My day – Mayday?

Long time no blogging..I lost my blog to spam comments, but now I’m trying to fix it and this is a test…but I can fill the test with content incase it works!

This is my day to day:

I let the picture speak for its self..or not?

First workout at Progressive with Magnus Franzen. I lifted 80 kg…in Ltd SchimJolie Silk Scarf «Blue Hour» (the picture shows only 70kg)

I went home and had a quick style up, I put on «Pink Purses», before heading over to Tangen Media and Communication to shoot a new video toturial for SchimJolie showing «Love Is All Around» as a skirt.


ALPACA ALMIGHTY – du store alpakka

On thursday we met with Alpakka Lista. Alpacas have fascinated me for a long time, and I started to google and try to find out more about them this summer. Therefore when I found out about the livestock farm at Lista I just knew I had to go!

We got a really nice meeting with Cecilie Nilsen who is the «mother» of over 45 alpacas.

She imported her first stock from New Zealand in 2009 and has never looked back. She told us that the process has been long and challenging, but well worth it, when coming this far.

She gets lots of attention from tourists and from the people in the little communities of the ares around Lista.

And you don’t have to wonder why…really!

Lista fotoshoot for
The Cutest Alpaca Girl Ever

Alpacas are used in therapy and mindfulness. And just to sit and observe a flock of alpaca is very tranquilizing and interesting.


Cecilie tells us that their attitude resembles of a cat’s. They are very independent, curious, a bit shy. They are elegant and graceful. And they are beautiful, funny and friendly.

But not like the cat, you can train an alpaca, they are super intelligent and responsive to training. Left alone you can pet them but:

The alpacas do not like to be cuddled when they are in their flock on the field, they are not that kind of animal. They totally ignore you and pull away if you try to stoke them.

That’s why in the pictures I’m walking around in the flock, when I came too close they just pulled away!

Cecilie also told us that if you cuddle an alpaca when it’s a baby and use it as a pet, they can go crazy and you have to put it down.

But if you treat them with respect and let them live their own life on a big field, in a flock, minimum 2, under your care; which is limited down to cutting their nails, trimming their wool once a year, checking their teeth, giving them the possibility of shelter during rough weather and some concentrated feed and D vitamins in the winter month, the alpaca is surviving and living a happy life.

We have to admire Cecile and her husband for their work at the farm. And all the things they have accomplished! Check out their web shop with the fantastic products made of alpaca wool.

Thursday was a wonderful day, sunny and warm, so we moved over to the Light House where the alpaca boys were grassing and decided to make a photo shoot with them in Ltd #artscarf from SchimJolie.

Always out to promote and to make and to create! Check out this video we made as well

We drove away happy and inspired and decided to go visit the vineyard just a stone throw away! More about that in my next blog post 🙂


I found some blackberries!

I wanted to make a pie, but I did not have flour!
So I decided to make something simple and sweet!
I made a Blackberry soup!

I wonder how this tastes, with one cup of blackberries, a spoon creme fresh, a pinch of powder sugar and vanilla sugar all mixed together with my genius Bamixer!

WOW! It tastes GREAT!!!!



Is there such a thing…? I have never been so snotty in years, and I know it is allergy!

One year ago I had my last pollen injection after being injected every six-week for the past three years, grass pollen in one arm and birch pollen in the other arm.

Before I signed up for this vaccination program spring and summer were filled with a lot of snot and sneeze. I always thought I had a chronicle cold during summer….until I somehow managed to go to a doctor and get the diagnose of pollen allergy confirmed and get some medicine. Kerastin, citiricine, telfast, zyrtec, aerus are some of the medicine I have tried to antidote my self with.

Then I somehow got into this vaccination program. And during these years I barely had to take allergy medicine.

But now I am as bad as ever! Blocked nose, runny, nose, red, wet, shiny eyes! Even by taking allergy medicine it won’t stop!

So I have come to this conclusion, it must be the palms here in France! As they don’t have birch trees here, it must be the palm trees…right??





I have been looking for a place to socialize and work out, but I have had no luck. Two days ago I found it Star Loisirs, Antibes!

Only a couple of minutes, walking distance away from home!!

So during the last couple of days I have tried double class Yoga, Swiss Ball Pilates, twice, and Zumba. OMG I think I am about to explode! I’m benefiting both health-wise and french language-wise, and I figure:

«You give energy, you get energy, it is so true, TRY!»

Here are some of my mobile catches from Milano! On impulse we decided to go to last friday after school. Our friends had already planned and booked a hotel, so we just decided to join them. Hope you like them 🙂

Bon weekend 🙂


«If you want to change, you have to be willing to be uncomfortable»

-I’m starting work out TO DAY……

I find it rather hard, I must admit! But in order do get rid of exccess fat I have no choice, really! So sneakers and running gear, you are about to get used again. It’s funny though, how the shoes still fit, but not the top…well it’s fact of life, when the body is not being used it stores all the energy in its temple…..and I want to eat good food, so no choice, really!

The road is calling – LET’S HIT IT, HIMBERG!