Out of pure curiosity, and because I by chance remembered this wedding event taking place in Mandelieu, I decided to persuade my boys to come with me and take a look.

My curiosity clearly have connection with my over 12 years in the wedding industrial business as a wedding photographer.

«Salon du Mariage»used the whole congress center of Mandelieu, and turned out to be a very big happening!

I think photographers were the most represented exhibitors. There were like ten stands with photographers and movie makers. Interesting to see how they do it here. And also to compare the price level and the quality.

My conclusion must be that weddings in France are big business. I had like a ton of brochures when I finished my tour in the «Salon du Mariage» and sat down with Svein Erik and Lucas for a coffee one hour later!

Here are some photos to give you an impression and maybe inspire you if you are planning a wedding 🙂


After the wonderful evening on thursday I woke up friday morning with a sore troth. And during the day I had to admit that I had caught a cold of some sort. Because my nose was totally blocked followed by the typical fever and a heavy head!

On saturday the cold had really caught me and I was thinking of not going to the dinner party we had prepared for later that evening. All was arranged with the children. A nanny would come and look after the boys.

I was a bit late to sign up for the dinner so when I contacted Linda she said it was full at their table. We called to hear if another table was available, but they were fully booked at La Petite Maison for saturday evening!

At that point I was considering staying home, but the boys was really looking forward to see us go and to meet the nanny, a 20 year old local girl called Elisa. So we decided to go to Nice anyway, even though I was not well.

Then Linda called me! The NYC gang would not make it for dinner so we could come instead and have their places! Then I just pulled all my energy together, snorted my nose, threw in some painkillers and said let’s GO!

And I do not regret going. The food was amazing and the Love Art Crew was all about giving their guests a good time!

Linda told me that the lady who runs the place is some character. Nicole, a real impulsive woman who loves a little bit of noise in the restaurant.

This evening it was very lively, at one table they were singing opera and the next thing you know is the house band working their way around playing salsa and lambada. The ambience was wonderful, everybody, the whole restaurant, were in a good mood!

We got food from heaven, I think! It was all so tasteful. And the best thing about it all:


So «Constanca», my nick name when we are eating out, got to try all the food. I was so full at the end that I though I might burst, but I didn’t…

As our friends from Love Art and Cap d’Ail went in the Monaco direction, we stood a bit lost wondering weather to go home or not! Than Casper Christensen from Klovn suddenly stood right in front of us!

We got into a funny conversation with them and they asked us to join them for a beer at Wayne’s Bar! Said and done! But that is the Danish Dynamite story

Here are some pictures from the dinner party






Just a quick post here aboute the danish film crew we joined for a drink last night at Waynes Bar in Nice!

They were in a very good mood and we were joking and fooling around speaking danish english.

I had a long conversation about bull shit and zero sense with the comedian with the rug around his sholders! He had a really weired sense of humor, to put it mild! But very funny, though!

The team had been here for more than a month working on a new film! Can’t wait to see that movie! It’s a comedy of course!

We offered to throw a party for them before going home, so we’ll have to see if Casper Christensen holdes us to that offer, hehe;)

Anyway it was a spledid night out!


This must be the art party of the year!

Yesterday we attend the opening of the exhibition Love Art at Hotel Normandy in Cap d’Ail, next to Monaco.

I went, by impulse, into a hair dresser and asked for some curls. Thought I wanted to stash my self up a bit for the art party 🙂

We took the train from Antibes at 18:24 precise… and 50 minutes later we got there. As we never have taken the train to this destination before, we messed up a bit and walked a detour before we finally ended up at the party.

We came a bit too late, so the artists had already presented them selves. Among the artists, and the main reason for us to come, was to see the work of Cathrine Knudsen and Camilla Prytz both very clever girls!

Here Cathrine is showing a scarf with her art print on from her clothing collection for Part Two, Autumn 2012.

