Big foot

I have big feet, I do! They are long, they are wide, and quite high as well…

It’s very difficult to find nice flat sandals to fit my shape, so I don’t like too much shopping for this type of shoes! 

I love heels, but it’s not always the best choice when you know you are going to do a lot of walking!

I only brought with my my flat adidas, they are closed and more fit for something else…

So I decide to go look for something more elegant! 

It sure is a pain in many ways!

I want these petit flats with tiny straps, but the side of my foot will scratch the ground, because they don’t make these type of shoes for big foot….And like always I end up with flip flops!

I had to try them on in the shop. Bringin my right big foot out of the dark from within a sweaty adidas was not a pretty sight! 

I was discusted and withdrawn it very fast and said fine, I’ll take them, in French…

I went straight to a nail saloon I have passed like 100 times alway thinking I should go and get a treatment!

I went right in and yelled: «Pedicure s’il vous plaît»

They took me in, sat me down and started to work on my very big and tired feet! 

And just to give you an idea of how I felt….have you ever seen Dumb Dumber from 1995?


My mobile camera was burning hot as we left Mougins after a very pleasant lunch the other day.

Oups! I didn’t see the «no photo» sign until now….But I guess it is if you only shoot the art! I’m making a documentary here! Must bee all right!


Since saturday we have been like nomades traveling around…Before we decides to move to south of France we rented our apartment out for a week in september.We could have canceled them, but at the moment we thought it would be all right taking a week somewhere else and discover new places for instance…and we sure did!

Having known this for such a long time we could have booked way back in advanced, but, hey, did we…? No, two days before we booked at a cheap family resort in Cannes La Bocca. I mean the price should have alarmed us, but sometimes money talks and you get blinded by how much you can save and you compromises with quality. Not a good idea in most cases.

We arrived at Pierre & Vacances Beach Resort Cannes in La Bocca. At first it seemed all right, the reception was pretty nice. We checked in and took all our luggage to our room. And talking about luggage, how much do you need for a week when the plan is to lay by the pool or at the beach to relax….

We had a full car, me I had like one big bag, two medium, and one small bag  with stuff I most likely never will use during this week, plus my 27″ Mac and a TV set of 32″!

I came dressed for Cannes and the Croisette, but was quickly pulled down to La Bocca…what a shit hole. Just going to the Inter Marche, a supermarket, made me feel uncomfortable, it was so dirty and sketchy on the road and in the places we passed!

We got back to the room with our grocery bags with saturday goodies and thought we better make the best out of it. There was a TV set in the living room were Lucas and his new friend and sleep over guest, Alexander, rigged the playstation.


We put our TV in the bedroom to watch «Homeland»a new series we have started on! So exiting, just saying!!!!

I had already noticed the stench in the room. A stench of ammoniac and sewage. But I kept convincing my self that a few sprays of perfume and a good airing would make it disappear. Wishful thinking.

The toilet was terrible it smelled of pure piss. And I’m sure there was so much piss on and in the plastic CARPET that they would have to change the whole ting to get rid of it. I can just imagine how boys have been standing up and spraying around……

We made it through the night and early sunday morning we went jogging along the beach getting plenty of fresh air!

Our new friends, parents of Alexander (7) and Carmen (9), also norwegians, invited us to come with them on a boat exhibition in Cannes on sunday so we met them there at 11.

Then we spent the whole afternoon with them looking at yachts and having a marvelous time. We were not back in La Bocca until late. But nothing had changed it still smelled awful and the place just sucked. Though we had prepaid for 7 days we decided to get out of there!

Said and done!

Now we are at a wonderful spa hotel, La Lune de Mougins, just two minutes from the international school in Mougins. The atmosphere here is so nice and the staff is really friendly. They put us in «Suit 1″and the colors and the interior is inspiring and pleasant. Lucas and I were jumping up and down in the beds like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Being so happy!

There is a lesson here. If you don’t experience bad, you’ll never know good!

It is so important to be grateful of what you have and make the best of it, but it doesn’t mean that things can not get better:)

Anyway here we are, happy as pigs in shit…..

Lunch at Le Petit Fouet in the old town center of Mougins made me even more happy! It was a real treat both price-vice, taste-vice and surrounding-vice!

