Come Visit «Le Petite Country Shop» at Strai!

We have made a sign :)
We have made a sign 🙂

It’s getting really cold outside. The colorful leaves, that made this autumn a true firework, have left most of the trees, but yet again we are entering a beautiful season up north!

Winter! Frost! Snow! Christmas! Candles! Dark! Cosy! Cakes! Hot-drinks! Music! And I could go on with key word, but I will not!

I just want to welcome you to Strai and to Le Petite Country Shop! We have the atmosphere and the most amazing surroundings here. It’s less than a 10 min. drive from Kristiansand center!

We are next to Drømmehaven, a flower and interior shop making the most gorgeous decorations for x-mas right now! They also have evening courses! Check it out!

In Le Petite Country Shop we have the gorgeous multi use designer Ltd #artscarf form

We co-operate with local hand crafters and have gotten hold of Mille’s handmade meditation candles.

The candles are made from the best raw materials, they are 100% natural consisting of bi wax and pure essential oils. You can massage the oil and wax on to your skin leaving it soft and smooth with a fresh scent!

In the knitted wool department, Karina has left some of her hand knitted hats for kids! They are super cute and absolutely one of a kind!

SchimJolie PhotoGraphy is a part of SchimJolie LifeStyleConcept! We are having so much fun with the new photo style called «HomeRun FamilyFun».

Make an appointment directly with us here at Le Petite Country Shop!

Velkommen – Welcome – Bienvenue – Hope to see you 🙂

Here are some of the photos taken during this wonderful week!


Le Petite Country Shop

We are right next to Strai "light slope" a beutifu place to walk or run
We are right next to Strai «light slope» a beautiful place to walk or run

WELCOME TO SCHIMJOLIE & Le Petite Country Shop – Studio & Gallery

It has been a long time since last blog post, and it’s not because nothing has happened 😉 Too much has happened, but I will not go on about that now!

I would like to tell you about my day to-day! I’m sooooo excited!

I have cleared out the garage at Strai and me and Svein Eriks new «baby» SchimJolie LifeStyleConcept is about to open a place for the public!

I can’t wait. And with our tempo it’s no reason to wait! I think next week we are up and running! WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!

Everyone is welcome to see us and the Ltd #artscarf collection!

I might also take up my commercial photography and do some children and family portraits if anybody is interested?

Next to SchimJolie – Petite Country Shop I already have the most amazing flower and garden outlet «Drømmehaven» run by the sweetest and so friendly Kristin. She came with coffee to me as I was way down in all the crap and rubbish stored over many years in these three garages we cleared today!

Tomorrow I will paint the joint and then I will start decorating! Come and visit if you have the chance. I’ll bring the coffee machine tomorrow and there is always time for a chat!

The place will not be perfect at first but, but I need to get going and to get started, so I don’t worry, we’ll work it out as we move!

Life is too short to care about trifles 🙂 JUST DO IT!

So see you at Strai and at SchimJolie – Petite Country Shop – Studio & Gallery!


It’s only 10min by car from the center! Just saying!

Here are som photos of today’s progress 🙂


How fun it is to have all this positive feedback of my art work! It encourages me to promote them more! Thank you for all the nice comments and e-mails!

Take another look at my pieces of art, here are some ideas:

You can decorate the walls in your home, your office, your reception, your restaurant, your café, your store, your hotel, your business etc! 

Or give the perfect present to family, friends, employees, colleague, old, young…..

Buy my travel art and get «unique decoration and a piece of destination!»
Collage1 Collage3 Collage4 Collage5 Collage6 Collage7 Collage8 Collage9 PASPATOUT

Contact me at if you want to order or have any questions 🙂






Passepartout is french, and means it «goes for all», passe-par-tout. And that is exactly what it does for my art work images.

This is my favorite way of presenting my photography!!

White passepartout and a simple black frame;

– It is so nice, so timeless, simple and decorative!