She had also exhibited six large images which impressed me and fell to my likings, a lot!

Camilla is striking a pose for me! Her jewlery and glass art is very beautiful made, I think!

Beautiful colors!

We met alot of great people and made some new useful connections.

We also met an old friend from Kristiansand, Jarl, who is doing big business in NYC.

Two good looking guys!

Jarl is into a lot of projects and we had a interesting conversation with him and his colleague, Michael, on the Humanity Pride Productions.

And if you ever plan to go to NYC he can help accommodate you through his NYC Guest Suites concept!

After having a wine taste, delivered by Belle Epoque Wines, we went down to the after party at La Pinede and had a great night.

I’m very exited to see the sculptures that Espen Eiborg is working on. We met him last night, and he told us about his new area in sculpturing fascinating figures in wood. I am a big fan and I love his paint work.

Btw, at the wine tasting we got to try the Rosé wine «Pink Floyd» from Château Miraval, which is Angelina and Brad’s wine yard….it was very good, too!

Finally a big BIG «THANK YOU» to the wonderful, warm welcoming people behind this event Linda Sofie Bern and Jo Ringestad, and of course the owners of Hotel Normandy, Dag and Michelle Ringestad!

You really rock!!


The alarm went of at the usual hour 7. I woke up totally bathing in sweat! I jumped out of bed and woke up Lucas.

Yesterday we decided to do the homework in the morning.

He finishes at 15:30 and 16:10 therefore he is very tired and far from motivated to start on his homework straight away.

So last week when we made our schedule we agreed on homework hour from 18-19. The work last week went pretty well. But yesterday it did not….

It’s quite a high level english they are working at. The home work was to find antonyms and synonyms to words even I found difficult, so imagine Lucas sweating over this, very impatient, with me searching the words and not finding the answers.

Well, patients is a virtue, and non of us had that at 18:30 last night! Lucas went into a rage threw his pencil and rubber away and stormed into his room.

Me, I just started to prepare dinner, to calm my self down, as he was calming down in his room. At dinner he was still a bit upset, but I told him that we do the english in the morning, then we are fresh and ready!

And that’s why I woke Lucas up so early as we don’t leave home until 08:15.

We did the english, and it went almost totally uncomplicated, nothing to write about at least:) Then I took a shower and went in the bedroom to towel dry and suddenly I remember my dream and start to laugh loud!

Lucas comes running into my room and ask what I am laughing about.

OMG! I really had a nightmare, and in my dream it seemed so realistic, serious and terrible. But now wide awake it hit me as hysterical funny.

I was at this party, I think it was my friend Karina’s 40th birthday party, which I with deep regret missed out on. Anyway, I stood talking to a group, and one by one they started to offer me chewing gum.

At first I thought it was nice and I accepted, I mingled around chewing on at least four gums. Then I met an old neighbor from my childhood, Peder Olav, and he also started to offer me chewing gum as we were talking. And I asked him do I have a bad breath? He just nodded and took a step backwards. «Is it really that bad?!», I asked. He said «Yes, you are really ruining the party!!»

WOW, I thought to my self I better get some more gum. But when my moth was so stuffed with gum that I could barely speak and still people and friends turned away I figured my best choice was to get out of there.

I sneaked out and on my way home I heard steps behind me, like coming fast and firm and determined. I stuffed my purse down the pocket in my dress and felt very scared and I was pretty sure he was going to rob me!

I felt him breathing in my neck, and I felt a hand going for my purse, then I turned and breath at him and he just fell down and fainted!

Than I ran the best I could and some friends of mine saw me and asked if I wanted a ride home. I jumped into their car, and once I was in, they started to roll down all their windows and sitting with their heads out, and that’s when the bell rang I think! Thank God!

Pretty funny nightmare when awoke!! When I told Lucas he was also laughing loud!

Have a nice tuesday everyone and remember to brush your teeth, but never stop eating garlic and delicious spices 🙂

GARLIC BOMB, yummi!!!!




