Armor of amore


As you might have noticed I live and breath SchimJolie Silk. They are my heart and soul. I have designed them and I love them so much.

Today I was invited by my own gentle and so all the way generous man to come join him for dinner in town.

And of course I had to dress up and bring some beautiful scarves along to the restaurant to show them off.

Being a busy Fashion Farmer at Strai and Silkebekk Gård I have to use every occasion I get….

….so I «kissed» my Silk Chickens goodbye and off we drove in our dear beloved Land Rover Defender, Schimbo.

Here you see the beautiful scarf palette and their names with links:

«D e f e n d e r»   «O n e L i n e T w o H e a r t s I n f i n i t y L o v e»

«L t d   # a r t s c a r f  BigBenGreatMan»   «S c h i m J o l i e S i l k» 

Scarf armor of amore

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Break Down

Ltd #artscarf "Channel" by SchimJolie
Good thing I had ELLE and could read about our beloved Crown Prinsess,  HRH MM, in Ltd #artscarf «Channel» by SchimJolie on the hood of SchimBo 😀

Did I mention when our Land Rover Defender, Schimbo, broke down in the middle of nowhere?

Well, that’s not exactly right, but we were far out. We had by coincidence ended up at one of Norway’s few wine yards called Kvelland VinGård in Lyngdal.

After seeing the Alpacas at Lista we were recommended to take a look at the wine yard to get inspired.

We were lucky and got hold of the farmer who showed us around and let us take pictures.

He also told us about the spiritual evenings he organized in the function house and told us to come one day.

We were going to leave, but then SchimBo refused to start!!!!

We turned the key, but not even a sound came out of SchimBo, who had been so happy to be taking us out to a different country side!

The car does have soul, and we also started to think about the spiritual affairs going on here, but to what end?

«You can check out any time you like but you can never leave…Welcome to Wine Yard Kve-e-elland!» hahahahaha

Anyways we tried to run it, to tow it, but no life! So we had to call Falken and after an hour or so the tow car came and took us to Mandal!

And the story will continue another time course in Mandal we learned some more interesting things!

Here are the photos from our adventure at Kvelland Gård:

Read more about our Ltd #artscarf concept at

Le Petite Country Shop

We are right next to Strai "light slope" a beutifu place to walk or run
We are right next to Strai «light slope» a beautiful place to walk or run

WELCOME TO SCHIMJOLIE & Le Petite Country Shop – Studio & Gallery

It has been a long time since last blog post, and it’s not because nothing has happened 😉 Too much has happened, but I will not go on about that now!

I would like to tell you about my day to-day! I’m sooooo excited!

I have cleared out the garage at Strai and me and Svein Eriks new «baby» SchimJolie LifeStyleConcept is about to open a place for the public!

I can’t wait. And with our tempo it’s no reason to wait! I think next week we are up and running! WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!

Everyone is welcome to see us and the Ltd #artscarf collection!

I might also take up my commercial photography and do some children and family portraits if anybody is interested?

Next to SchimJolie – Petite Country Shop I already have the most amazing flower and garden outlet «Drømmehaven» run by the sweetest and so friendly Kristin. She came with coffee to me as I was way down in all the crap and rubbish stored over many years in these three garages we cleared today!

Tomorrow I will paint the joint and then I will start decorating! Come and visit if you have the chance. I’ll bring the coffee machine tomorrow and there is always time for a chat!

The place will not be perfect at first but, but I need to get going and to get started, so I don’t worry, we’ll work it out as we move!

Life is too short to care about trifles 🙂 JUST DO IT!

So see you at Strai and at SchimJolie – Petite Country Shop – Studio & Gallery!


It’s only 10min by car from the center! Just saying!

Here are som photos of today’s progress 🙂


I’m totally AMAZED! Yesterday we met a singigng male angel! We came to The Hop Store in Antibes, Heine, Margret, Svein Erik and me. The weather here in Antibes had just gone from bad to very bad…13 degrees and raining. It was freezing cold. We thought about going home or inside somewhere, but decided we’d try The Hop Store, while we waited for Vibeke and Filip to turn up.

There were no people except a few people in the far right corner! We sat down on the table next to them and ordered 4 big beers to warm us up…..Then this cool guy from the table beside us, pulls out his guitar and starts to sing «I said Yes!»

Margret’s and my jaw just dropped, becauce he was so good, he was so alive and he was so cool. With a white hat, Ray Bans, white wide v-neck, the guitar and a Guinniss, and this gift of a voice….!!

So glad we stayed!! He broght the sun back and before we knew it we were singing with and applauding this Gods gift….We got a name before we went home, and first thing in the morning I looked up «Probably Mike» and now I am a total fan! Love this music so I just wanted to share it with you all! He called it «Folk-ish!» Then I can say I like Folk-ish!

Hope you like it too! I sure do and I can’t wait for him to do a duette with another up and comming star our own Catharina……;))))

Here is a screen dump of my instagram account, becauce I did not have the picture on this device….And I am to lazy to do anything about it!


I say yes! I said Yes! Yes! Yesssssssssss!

I Said Yes

When Your Love Is Gone



Ta deg en tur rundt Cap d' Antibes
Ta deg en tur rundt Cap d’ Antibes!

Kjære Kristiansandere!!

Nå er det enkelt å komme seg til den franske riviera! Med direkte flyforbindelse er dere i fly tid kun 2 timer og 30 min unna! WOW!