If you want to order you can mail me at or order via instacanvas here

Perfect Xmas present 😉

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La Lune de Mougins Spa Hotel

Five fabulous days at «La Lune de Mougins Spa Hotel» came to an end on saturday. This 3 star hotel in Mougins was a real treat and the most beautiful decorated hotel I have visited in a long time. There were so many details. The use of tone in tone color, different textures, textile and material, beautiful furnitures, made it so interesting, warm, welcoming and homely.

I really enjoyed our stay here! The staff was just adorable. All of them were so friendly, helpful and kind.

We ate dinner and breakfast at the hotel, both very enjoyable with impeccable service.

The spa facilities were great! With sauna, steam bath, swimming pool with jacuzzi effect, tropical showers and spa treatments. I did not get a treatment, but I used the steam bath.   I love steam bath!

Another bonus was the distance from the hotel to the school, only 2 min by car! Compared to 20 from Antibes! You need a car to stay at this hotel be course there are no amenities in walking distance.

There is also a tennis court at the hotel. Every day after school Lucas and I had a tennis match. I like to play tennis and I am happy that Lucas enjoys it too!

There are no doubt I will be back. They told us we were very welcome to use the spa. So after dropping Lucas off at school I will for sure follow up on that invitation. Especially when it gets colder. Right now the temperature is great, cold at night and 20-25 during the day.

Though we had a great stay it is good to be home in Antibes again, home sweet home!

Here are some photos I took of the place the day we left


We have a joke that we are all related so this is a family portrait in the lovely garden!

Don’t you just love it when your creative friends asks you out for sunday coffee and to join them on a sermon blessing the soil of the land they are going to build a house on!

How often does that happen?

Even though we had a late night on saturday, celebrating our common friend, Mette’s 40 birthday, we just couldn’t  turn that invitation down.

At one point it was tempting to do exactly so, as we were solid planted on the couch around noon, but then I realized it is not an ordinary invitation so I persuaded Svein Erik, and we sat full speed for Fleckenisland or Flekkerøya and made it on time.

Camilla & Jarle lives in a beautiful soulful house out here! But now they have decided to sell, (they have all ready sold), and move on to something new!

People might say how can you leave the old house?

It has a quiet, relaxed atmosphere that reflects the beautiful family living here. It is so pretty and done up so special and personal with so many details.

After 13 years of living here and creating, this house is a result of their genuine passion, and excellent taste for art and decoration.

How can you leave and start building a new house when all is so perfectly set?

Well, sometimes you just need to start from scratch again! And that is so true. Kids have grown up, everything is set, business is running….

They blow glasses, by the way, for those of you who did not know that! The most wonderful glasses you get at Knapstad Glass!! Check it out!  Apart from being the perfect gift, the glasses and the bowls really set fire to your interior with the stunning colors used!

Anyway, living is for some creating and expanding the creative zone, and that is what’s happening now in Camilla & Jarle’s life and I cant wait to see the result!

Here is a gallery of pictures taken this sunday when we gathered in their, soon to be a house in the past and went to bless the land of the house in the future:



I drove my mother home the other day. She lives on Langenes in Søgne. I have had a few trips out there recently and I always regret not taking the time so swing by and have a peak inside Annas Room.

It looks so tempting outside with all the delicious interior items put together so nicely.

It’s just that I don’t take the time, because I am in fact a rally rider…!!!

But not to day!!

I stopped and took the time!

I went inside to see how the old grocery store had been transformed into a fancy interior shop, and I got high pulse straight away when I spotted this:

A yellow supercool «I need a Taxi « shirt, Oh, what a winner! Flashbacks from NYC came straight to my mind. I would have bought it but I had no card or money…

Sculls are in fashion all over the line, I can tell you!  So why not have a scull pillow matching your scull ring or scarf?? I think it rocks!

Or you can go for a pillow that gives you some facts about the wolf or even better both! And the chairs are awesome! I want!

Good to see there are still some old-fashioned general store feelings left. When I was a kid that is exactly what was here before!

I see these nice stones with messages on sat on this beautiful stone dish as I am leaving…

And the herbs looks so much nicer and more decorative with a gorgeous sign like this to show of their names!

Then off for a rally ride home on the curvy Langenes road. I know this road by heart, so I can drive it safely very fast!!

Next time I will bring some money – for sure!