Come Visit «Le Petite Country Shop» at Strai!

We have made a sign :)
We have made a sign 🙂

It’s getting really cold outside. The colorful leaves, that made this autumn a true firework, have left most of the trees, but yet again we are entering a beautiful season up north!

Winter! Frost! Snow! Christmas! Candles! Dark! Cosy! Cakes! Hot-drinks! Music! And I could go on with key word, but I will not!

I just want to welcome you to Strai and to Le Petite Country Shop! We have the atmosphere and the most amazing surroundings here. It’s less than a 10 min. drive from Kristiansand center!

We are next to Drømmehaven, a flower and interior shop making the most gorgeous decorations for x-mas right now! They also have evening courses! Check it out!

In Le Petite Country Shop we have the gorgeous multi use designer Ltd #artscarf form

We co-operate with local hand crafters and have gotten hold of Mille’s handmade meditation candles.

The candles are made from the best raw materials, they are 100% natural consisting of bi wax and pure essential oils. You can massage the oil and wax on to your skin leaving it soft and smooth with a fresh scent!

In the knitted wool department, Karina has left some of her hand knitted hats for kids! They are super cute and absolutely one of a kind!

SchimJolie PhotoGraphy is a part of SchimJolie LifeStyleConcept! We are having so much fun with the new photo style called «HomeRun FamilyFun».

Make an appointment directly with us here at Le Petite Country Shop!

Velkommen – Welcome – Bienvenue – Hope to see you 🙂

Here are some of the photos taken during this wonderful week!




Big Ben

I love London! I lived in the metropolis in my younger days, so it is always a pleasure to come back and see how some things changes and some things don’t!

This weekend we came to attend a big education conference called BETT. Svein Erik is connected to a company who developes software and via them we all came together this weekend to promote the new application, «app», called «Smart Class»

The «app»basicly puts the teacher in control of the students tablets when in the classroom. The teacher can lock down the tablets and make them only see the educational stuff presented! The teacher can see all the screens of the students on her/his control tablet and make sure they are paying attention. if not, she’ll know:))

The system is 100% android. And there was so much people visiting and paying interest to this product. We were all exhausted by the end of saturday!

Anyway it was so nice to see Tomas, and the girls; Catharina and Helena, who lives in London, again!

Tomas flew over all by him self from Kr.sand via Oslo to Heathrow! Then he took the Heathrow express and I met him in Paddington.

I did not expect him to be stopped in custom because he is a minor, but so he did! Custom called me and asked if it was correct that he was traveling alone. I agreed to that and they let him continue his travel! It’s good to know they are doing their job, he could be on the run for all they knew 🙂

Tomas is so calm and very smart. He navigated London like a native in no time 🙂

Here are some photos taken during our stay!

On sunday we had the time to do some sightseeing, but not enough to take the bus! So we took a taxi, hihi!


Our neighbour stand was Condor with Canon printers. By end of saturday I came to ask if they could print some of my work! That was no problem. They were so helpful and nice. I only regret I didn’t ask them on friday! They printed two of my art work – on over time!! THANK YOU AGAIN, Condor and Ryan Briscoe for your will to work 🙂




Tomas has left for Norway and startet school again! We had an excellent holiday together we got to talk and share our views over the situation we are in. We agreed that this is the situation and we have to make the best out of it 🙂

In the big picture it is a very lucky situation with lots of positive potential sides. Time and timing do not always agree, we have to live here and now and follow our instincts. Who knows what will happen next year?

If you are a negative person nothing good will happen, but if you are positive all good will happen, it’s all in the state of mind!

I say like Helena and Henry Ford :

«Whether You Think You Can or You Can’t, You’re Right» Henry Ford

I read Helena’s blog What A Girl Want with great pleasure. She is a very unique girl with a huge insight to life, only 20 years old! She is one of the persons who makes me very happy! She is energy! I talked to her one hour on skype yesterday, and that was another GOOOOD HOUR!

So keep thinking positive and care about your life and the people around you who makes you happy. If you are unhappy how can you expect to make others happy?