Team Feriviera har bestemt seg for å hjelpe dere å få fingeren ut slik at dere enkelt kan komme på en opplevelses og innholdsrik tur til Cote d’Azur!

Ferivera er navnet på våre opplevelses reiser til Antibes.

Vi er lomme kjente i Antibes og området rundt etter å ha tilbragt mange år her. Vi har masse å bidra med for å gjøre en reise hertil så bra som mulig.

Vi inviterer til den første tur 5.- 9.mai 2013

Avreise         Søndag 5.mai kl 07:00 fra Kjevik ankomst Nice kl 10:30

Hjemreise   Torsdag 9.mai kl 15:25 fra Nice ankomst Kjevik kl 17:55

Dette gir dere 4 dager og 4 overnattinger i dobbeltrom. Dere får max ut av dagene ettersom ankomst er tidlig og avreise er sent på ettermiddagen!

Nice flyplass ligger bare 20-30 min unna Antibes så man er raskt på plass på hotellet!


For kun kr. 6495,-pr person tilbyr vi dere direktefly med FLYNONSTOP fra Kristiansand. Inkludert er 4 overnattinger på hyggelig hotell midt i Antibes by. Frokost er ikke inkludert.

Men det som tilgjengjeld er inkludert og som er den viktigste forutsetningen for en vellykket tur, etter vår mening, er en detaljert reise beskrivelse fra du lander i Nice til du drar igjen.

Vi har utarbeidet et reise compedium med anbefalinger av gode restauranter og caféer, plasser dere må se, steder dere må gå. Vi har merket dette opp på et kart slik at dere vet nøyaktig hvor plassene er! Vi har til og med utarbeidet en pakke liste for hva som er nødvendig å ta med seg på et slikt opphold på den årstiden! Dere slipper rett og slett jobben med å finne ut av noe! Vi har gjort den jobben for dere 🙂 Pakk og dra!

Så nå håper Ferivera at pensjonerte kristiansandere, eller andre med mulighet til å ta seg fri på ukedagene vil benytte seg av vårt tilbud!

Ta kontakt med hvis du vil melde deg på eller trenger mer informasjon. Dere kan også ringe meg på 0033686107970 om det er noe dere lurer på.


Følg meg på instagram for kontinuerlig oppdaterte bilder fra livet i Provence og sjekk ut Allers denne uka nr.11

Velkommen til det Sør Franske:




Yesterday we took a day trip to Auron! Auron is a ski resort in the French alps with over 135 km of ski runs at an elevation of 1600 to 2450 m.


Sunset at 2450 m above sea
Sunset at 2450 m above sea

We picked up our friends Christian and his daugther Carmen at 09:00. We drove 100 km, on very curvy roads. Including two puking stops we used 2 hours…..

Up in the fresh air we bought ourselves day passes and got into one of the gondolas taking us up to one of the tops! From there we skied down a little bit. Found a chair lift which took us very high! 2450 m above the sea! That was fantastic! The view from up there was amazing!

Lucas had a bad ski accident last year in the winter holiday at Isola 2000. He broke his leg, a spiral fracture, and had some terrible months after that incidence. With a plastered leg, a lot of pain, not able to play or be with his friends, constipation, humping around on crutches we wondered if he would ever ski again!

Yesterday he did. How brave of him! He was very careful and did not go fast, so he stayed with me, he,he.( I’m so slow on my snowboard these days…) He had some difficulties with his fear, but he did good, and in time he will ski like he did!

The French school he is attending now are arranging a 10 days ski course for his class up in Auron during the easter holiday. How cool is that?!

Here are som pictures from Auron. My mobile had a flat battery, so I only got these few photos to share…;-)

Lucas in his skiing outfit! I had forgotten that we had to cut his skipants off last year so he is übertrendy in jeans
Lucas in his skiing outfit! I had forgotten that we had to cut his ski pants off last year so he is über trendy in jeans yesterday…

Chair lifts





I have been looking for a place to socialize and work out, but I have had no luck. Two days ago I found it Star Loisirs, Antibes!

Only a couple of minutes, walking distance away from home!!

So during the last couple of days I have tried double class Yoga, Swiss Ball Pilates, twice, and Zumba. OMG I think I am about to explode! I’m benefiting both health-wise and french language-wise, and I figure:

«You give energy, you get energy, it is so true, TRY!»

Here are some of my mobile catches from Milano! On impulse we decided to go to last friday after school. Our friends had already planned and booked a hotel, so we just decided to join them. Hope you like them 🙂

Bon weekend 🙂


I just woke up and felt how stiff my right arm is, from my fingertips and upwards. And I wondered why? Then I remembered me and Lucas went bowling on friday!

I’m not very good at bowling, but on friday I sucked. I have never learned how to actually do it, what is the details to the game?

I alway just find a bowling ball that fits the size of my fingers, and if it’s not too heavy, and have a nice color, I’ll go for it!

On friday there was only one ball that fit my fingers, it was blue, which is OK, but very heavy, 11 kg. I tried to use a lighter, dark pink one, but when it hardly let go of my fingers I went back to the blue on.

I have never understood why we need these special shoes either, and to my despair I had no socks on this evening…horrible experience, I was sliding inside the shoe, say no more!

Lucas had great fun, than the rest does not matter 🙂

With the lack of training, it is actually good to feel the arm knowing it has been used for fun, hehe

When I think of it, there is a funny film called «Kingpin» or something about bowling! We might watch it to night…..

Next time I will try my pool skills, I used to be quite good at it once up on a time….