Star, Josh Lucas! And Lukas Reiter as creator….

Cast star, Josh Lucas and as creator Lukas Reiter …. so «Please Lucas Octavian!!!» Hurry up and finish your home work! So mum can crash on the sofa with dad and watch one more episode of «The Firm»

«The firm» is so exiting!

At the same time it is amazing how young students can drag time out….after 10 minutes only preparing to do his  homework he claims he is SOOOO hungry, though we have just eaten dinner only one hour ago!

He ate a turkey fillet, medium size, rice and a big broccoli, topped with a very thick sauce, a portion for a grown up, really!

I could not believe he was hungry again! So I started with saying that he could impossible be hungry…! He told me straight off, in his own words: «Mum, you have to respect my hunger, you don’t know if I am hungry or not.»

I did not even consider to start argue that one! Home work aside, two slices of bread is coming up!

Yea! What next? There is always something, but surprisingly enough he finished his homework with no more time abuse. Almost! The only thing he complained about was a writing ache in his hand when he had only two more sentences left to write.

I showed him an exercise, but he knew a better one, of course….Then he asked if he could have a cup of cacao with cream, I thought it was negotiable so I said, «Finish up and you can have one!» One minute later he finished! A good and an efficient deal, I suppose…..

So now it is time to watch more «The Firm» , season 1!

It is brilliant with a good series on the telly. Especially when it is a dark autumn monday night like to-night.

Now I’m going to snuggle up under a blanked with a large cup of tea and a tiny bit of dark chocolate and just let the firm take over!

Bon soir!