Another person who gives energy and happyness is my dear friend Synnøve Bakke in New Jersy, and when I found this on her facebook page it made me emotional, because it is so true ❤

«There comes a time in life, when you walk away from all the drama & people who create it. You surround yourself with people who make you laugh & support you & help you to forget the bad & focus on the good. Love the people who treat you right, pray for the ones who don’t. Life is too short to be anything but happy. Falling down is part of life, getting back up is living» ♥ Abhijeet Samuel

A good laugh extends your life, they say. I bet this old man at the airport in Nice have had some good laughs:

Me and Tomas also had some hilarious laughs! Tomas has a great sense of humor and we cracked up over Petter Solberg english. And now he has sendt me this list, that way I can have a laugh and think about our good time:

Her er noen gullkorn fra Petter Solberg

“I had a very big fart, and suddenly I fucked off the road”

“I had a stop in the start”

“i had to go off the road,to save the car”

“It wåss dæven døtte meg close ass..vell vell,vi have to see how the rest of the race go”

“I drove over the hill”

“I`m driving round the corner, and crash in the christmas tree.”

“It’s not the fart that kills you, it’s the smell”

“I had bad pigs in my dekk”

“It was a moose in the engine”

“but but, it is’t only only you know”

“It wåss so møch dog on the window”

“It’s not only only, but but ”

“it was werry werry funny”

“he is my wife in the car ehh….no sex”

“i drived and then it was a sving and a sving til så a stein and pang i drived rett in the juletre”

“When i keim around the corner, it all went to Hælvette”

” The car understyrt ænd i was going strait fram”

”I came with a great fart and dishappered as a prikk in the sky”

“I’m slædding utafor the kænt”

“i just take full fart and Drive ”

“I dont know what it call’d on english , but on norsk we call it aircondision”

“The rat is loose”

“In Norway we rape after dinner”

“It all went to hell in a verry crap sving!”

LOL 🙂 😀

Travel, live, have fun, be happy!


Lucas and a class mate were carrying a big heavy box with things for the gym when suddenly Lucas lost his grip and the box fell right on his big toe. And then another class mate managed to fall on top of the box and Lucas poor toe…..

It was painful, so painful that we had to come and pick him up and take him to x-ray.

As we drove to pick him up a terrible rainstorm came over us and the sky just opened! The water came flooding down the hill we were driving up!

We should not have been driving with water coming down like this, but our only concern was Lucas…

And of course the tank was nearly empty, so we had to fuel up at a gas station. A lady pointed at our license plate and that’s when we realized it had fallen off….ok, so luckily we had to fule up…!

We made it to the school! Driving down to the hospital the weather was like this:

Happy ending!

After 2,5 hours at the emergency the doctor told us that the toe was heavy beaten, but not broken!!

So lucky Lucas, though accident stroke, he came from it with minor harm!! God bless!!

No soccer practice for a week…but he had a lot of practice on saturday. He joined his team on a football cup the whole day from 08:45 until 16:00




Can you believe I left all of my sunglasses behind in Norway? Going to this part of the world all you really need is your passport, credit card, iPhone and sunglasses. But I forgot mine!

My favorite pair is my Roberto Cavalli ones. I bought them two years ago and they are always my first choice. They fit to everything, I think.

This summer we had a terrasse party back home in Norway, and in the late hours the sunglasses came off and I put them on the seat in our lounge! Not a smart move, because one of the party animal came and sat on them!

The frame gave in somehow. It did not break or anything, but they turned totally out of shape. And did not feel comfortable on anymore. I asked the optician if they could bend them back in shape, she tried, they got a bit better, but not perfect.

Now I have been here for two week with no sunglasses, but yesterday afternoon I was saved!!!

Svein Erik and I were watching a fashion show at Place de Gaulle in Antibes. We shared a  salade Nicoise and pizza Napolitane at Duplex together with a couple of beers. We were very cheerful and made our usual harmless jokes about characters walking past.

And I alway end up laughing and crying my eyes out. Sitting in the sun with no sunglasses and looking like a raccoon with eyes almost glued together I think is not a particularly nice vision. So I complained a bit about the state of my eyes. Than Svein Erik said he would buy me a pair! I flashed with my lashes, knowing that I did not look all that fresh, but I gave it a try, and asked in my sweetest voice: «Roberto Cavalli…?»

And he said «Yes! Let’s go and get you your Roberto Cavalli»

We left money for the check and Svein Erik wanted to make sure nobody else would take them, so he kind of very eager shouted at a guy in a white shirt coming towards him that » I have left the money on the table.» I saw that this was not a waiter but the confransier of the fashion show. So once again I broke down in a hysteric laughter cramp.

Anyway I got my Roberto Cavalli! Svein Erik even managed to get 15% off. That’s my boy! Though I get so embarrassed when he starts to bargain, it is well worth it!

So a big fat thank you again, my dearest precious Svein Erik <3 <3 <3

They are precise the same model as my previous brown ones only in black! LUCKY ME!