the time and hassle it takes for the lot to pack, collect them selves and get going to a photo studio or location.

Every setting is individual and unique! And all they have to do is get dressed and be ready when we have agreed. Then I use only like 30 minutes of their time. And I must say, the results, so far, has turned out amazing!

SchimJolie PhotoGraphy is so much more though it’s less! Less in a good way! Less stress if you understand!

If you want to make an appointment,  just drop us a line on Facebook inbox!

We also have locations together with «Le Petite Country Shop» at STRAI next to Drømmehaven. Come visit us!

Here is a slide show from the family fun shoot:





Crab n’ Crayfish Chef

Oh! So SWEET a Niece!

Look at this!! Isn’t she great! This is my wonderful niece Lisa Anna: I got a phone call from my brother last week. He asked if I was available for an assignment because he had this brilliant idea for a picture he wanted in his new house!

And you know what?

As it happens, and as I told you in an earlier blog post, I will say YES when friends and acquaintances ask me to do a photo-job!

So here Lisa Anna and I are kind of cooking.… She is holding a crab to the left and a crayfish to the right! I’m holding my Leica M8, and the two of us are at least cooking together a picture…!!

I think the photo came out fantastic!

Bring them on these all these untraditional and fun assignments!


Check out the Facebook Side https://www.facebook.com/SchimjoliePhotographyStrai

Old McDonald Had a Farm…

Farmer Family


Yesterday I went to see a friend of mine called Netta! She has moved to a big farm at a place called Grødum!

She wanted some photos of her 3 children and all the animals: two horses, six dogs, one pig and at least one cat…

Well, we gave it a shot, and I tell you it was lots of fun, but very difficult to get a picture where everybody looked normal…but here is a few to illustrate the chaos! We had a good laugh, though 🙂

Le Petite Country Shop

We are right next to Strai "light slope" a beutifu place to walk or run
We are right next to Strai «light slope» a beautiful place to walk or run

WELCOME TO SCHIMJOLIE & Le Petite Country Shop – Studio & Gallery

It has been a long time since last blog post, and it’s not because nothing has happened 😉 Too much has happened, but I will not go on about that now!

I would like to tell you about my day to-day! I’m sooooo excited!

I have cleared out the garage at Strai and me and Svein Eriks new «baby» SchimJolie LifeStyleConcept is about to open a place for the public!

I can’t wait. And with our tempo it’s no reason to wait! I think next week we are up and running! WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!

Everyone is welcome to see us and the Ltd #artscarf collection!

I might also take up my commercial photography and do some children and family portraits if anybody is interested?

Next to SchimJolie – Petite Country Shop I already have the most amazing flower and garden outlet «Drømmehaven» run by the sweetest and so friendly Kristin. She came with coffee to me as I was way down in all the crap and rubbish stored over many years in these three garages we cleared today!

Tomorrow I will paint the joint and then I will start decorating! Come and visit if you have the chance. I’ll bring the coffee machine tomorrow and there is always time for a chat!

The place will not be perfect at first but, but I need to get going and to get started, so I don’t worry, we’ll work it out as we move!

Life is too short to care about trifles 🙂 JUST DO IT!

So see you at Strai and at SchimJolie – Petite Country Shop – Studio & Gallery!


It’s only 10min by car from the center! Just saying!

Here are som photos of today’s progress 🙂


Dandelions skirtHello Everybody!

Today I will tell you a bit about my new project! As you probably have noticed I’m promoting something called SchimJolie!

I do know that I’m posting a lot on Facebook, but I find it necessary. I try to post different things and to renew and variate the posts. But if you think it’s too much and not of your interest, there is a button to hide status updates from persons you don’t want updates from…just saying!

To all the others thank you for following and supporting us 🙂

SchimJolie is a new Brand and LifeStyle Concept. SchimJolie is a combination of two intelligent and creative and  brains, Scheie/Himberg = Schim…. (the love of my life and me), and Jolie is just beautiful in French 🙂

«When you do the common things in life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world.» -George Washington 

And that is exactly what SchimJolie is about to do! Nothing is new in our concept, printing on silk is way old, and wearing just a piece of garment is even older, I mean that’s what they did in the early age and still do in some parts of the world!

But to combine my photography from different destination in the world, not edited, all with a title and number, printed on one piece of 100% highest quality silk in limited editions, with fashion and all the multiply, adjustable styles you can get out of it, produced in England, seems to be something new!

