Let’s drink to good health

Sometimes I just give in for pressure…!

After playing football for one hour at the small stadium next to Fort Carre with Lucas, we were tired and decided to go home!

On our way back we passed a gas station, and of course Lucas was thirsty! I suggested water, he suggested Powerade…This blue thing filled with E’s and worse, I guess!

Then I just thought why not? Why don’t we just get a Powerade each, and give a shit about good health and blah, blah!

Cheers Lucas!

Cheers 🙂

And our toungs became blue!!

Blue tongues

During our powerade session Lucas told me he had the best day ever. So these short shared minutes of drinking Powerade, making fun with the tongues and taking pictures, meant that much to him – and to me!

Sometimes giving in for pressure can be fun if you play along 🙂

Hohohohohohoho! Lucas can pull som faces, for sure!



…is Lucas Scheie’s big idol! That is what he told his new french football trainer to day at his first session with his new french team!

Team Fontonne Antibes

On saturday there was not only a big fashion show in Antibes, it was also the day where all the sports clubs and organizations in the area gathered at the big sports arena to invite and tell new members about all the facilities the place has to offer!

Antibes Sports Arena and saturdays action

I got brochures for squash, zumba, tennis and volleyball. Svein Erik got one for sailing. Then we went over in the far end where the football club had a stand. We managed to find out that practice was on wednesday at 13:45

The french schools have wednesday off, and they never have homework for thursday. That is because wednesday is the big sport and practice day. In stead of school, it’s the children’s  working on their talent kind of day.

Anyway, the international school is not off, but they finish at 13:10 and they don’t have homework. So we were just in time to get to La Fontonne where the french boys plays football.

We came, a bit lost as you are when you are new, but that was «pat de problem», they welcomed us as we should be long time friends and guided us over to Lucas year 2003 team.

Parents were not allowed on the field, so Lucas had to manage the whole introduction by him self. And the french don’t speak english if they can help it, and the trainer was no exception.

He regarded Lucas in french, and when he understood that Lucas did not understand too much of what he said, he just found a translater among the other players, and they were sorted!

Team Fontonne Antibes

What a welcome! I was just in awe, and told Svein Erik time over how great this must be for Lucas!

And as practice began he just blended in with the other boys and David, the coach, encouraged Lucas in french, and made him feel absolutely secure and safe. The way of training also looked very educational, interesting and fun!

Run and breath…five stations with different exercises and a short breathing break….
Breath some more. And as you can see we had to stay behind these fences:)

Lucas was way over his head happy afterwards and wanted to join immediately. What a relief! Because he was, as expected, a bit critical to the language challenges, but he soon enough understood that football is a united language!!!

On saturday all ready he will be playing a match with his new team.



School has begun and Lucas is adapting incredible well!

Yesterday was his first day alone at school. The hours are from 09:00 until 16:10. Quite a long day compared to what he is used to from Norway.

When we picked him up yesterday he was so exited, his day had been great, he had made friends with two other new boys named David and Jack.

He was complaining a little bit about his english skills and said he did not understand the math terms in english!

He insists on improving his english. And at dinner we are only allowed to speak english with him….

Later that evening when he did his math homework, together with his father, they only spoke english! They are learning big numbers in math! Good for him!

Every wednesday, like to day, he finish early at 13:10. So now we have been to Carrefour, a big grocery and marked shop, and bought some school stuff he was missing.

We have also seen the doctor for a health test required from the school! Everything was fine, he is with good health!

Having Lucas safe, in what seems to be an excellent school, and knowing that he enjoys it and that he is making friends and is eager to learn and benefit, is a relief.

Now we can get into good routines and try to make the day slide easily. In order to do so we sat down yesterday, while Lucas were at school, and made plans for the week.

We planned the basics, like every week we will sit down and make a new plan. If we do that it will make life so much easier. Than we all know what to do and what to expect.

And knowing that releases a lot of new energy for Svein Erik and me!

In my opinion, in order to get a good time, it is fundamental to have a plan and to sit down, make them, discuss them, maybe change them, but always involve everybody involved and get an agreement!

The daily basis plan is the most important plan. When you make this glide smoothly you get energy and can focus on other things!

Anyway it sounds very easy, but we all know it is not….! But we try, and fail!