If you go to south of France I really recommend to visit Mougins and the Vieille Ville (Old Town)!

Here is my photo catch the last few days!


Man has to eat!

This morning I woke up and decided to eat a box of sardines for breakfast. I don’t think I have ever eaten that before. Not as I can remember at least .

There were four fat buggers in the tin. I took out the bone and removed the skin and put it on some green salad together with some chèvre, brie, figs and walnut!

It was delicious, I ate it before I had time to take a picture, and that was a shame…but I will for sure have it again!!!

Now I understand why there are single shops only selling sardines and tuna!

Colorful tins with sardines
Tins with Tuna

Here are some of the dishes I have succeeded snap shooting 🙂

Have a faboulos saturday every one 🙂

Norwegians talents


On sunday we decided to have lunch in lovely Valbonne. I thought it was a great idea as the town is really beautiful, Valbonne!

When we came, the marked square with restaurants, was packed with people! We got a table and ordered our food from the chef’s suggestions of the day in french!

I feel I understand what the food means pretty well so I went for the lamb chops, cuisse d’agneau, and Svein Erik ordered roast veal, veau rôti.

The food came and mine looked pretty all right , green salad and 3 small chops, nothing more. Svein Erik’s dish looked more «interesting» meat wise….I regret I did not take a picture of the meat, but I asked Svein Erik to make a description of what he was served and here it is:

«Speaking french obviosly has it’s advantages when living in France.On sunday I thought I ordered a nice piece of veal with mashed potatos, vegetables and most important; extra mustard sauce. You can imagine my dissapointment when I was served veal kidneys that looked like large haemorrhoids. Anyway being raised to eat what you are served and finish what’s on your plate, I pretended it tasted really good, although a bit raw and bloody for my taste. Well after 30 hours with my stomach doing hula hula loops around my ass whatever it was has finally left my body and I have learned the word for kidney in french is rognons, so the one writing veau rôti, did some serious miss spelling» – Svein Erik

And it reminds me of our first time in Valbonne, where I was serves a salad and when I was half done a large dead green beetle appeared on my plate….I showed the waiter and he just took my salad and removed the beetle and put it over on a smaller plate! But I was clearly done!

The village is totally Valbonne but the food can be Valmal!!!

But don’t let that put you off visiting!! Look at the photos from this sunday, and you can see for your self, it is well worth a visit!!!



Soon the school begins and than we have to get in to some routines, but for now we need to calm down and relax!


OK! I’m done!! No more food from the freezer!! Hahaha, I have almost finished it, but enough is enough!

I had yesterdays  salmon leftover for brunch to day….

Together with rocket salad, leek and tomatoes, topped with delicious olive oil, creme fresh, balsamic and acacia honey…

… was a party on the plate!!

This is the taste enhancer trio! Plus Creme Fresh, but he was absent when the photo was taken…don’t know where he went, probably empty int he bin!

I made a smoothie for dessert out of a bag of berries I found in the freezer, just added sparkling water and honey……then I drove my Bamixer, «a must have» in the kitchen, and blasted it all into….

…this colorful, good tasting smoothie! For a party  only add vodka on top, and stir!!

Look now! Only some fish left. I will give the fish to the neighbors cat. She has been left alone, only to catch mice, for two weeks now, so I think she will be delighted!

The kids will finish the ice cream in no time if I let them, and I will! Then the freezer will be empty and I will go to the store and by some fresh food. I will feel happy for all the money I have saved this past week, and for all the space I now have in the freezer!



I cant remember, but I think salmon! They were in the freezer, I took them out last night and let them defrost over night in the fridge! And to day they were in perfect defrosted condition for late lunch!

I think this is salmon..I think I bought a whole vacuumed packed side, I cut it up and froze what I did not use..Yea it’s all coming back to me now!

I I grated some lime peel and squeezed over the juice. Than I had a lot of olive oil from O&Co over and I let it soak for a couple of minutes while I had another look in the freezer…

…and guess what? I found spinach! Two whole bags! I only used one though! So I steamed them in a sieve over boiling water until they where warm. It actually took longer time than I anticipated so next time I just throw them in the water….

