….that makes me rock ‘n roll!

I love rock n’ roll 🙂 This outfit is perfect for a rock chick like me! iNeed a pair of leather pants, it’s a shame they are so expensive. iMust save for a pair like these!

See more about the details HERE



I have given up being fit for the rest of this year. In stead I want to use more energy on finding an outfit….I want to be more conscious about fashion and I find this website very inspiring ! I love the shoes in this picture! They are awesome 

You can find more details about fashiolista and the outfit HERE



I just came flying home after being totally high at my friend Vibeke’s place, the founder of Funkyballerina, an internet shoe and accessories shop, with stock in Kristiansand!

I’m, as you understand, high on heels!!!

Vibeke is the most adorable girl. She is so friendly and accommodating! And did I mention sweet?! …as sugar! And her taste for fashion can be rock on, sweet as candy, but also the in-between!

I like her style! She has something for everyones likings I believe!

And I just love to come visit her, here at stock, or on her page.

The atmosphere is totally relaxed and there are lucky shoes all over the place, not in any way messy, they are neat displayed on their shoebox on the floor! And I have already spotted mine…..

Shoes are just waiting to get picked out and tried on!

I spotted mine immediately!!!

And there was a perfect fit on my foot…and the shoe did not want to come off, at all!! Very comfy shoe, with a soft sole, a suitable heel and just the color I wanted! Thank you very much!

Then I needed to see the new stuff!

This is a beautiful shoe for autumn from Hoss Intropia

This is a comfy shoe from Debbie

And this sparkling shoe from god knows where…is party on foot…!!

…look at these, new arrivals as the sparkle above, didn’t find them on the web side yet…

…but they sure will be on there in short time! Her product photographer, just swung by as I was going silently bananas in here!

Look at this!

Super trendy black clutch with room for just what you need on the go;

cell, cards and gloss!!

Here in another color to match another pair of shoes, of course. These are from the new collection.

I have one grey and one black from spring collection! And I am super happy with them!

OH! Here they are, the different clutches! You just gotta have one!

You know what? These bracelets are a perfect match on your wrist carrying one of the clutches! SO NICE!

And look at this! For the season we are up against, the real fall, this is just a super good investment! The Cashmere Scarf! Just wrap it around like this and you stay warm!

I just love these scarfs I have them in beige and black! And I want to have brown and grey as well, you know….to match the shoes, clutches and bracelets!!!

Here is a whole bunch of other scarfs

plenty of scarfs in different styles and color!

The scull is always in fashion – dead cool….so to speak!

What about this?!! If you want to be a real rock chick this season, you just gotta have one of these! OMG! I know I am having one Sooo SOOOOO dead coooool!!!!

It’s kind of a weapon as well, right?…. like a «kinder egg+» it gives you more than four things:  a purse, rings, weapon and style! Can’t be wrong!! Just buy the scull purse now!

Put on these Stylesnob ankle boots and you totally rock! And the best of all Stylesnob – Floretta Pris NOK 2099 SALG 1049.5 are on sale right now!

And so are these Maggie Wonka 8308 – Blå Pris NOK 1599 SALG 799.5  I have these, and I have had so many nice comments about how cool they look…. and people ask me where I got them from. Well it is from this shop, I get most of my funky stuff  🙂

As a funkyballerina fan i must have ballerina shoes! All summer I have been trudging around on this pair of gray Debbie 9011 – Ballerina, grå  Pris NOK 999

But as fall is up on us I think  Spring Court – B2 Eyestay striped Pris NOK 899 will be a good choice for a comfy all around shoe to jump into when the leaves are falling of the trees!

If you don’t have a pair yet get one! Maggie Wonka – 5511 Pris NOK 1399  they are a fixing on the foot if it is possible to say that..!! They have a built in plateau which the foot rests so comfortable on! A high heel shoe you can walk for miles…..

Well, I have now shared my happy shoe and accessories trip with you!

If you liked anything of what I have shown you, press the blue link it should take you directly to the item or go to the web shop and see what else there is in store!


If you like to come visit your self, or come visit with friends or even have a shoe shopping party down town in Kristiansand, call Vibeke, she has told me that you are more than welcome!

So why not book an evening with the girls and dive into shoes paradise ++ !