It’s time to get tidy and to sort out all the rubbish we have stored in cellar, loft, garage, washing room, closets and drawers….

First we need boxes, lots of boxes!! I got the boxes on monday and they have been staring at me all week…

….until we started on friday. I had one clear idea in my head, I had to get it all OUT! So I started with emptying the cellar….

All this is going out

….here on the terrace!

So lets get started

I got Helena, my niece, and Charlotte, her friend, to help me carrying it all out!
And than Svein Erik came, so after 30-45 min it looked like this….

Like a f***ing flea marked….

This is a like four hours later! Christine came to pick up some shoes and was totally shocked by the state of the area!

Looks a bit like a disaster area

Did not get any further than this on friday! We made one full car to the garbage and recycling station, though! Lucky the weather was gonna be dry….

We went to the consert and stayed up late, so saturday was kind of very inefficient! But we did have a trip to Ikea to get more boxes!!!!
And to Food Asylum to get sushi:)
Than we crashed on the sofa, wartching a couple of movies. «Jack and Jill» with Adam Sandler, was quite funny! And than we started on «Lilyhammer» – hilarious!!!
Anyway, to day we have been busy!

Doing all the clothes….

Taking everything out

And now finaly after keeping, tossing ang giving away we are here

All stored in boxes with labels systematic and neat in the cellar…

…a car full of trash and stuff for charity..

…and just a few things left here!
Now some more «Lilyhammer»
Have a fabulous sunday, every one;)


We have a joke that we are all related so this is a family portrait in the lovely garden!

Don’t you just love it when your creative friends asks you out for sunday coffee and to join them on a sermon blessing the soil of the land they are going to build a house on!

How often does that happen?

Even though we had a late night on saturday, celebrating our common friend, Mette’s 40 birthday, we just couldn’t  turn that invitation down.

At one point it was tempting to do exactly so, as we were solid planted on the couch around noon, but then I realized it is not an ordinary invitation so I persuaded Svein Erik, and we sat full speed for Fleckenisland or Flekkerøya and made it on time.

Camilla & Jarle lives in a beautiful soulful house out here! But now they have decided to sell, (they have all ready sold), and move on to something new!

People might say how can you leave the old house?

It has a quiet, relaxed atmosphere that reflects the beautiful family living here. It is so pretty and done up so special and personal with so many details.

After 13 years of living here and creating, this house is a result of their genuine passion, and excellent taste for art and decoration.

How can you leave and start building a new house when all is so perfectly set?

Well, sometimes you just need to start from scratch again! And that is so true. Kids have grown up, everything is set, business is running….

They blow glasses, by the way, for those of you who did not know that! The most wonderful glasses you get at Knapstad Glass!! Check it out!  Apart from being the perfect gift, the glasses and the bowls really set fire to your interior with the stunning colors used!

Anyway, living is for some creating and expanding the creative zone, and that is what’s happening now in Camilla & Jarle’s life and I cant wait to see the result!

Here is a gallery of pictures taken this sunday when we gathered in their, soon to be a house in the past and went to bless the land of the house in the future:




I drove my mother home the other day. She lives on Langenes in Søgne. I have had a few trips out there recently and I always regret not taking the time so swing by and have a peak inside Annas Room.

It looks so tempting outside with all the delicious interior items put together so nicely.

It’s just that I don’t take the time, because I am in fact a rally rider…!!!

But not to day!!

I stopped and took the time!

I went inside to see how the old grocery store had been transformed into a fancy interior shop, and I got high pulse straight away when I spotted this:

A yellow supercool «I need a Taxi « shirt, Oh, what a winner! Flashbacks from NYC came straight to my mind. I would have bought it but I had no card or money…

Sculls are in fashion all over the line, I can tell you!  So why not have a scull pillow matching your scull ring or scarf?? I think it rocks!

Or you can go for a pillow that gives you some facts about the wolf or even better both! And the chairs are awesome! I want!

Good to see there are still some old-fashioned general store feelings left. When I was a kid that is exactly what was here before!

I see these nice stones with messages on sat on this beautiful stone dish as I am leaving…

And the herbs looks so much nicer and more decorative with a gorgeous sign like this to show of their names!

Then off for a rally ride home on the curvy Langenes road. I know this road by heart, so I can drive it safely very fast!!

Next time I will bring some money – for sure!



I left my poor flowers for a week without anybody to water them. I thougt I’d better store them in a cool, dark place and give them a good «clunk» before we go, and just hope they will survive. So I put them on top of my freezer in the cellar and amazingly enough they made it through the week! And they were waiting happily for my and they embrazed me with a good smell when I released them. And still standing proud and tall I brought them back to the sun and the light and I brought them plenty of water!

Surviving Flowers



I’m actually quite happy for this weather now. Kristiansand is freezing cold, the wind is ice-cold, though the sun is shining you can not go out without dressing properly.

Because of the weather, or more because I did not dress warm enough I have ended up with a sore troth and a pretty high fever.

Point is: I’m not that bad, but I’m not that well either, so its perfect weather to learn something new about blogging and how it works with wordpress.

Did I mention that the grass pollen is at its worst now, just another reason for me to sit inside 🙂


Though I must admit it is very difficult and with the fever, and all, I’m boiling with frustration at times to day!!!

So there its said!

Now I will show you some beautiful photos from a garden I was «sneezing» around in yesterday…

We were on a cousin meeting at Dvergsnestangen, where Jan and Gro lives and where Jan’s parents and his sister have summer houses.

Gro is totally dedicated to her garden and works it all spring and summer. And it is l REALLY BEAUTIFUL!!

I had my camera on a weird film and did not get the effect I wanted, but nothing to do about that now….but I learn a lesson, hehe 🙂

Fresh salad from the garden, I just love the idea to have that my self!!!!

It is a true dream out here!

I really love the place, though these pictures does not show the true beauty of the garden


Different angle from the salad garden and cousins having a good time in the back!

Beautiful flowers everywhere

Yellow beauties…I don’t know much flower names I must admit!

Greenhouse with tomatoes, cucumber and all sorts of fresh delicacies!

A truly wonderful place!

Flowers in its full bloom really makes you happy!!!

And at the backside of the house there are more flowers and here she also has boxes with strawberries, broccoli…. and for sure some more 🙂

Thanks for the visit and thanks for your hospitality, Family Eide 🙂


Now i feel much better already having written about something I care about, beautiful flowers! My frustration is for the moment gone. And the fever will eventually disappear when I flush some fever killers down my neck 🙂