To day, already, I forgot parts of the plan we made yesterday. I was going to bring food and drinks when we picked up Lucas…I had made him food, but did I forget it, yes….and there, our plan to feed him in the car during the 20 min drive to Carrefour, went down the drain!

He was starving and we had to go for Mc Donalds…Well tomorrow it will not happen, I ensure you 🙂

Have a good time and a good night!

Here are some photos from the last couple of days! Lucas will not let me take pictures at the school, so I have to respect that!





Back in Norway after a tremendous week in North Yorkshire and Liverpool. I don’t know where to start…with the end or the beginning?

The end is a good start, I think.

Yesterday we went to see Anfield and the home stadium of the famous football club LIVERPOOL FC.

Lucas (9), our youngest son, is a huge Liverpool fan and he had the day of his life. Except from the fact that we did not meet any of the players he had a great understandig for their summerholiday, and is determind to come back another time to meet them:)


Bill Shankly. Team manager of Liverpool 1959-1974

We were met by the manager of all times, William «Bill» Shankly, who appart form the obvious, was also known for his special bond with the Liverpool supporters. The scarf he is wearing was thrown to him by a fan.

Under his management Liverpool won the Second Division Championship to gain promotion to the top flight First Division in 1962 and then won three League Championship titles, two FA Cups and the UEFA Cup before Shankly announced his surprise retirement from football a few weeks after Liverpool won the 1974 FA Cup Final, having managed the club for 15 years. (ref. wikipedia)

L.Scheie on his way up to the Boot Room

…for some food..

…in a boot with a TV showing higlights from Liverpools career…

…before joining the Museum & Tour Centre

Small and big Scheie…:))

Here we are in the press room, an acctually very tiny and small room. In here they had the real boot room. It was actually a room that stored the squad’s football boots that Bill Shankly also changed into a coaches’ meeting room.

Here we are in the changing room…

…nr 21 Lucas Leiva’s shirt!

….and mini Lucas!

…and Suarez…

….and as you can see the changing room is very, very basic. No lockers, cause the players have to trust each other, the guide told us. And also the idea is to not take focus from the match by having material goods!

This is our tour guide…he was a bit of a caracter… comming in to tell us that we are going to see the stadium. And in a loud and confirm voice he was making sure that everyone understood that if anyone tried to walk on the grass/pitch they would be sentenced to jail…wohohoho, relax, man:))

This is, by the way, where the away team is changing, even smaller and apparently there is no  slipfree floor in here, (lol)

Good thing there is an injury bench in here then……

The sacred grass of Anfield! Here the ashes of past away players have been spread all over the pitch for their eternal rest. So you don’t wanna mess with this pitch. I stayd clear of the grass, totally:))

…so did Lucas, but he can’t wait to play on it in a couple of years:))

The Pitch Preacher…

Sitting comfortable in the managers and trainers seat… I think it was….

Supporters view…. and our tourguide down there! He was really in command and loved his shift…reminded us of the Alcatraz tourguide in «The Rock» hehe!!

…now you are warned!!

Then we had a little tour around in the museum…

The people’s man, The great Shankley and his signature pose!

Championship trophy!

Ian Rush…my super hero from the ’80 when I met the whole Liverpool team in Denmark. My mother had taken me to Kolding for summer vacation, and suddenly there were Liverpool players all over the place at the hotel we were staying!

I ran for autographs and pichtures! Sadly I can not find the one with me and Ian Rush, but here are some other…

Craig and me…

OMG I thougt he was soooooo handsom…. we enlarged this photo and put it in a frame, haha!!

Craig Johnston

And I made an autograph book when I came home with all the signatures I had caught

Ian Rush
Ian Rush
Bruce Grobbelar


Sammy Lee
Kevin MacDonald
Mark Lawrenson
Bob Paisley
Gary Gillespie
Kenny Daglish
Ronni Moran

And last but never the least I also met the danish player Allan Simonsen! The reason Liverpool came to Kolding to play a friendly training match with the danish!

Allan Simonsen and I

Ha ha ha! Sneeking up on his side there!!! Look at my outfit, self made throusers, of course….

Allan Simonsen

So this was our trip to Anfield from yesterday, July 24th 2012 and from the summer of 1986

«You Never Walk Alone»