We have attended two big fashion fairs, one in London and one in Copenhagen. Both places we got so much attention and credit for our new concept, the visitors loved the innovation and the creativity!

So here I am in front of my «silkybabies» as I like to call them, at SchimJolie’s Head Quarters, wrapped up in Ltd #artscarf «Dandelions» as a skirt, fitted just under my knees!

Because of SchimJolie – I am as happy as I can be!

In the back ground from left is:

«Yellow Summertime» as a nice evening gown  – «Standing Tall» as a smart dinner dress – «Dandelions» as s cape – «Pink Purses» as a scarf and «Duomo di Milano» as a skirt!

See more photos and styles at www.schimjolie.com

And if you want more information just contact me on Facebook, Ingrid Himberg or by email – ingrid@schimjolie.com or here on my blog



If you give good you get good – or – you get as good as you give!

I salute my PAPA!

Tomorrow it’s 1 month since my dad left after 6 weeks spent on the French Riviera with us! And that makes us home for 3 weeks now….

Anyway, my dad!

It’s amazing how happy and simple this man is. After 6 weeks in the same flat with him we just have to say he is the most easy going person we know!

He went through a massive heart attack 11 years ago and had a pacemaker installed.

I was 3 month pregnant with Lucas and at my friend Mette’s 30 birthday party when I got the phone call of my dad’s attack.

11 years ago I did not have much contact with my father, I barely met with him, and my son Tomas, at 4 hardly new his granddad.

But then we slowly began to catch up! He recovered and I needed a babysitter for Lucas, especially, but also for Tomas, Helena and Catharina. So we started to bond through the children.

Owning my own joint, as in being self-employed, I had no maternity leave and I had to go to work only 6 weeks after giving birth! I had Lucas with me at work when he was small, but at 5 month he began to be a hand full. So my dad came to rescue when ever I needed him! He took Lucas for long strolls in his carry cot.

I have never had a NO from him ever. Every time I ask him to baby sit, it’s always YES!! And he never complains or nags about anything, not even his serious illness! He is just happy and grateful for being given a second chance, both in life and with me and my family.

He even came down to France to look after Lucas when we were attending the Love Art weekend! Then with no complaints he flew home with the boys, Lucas and Tomas, one week before us and just stayed in our house with them. Really helping us out and making it possible for us to the photo shoot with Svein Bringsdal for SchimJolie!

I think it’s amazing and look at him on the last day in france! He was celebrating 6 weeks by ordering the biggest seafood plate at «Aycolon», his favorite restaurant in Antibes!

Mr. Shellfish
Mr. Shellfish

Thank You so much, daddy! You are the best, and you deserve the best. I don’t think I can ever tell you how much your support and easy way of responding means to Svein Erik and I!

You are always welcome to the place you have become so found of, Antibes, with its large port and all the big yachts you know so much about…Lady Gu, etc hehe!!


He is also my biggest fan on facebook, he likes everything I do!! That way I know he is paying attention and I know he is doing fine 🙂 So thank You again!

Love from me!


Dear blog!

I have not been able to write and post pictures as my life is a bit complicated and busy at the moment. And we have had great time with family visiting us in Antibes.

Catharina flew in from London first and stayed four days. All rainy and cold. She left and a few days later Tomas flew in from Norway. He spent 10 days in the easter with us.

Beef Lover Tomas
Tomas having a XXL beef at Golden Beef in Antibes:)
Catta and me in Cannes! Drowned cats…..due to wet weather!!

In france they don’t have easter holiday like us Norwegians. During easter Lucas class went on a skiing trip for 12 days to Auron.

Auron Chair Lifts

For you who don’t know, Lucas is now in french school. Very exiting and challenging. He is learning a third language now, and coping! 12 days only speaking french worked wonders for his french language learning curve:)

Anyway we were allowed to come and visit him on sunday, easter morning, so we drove up with Tomas to spend the day with Lucas.

Lucas and Tomas reunion in Auron!

SES&IWe drove the curvy road home when visiting hours were over at 16:15. And coming home Helena had arrived from London to spend 8 days with us.

Helena and me having lunch at Baoli Beach in Cannes

Then they left one by one and only a few days later we are back home in Norway, due to Lucas «Spring Break» from the french school!

Well it is a busy life, but it is so much joy to be able to spend it living, traveling, learning, evolving, absorbing, reflecting and all in all developing and getting new experiences!