Salmon is getting ready in the pan…

…I put some garlic on the steaming spinach

……and some grated nutmeg. I think that goes well with spinach…

And to days dish from the freezer turned in the end out like this! I had some cream in half of the spinach. And the brown stuff is balsamic which brings the taste to a new level! Just try!

Get it from Olivers & Co


To day we had a simple dish! I found 1,5 package of frozen peas and 3 scallops in the freezer. So I defrosted the scallops and marinated them with some truffle salt and olive oil with lemon for a while. Then I  heated the peas and threw in some butter and Voila…

…dinner! Lots of peas and 1,5 scallop. We share brotherly, Svein Erik and I…. Peas sure have a lot og fiber I can tell you. I feel like a balloon right now…interesting to see how this develops!

Anyway have a nice evening!! I am one step closer to an empty freezer!!


As I told you earlier, I’m making an effort to get rid of food in the freezer and in the fridge, before buying more.

I bought a lot of parsley two weeks ago, and I can tell you right away if you put it in a plastic bag in the fridge OR put the bouquet in a glass of water…

…in the fridge like this they will stay nice and fresh for at least two weeks…or, if you want, you can just put them straight in the freezer.

Anyway, I wanted to use this in a soup. Sometimes I just feel like making a soup out of what I have in the fridge. So to day I have….

…spring onion, its a winner anytime tase-wise!!

…big bunch of green tasteful parsley…

…..cut in the parsley with scissors, is one way of doing it!

….kick in some lovely Spinach, full of iron and healthy vitamins..

…a whole «bama bag»

..huile d’Olive au Citron from O&Co, of course!

Steam it down….

…..bamix it and add 0,5-0,7 liters of water.

Use Gordon Ramsey  if you have! If you don’t have – GET ONE!!

…..realized I needed a smaller pan in order to get the right swivel..

…blow’n taste….

…..tasted good..but soup needs more spice! Mr.Chilli is on his way!!

…found some tomatoes…might as throw them in!

…sinking tomatoes…I have also added some nutmeg, pepper, fresh garlic and some pumpkin and sunflower seeds…and two cashew nuts, to be exactly!

Then I pored in some cream and creme fresh heated it up and took an extra round with the bamixer…

Did not look too good…. so I gratinated some cheese on top..hoping it should look better…hehe…

Anyway, looks very healthy, yea….gusje green… was good, though!

And when it had rested for a few hours and was reheated it tasted even better. My mother came and had a bowl, she liked it, she said.

It was eatable….. and very, very, very, ecologic, green and healthy. After one bowl I was full for six hours!!!!

GO GREEN 🙂 And have a fabulous afternoon everyone 🙂 And just make food out of what you have – be creative!



After eating at Food Asylum, the one and only place in town to dine for a fantastic piece of art sushi dish, btw, we decided to go to see a movie!

My boyfriend and I seldom go to the movies. The reason for that is we find our home environment more comfortable and practical. And as we are in no need to see what’s new straight away we can wait for the DVD or rental on the web, depending….Then we stretch out on the couch and watch in peace with no interruptions or a big head in front of you..I alway end behind one of those…..

But going with a good friend is nice!!!

So we went to see Rock Of The Ages with Tom Cruise in one of the lead roles. As I do not pay too much attention to what’s new and what’s coming on I was equal to the movie choice. But Linn is a real movie enthusiast so she wanted to see this one!

We sat down in big leather seats together with 4 more people, and «Rock of the ages» began.  Sure I had a scull in front of me, but I didn’t bother moving, though there were lots of seats available, he was just taking a little tiny bit of the screen at the bottom, hehe!

The first ten minutes Linn was very worried, because they started to sing everything, like a total musical, and she asked me if I wanted to leave! But I’m not a big critic, I liked the music and I thought the film was all right, simple story, bla, bla!

If you like to see it go on a friday or saturday and hit town afterwards if you are a rock’n roller like me!

I went straight home and made a play list on «spotify»with the originals singers from the rock song used, here it is Rock of Ages

There is made an album with the actors and artist from the film singing as well, but I wanted to hear the artist I remember listening to from my teenagers days!

Anyway have a great thursday EVERYONE! And remember to ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!