Last saturday the big bash at Timenesveien was taking place! The yearly event «WHITEPARTY» at Margret and Heines house and garden. The timing wasen’t too good after 3 days with Odderøya Live, but we are still young…so we just pretended that we were fit for another party!

I must say though, it was a real good party, and we enjoied ourselves a lot!

Here are some of the photos I took:






































Det har vært noen vilt hektiske dager siden onsdag.

Men gøy har det jammen med vært!!!

Her er bilder fra torsdagen!

Vi begynner med litt reker og øl på gjesteområdet!

Her er det flott utsikt over byen….

….. en litt annen effekt, synes de blir veldig kule!

Et uplanlgt bilde, men synes det var litt perspektiv og former så det ble med!

Nydelig bilde av Heine og Margret!

Og her er Svein Erik og meg klare for Jarle Bernhof og Kaizers

Her stå kanonene og speider utover havet!

…og flagget vaier i vinden!

Så må vi komme oss avgårde på konsert! Margret match veggen med buksene

Margret, vi er flinke til å blende inn i omgivelsene, hahahaha

Ned alle trappene vi kom opp…

Et nydelig bilde av Kristiansand på vei inn mot Bendiksbukta!

..Og her treffer vi jo noen kjenninger fra  gårsdagen!!

Pose for me:)))

Og full fart i subway vogna! Her var det til vår begeistring kø hele tiden:))

Folk er på plass og stemningen er god!


Der var skjønne Christine også på plass!

Nok et bilde som ble tatt ved uhell, men lekre legger var det jo, hoho!!

Så var kompis Jarle i gang!!

…og han leverer…

…masse bra musikk og show!

Kult bilde!

…han har med seg masse folk!

….og publikum lar seg begeistre!

Han holder koken!

Noen har med seg ipad…..

…og noen er glade for å se hverandre :))


En deilig sub stagger sulten og gjør oss klare for Kaizers

…og da var denne spillemannen på plass..

….eller skal vi si sprellemannen..?

…han hoppet rund og opp på tønner! Skikkelig fart i denne karen

Kult bilde!!

…dette au!

…til slutt slår han på stortromma…

..og leverer et slagferdig show sammen med  de andre i bandet

Folk digger og liker…

…propper i øret må til!

Og VERTEN passer på!

…så blir det mørkere..

…og mørkere…ser ut som scenen har tatt fyr!!

………der var det jammen med en glad fyr , hehe:)))

…og en dansende glad Karlsdottir!!!


Plutselig regnet det popcorn!!!!

Eller var det en mann som gikk forbi med en hel søppelpose som sprakk når han gikk forbi oss?


Ikke vet jeg….

……… det jeg vet er at det er på tide å komme seg hjem og lade opp til ROXETTE!!!!!!


It has been a very fun weekend!

Music festival Palmesus on thursday, friday and saturday.


Lovley Anne Kirsti and me chatting at «Summerparty» in town square

Margret jumping around, not possible to get a claer shot…

Andreas, a very nice guy! Thank you for the beer, I owe you one:)))

Met my niese Helena on these dangerous stilts..

Then we went to kick ant had lots of fun!

There were some dancers swinging…



40 kebabs later

2,5 kilo potatoes….

Looks good!!


Happy people!! Eirik, Margret, Inger, Patrick, Bella, Christine og Hans Petter

Yuhuuuu!! Hallo!!!

Good party!

Maxi taxi trip to town

…raining cats and dogs….

Good smell in the toilet….NOT!!!

Inger is happy!!

Donkyboy on stage!!

Trying to take a group pichture…sorry Inger..hehe

Just some people having a good time!


Me & Donkyboy

Some nice girls I stood talking to for a while

Some more nice people!

Mr. Palmesus!

High five…!

Bella in action!

Dancing queen!

Hahaha, who is that happy face in the middle…!??