But don’t misunderstand me! Making decisions like we have, don’t come easy! And it is for sure not for everyone!

For now I just want to enjoy my stay in Norway!

Seems like the bad weather has cursed us. On the Riviera, it has not been a worse spring in 40 years, rain, rain, rain!! So don’t mention the weather, please! It is sunny and 18 degrees there now. And look what we brought with us home! Haha, be glad we are soon off again and hopefully we lose it over germany or something, haha!!!

I guess it has nothing to do with us, but it is a coincidence, though 🙂 And by the way I actually like misty weather!

Here are som of my photo catch from my hometown Kristiansand, and one of the most popular places to go swimming and sun bathing in the summer, Bertes:

And now it is May 2 I wrote this post a while ago, but I never got to post it due to among other things crappy INTERNET connection :-/……. Anyway… what can I say…Time Flies for sure! See more updated photos and adventures on www.instagram.com/ihimberg




Big TreeIt has rained in Antibes since monday. I kind of like rain when it is not so cold.

We have had our dear Catharina visiting us since Tuesday.

I guess this was not the weather she expected, but not much to do about it! She is leaving to-morrow, so now we head for Cannes to do some shopping and to have a nice lunch no matter how wet it is!

After all it is «La Jour de la Femme».




Big Ben

I love London! I lived in the metropolis in my younger days, so it is always a pleasure to come back and see how some things changes and some things don’t!

This weekend we came to attend a big education conference called BETT. Svein Erik is connected to a company who developes software and via them we all came together this weekend to promote the new application, «app», called «Smart Class»

The «app»basicly puts the teacher in control of the students tablets when in the classroom. The teacher can lock down the tablets and make them only see the educational stuff presented! The teacher can see all the screens of the students on her/his control tablet and make sure they are paying attention. if not, she’ll know:))

The system is 100% android. And there was so much people visiting and paying interest to this product. We were all exhausted by the end of saturday!

Anyway it was so nice to see Tomas, and the girls; Catharina and Helena, who lives in London, again!

Tomas flew over all by him self from Kr.sand via Oslo to Heathrow! Then he took the Heathrow express and I met him in Paddington.

I did not expect him to be stopped in custom because he is a minor, but so he did! Custom called me and asked if it was correct that he was traveling alone. I agreed to that and they let him continue his travel! It’s good to know they are doing their job, he could be on the run for all they knew 🙂

Tomas is so calm and very smart. He navigated London like a native in no time 🙂

Here are some photos taken during our stay!

On sunday we had the time to do some sightseeing, but not enough to take the bus! So we took a taxi, hihi!


Our neighbour stand was Condor with Canon printers. By end of saturday I came to ask if they could print some of my work! That was no problem. They were so helpful and nice. I only regret I didn’t ask them on friday! They printed two of my art work – on over time!! THANK YOU AGAIN, Condor and Ryan Briscoe for your will to work 🙂




Yesterday we took a day trip to Auron! Auron is a ski resort in the French alps with over 135 km of ski runs at an elevation of 1600 to 2450 m.


Sunset at 2450 m above sea
Sunset at 2450 m above sea

We picked up our friends Christian and his daugther Carmen at 09:00. We drove 100 km, on very curvy roads. Including two puking stops we used 2 hours…..

Up in the fresh air we bought ourselves day passes and got into one of the gondolas taking us up to one of the tops! From there we skied down a little bit. Found a chair lift which took us very high! 2450 m above the sea! That was fantastic! The view from up there was amazing!

Lucas had a bad ski accident last year in the winter holiday at Isola 2000. He broke his leg, a spiral fracture, and had some terrible months after that incidence. With a plastered leg, a lot of pain, not able to play or be with his friends, constipation, humping around on crutches we wondered if he would ever ski again!

Yesterday he did. How brave of him! He was very careful and did not go fast, so he stayed with me, he,he.( I’m so slow on my snowboard these days…) He had some difficulties with his fear, but he did good, and in time he will ski like he did!

The French school he is attending now are arranging a 10 days ski course for his class up in Auron during the easter holiday. How cool is that?!

Here are som pictures from Auron. My mobile had a flat battery, so I only got these few photos to share…;-)

Lucas in his skiing outfit! I had forgotten that we had to cut his skipants off last year so he is übertrendy in jeans
Lucas in his skiing outfit! I had forgotten that we had to cut his ski pants off last year so he is über trendy in jeans yesterday…

Chair lifts