Come Visit «Le Petite Country Shop» at Strai!

We have made a sign :)
We have made a sign 🙂

It’s getting really cold outside. The colorful leaves, that made this autumn a true firework, have left most of the trees, but yet again we are entering a beautiful season up north!

Winter! Frost! Snow! Christmas! Candles! Dark! Cosy! Cakes! Hot-drinks! Music! And I could go on with key word, but I will not!

I just want to welcome you to Strai and to Le Petite Country Shop! We have the atmosphere and the most amazing surroundings here. It’s less than a 10 min. drive from Kristiansand center!

We are next to Drømmehaven, a flower and interior shop making the most gorgeous decorations for x-mas right now! They also have evening courses! Check it out!

In Le Petite Country Shop we have the gorgeous multi use designer Ltd #artscarf form

We co-operate with local hand crafters and have gotten hold of Mille’s handmade meditation candles.

The candles are made from the best raw materials, they are 100% natural consisting of bi wax and pure essential oils. You can massage the oil and wax on to your skin leaving it soft and smooth with a fresh scent!

In the knitted wool department, Karina has left some of her hand knitted hats for kids! They are super cute and absolutely one of a kind!

SchimJolie PhotoGraphy is a part of SchimJolie LifeStyleConcept! We are having so much fun with the new photo style called «HomeRun FamilyFun».

Make an appointment directly with us here at Le Petite Country Shop!

Velkommen – Welcome – Bienvenue – Hope to see you 🙂

Here are some of the photos taken during this wonderful week!


Home Run and Family Photo Fun

Collage1_72It’s really working out. At first I was not sure if it would be a good idea, but now I have no doubts anymore!

Mobile photo shoots, as in driving home to the motive, is the new thing for me! I love coming home to my friends and clients and save them the time and hassle it takes for the lot to pack, collect them selves and get going to a photo studio or location.

Every setting is individual and unique! And all they have to do is get dressed and be ready when we have agreed. Then I use only like 30 minutes of their time. And I must say, the results, so far, has turned out amazing!

SchimJolie PhotoGraphy is so much more though it’s less! Less in a good way! Less stress if you understand!

If you want to make an appointment,  just drop us a line on Facebook inbox!

We also have locations together with «Le Petite Country Shop» at STRAI next to Drømmehaven. Come visit us!

Here is a slide show from the family fun shoot:






I was really surprised and filled with joy and inspiration when Simon came to see Svein Erik yesterday.

Simon and Cathrine have lived in England for over 10 years. During that time they have established a coffee chain called «Little Italy Espresso Bar»(Read more about them and see nice pictures by clicking on the blue link!)

They run the chain very successfully at train stations. They also have a high street café in Haddenham!

Simon and Cathrine have worked so hard and they really deserve all the success they are having now!

Well, back to my surprise and joy! Simon had what I at first thougth was a «leaflet» brought with him to show us! But at a closer look I realize they are now officially editors and writers of their own Little Italy Epresso Bar Newspaper!

Simon proudly present FIX first issue!
Simon proudly present FIX first issue!

I think it is amazing! And it is so clever! Now their customers can have coffee and read a few stories about Little Italy Espresso Bar, about owners and staff AND other traveling customers! That was the genius thing about it! Simon and Cathrine uses their regulars and portrait them in the magazine in a very humorous way!

Good PR, and a win win!!

I take of my hat! I know how much they work running and managing the coffee bars. I also know how much time and effort it takes to make a paper like that! But it will be well worth the effort I predict. Cause this is something you want to read on the train going to work or where ever after being served the best coffee topped with the best service of the best owners and staff 🙂

The magazine is great reading over 32 pages!!!

WELL DONE and I wish you good luck opening the fourth in the chain in 2013!

«Have a vision and make it happen»

Cathrine in a littel Italian1963 Lotus 22IMG_5748 IMG_5749 IMG_5750 IMG_5751 IMG_5752

Simon proudly present FIX first issue!


When I took the pregnant pictures, Life is A Gift, of Maud in september, Antoine was supposed to be with us. But he did not make it that day, and I did not want to postpone, cause I was so ready to GO!

I promised we’ll take another shoot later with him.

The very lovely couple came to dinner at our flat on friday. We had a little mexican fiesta with them. We were eating nachos and tortillas, cheering in corona and aquavit, singing bamboleia and dancing salsa, well, not so much the last part, to be honest..

Anyway we decided to take the photos the next day at a very special place.

Lucas was with us and jumping around on location. Svein Erik got a phone call from our french teacher in the middle of the shoot, which lasted 5 minutes (the shoot), and instead of calling him up in 2 min he needed to know here and now if 14:30 on monday was ok….


I had my and mind and focus on what I was doing. Photographing our french friends speaking english trying to make them pose and relax while I tried to find angles and see that all the details were in place, and that the camera function was right like shutter speed, ISO, filter, frame, field of depth, focus, white balance, etc….


Pretty stressful 5 minutes, but as the professional photographer I am, I took it all with a smile and kept crushing calm, I did not let a little disturbance ruin our shoot 🙂


Last sunday is only a week ago, but to me it seems like a few month ago. So much have happened!

I love life when it is full of action. Like last sunday when Espen Hennig Olsen and his lovely wife, Jannicke, called and asked if we should meet! They had some time before their flight departure so we invited them for breakfast at our terrace!

In a jiffy we made something out of what we had in the refrigerator. We are good at using what’s in store. A pinch of creativity and a teaspoon of positive thinking helps too! And when you don’t worry and just do what you have to do, most things turn out well.

So we had the most impulsive and interesting breakfast with two people I have never met in my life before.

But Espen Henning Olsen is the MAN! He is the owner of the new flight company FLYNONSTOP. (Check it out and book your flight for spring holiday NOW if you are from the area!)

When he came I gave him a big, warm hug and thanked him for this big investment that means people from the south of Norway can travel directly to a lot of destination in Europe.

It makes life a lot easier for travel hungry «south of Norway people.»

And taking into consideration what Svein Erik and I are planning down here in the south of France, direct flight to Nice fits like a glow and we couldn’t have asked for a better timing!



Let me ask you

What is important for you when you are thinking of traveling some where?!

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