Armor of amore


As you might have noticed I live and breath SchimJolie Silk. They are my heart and soul. I have designed them and I love them so much.

Today I was invited by my own gentle and so all the way generous man to come join him for dinner in town.

And of course I had to dress up and bring some beautiful scarves along to the restaurant to show them off.

Being a busy Fashion Farmer at Strai and Silkebekk Gård I have to use every occasion I get….

….so I «kissed» my Silk Chickens goodbye and off we drove in our dear beloved Land Rover Defender, Schimbo.

Here you see the beautiful scarf palette and their names with links:

«D e f e n d e r»   «O n e L i n e T w o H e a r t s I n f i n i t y L o v e»

«L t d   # a r t s c a r f  BigBenGreatMan»   «S c h i m J o l i e S i l k» 

Scarf armor of amore

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Old McDonald Had a Farm…

Farmer Family


Yesterday I went to see a friend of mine called Netta! She has moved to a big farm at a place called Grødum!

She wanted some photos of her 3 children and all the animals: two horses, six dogs, one pig and at least one cat…

Well, we gave it a shot, and I tell you it was lots of fun, but very difficult to get a picture where everybody looked normal…but here is a few to illustrate the chaos! We had a good laugh, though 🙂


It has been, funny, good and interesting days!  Let me just start with Nancy, she is unbeatable, she is a comedian, big time! She makes me laugh so hard that, the other night, one of my blood veins in the eye exploded! And I was close to wet my pants as well! I don’t know, it is just her face and expressions and the way she talks and use her body language that I at times find hysterical funny.

We have eaten a lot of good food, we have seen different parts of the city.

I would like to see more, Barcelona is big, and four days with six friends did not cover my explorer needs. During these days I have all ready decided I will be back!

On friday when I arrived, I went to Carpe Diem Lounge Club, CDLC, down by the beach. I ordered a glass of Chablis and sushi!

I sat there enjoying the view, waiting for the others to arrive. I was really looking forward to see the crazy FFF girls!

I met up with the girls at the hotel and later we went to Moo restaurant. We ate a 10 course meal with a wine pack. It was a blast and a kick start to the 40 years celebration trip!

Nina hardly liked any of the dishes, poor girl! She even gaged at one point 🙂

It was very dark in the restaurant so the photos did not come out too good, as I don’t like to use flash…

Saturday we spent exploring Gaudi architecture! We went to see Mi Casa

Gaudí was hit by a tram and died in 1926…..I know now…

Then we strolled down to Sagrada Família,

the famous church they have built for ages and for sure never will finish! It is now a tourist machine and the queue was so long that we did not even consider going inside!

We met at lunch at:

Mette also made us laugh hard when she during lunch at Xaloc tapas bar said FFF means:  Forty, Fat and Finished.

Nancy and Mette had bought a surprise present for the rest of us. That made us feel Forty, Fantastic, Fabulous and Far From Finished.

Later after lunch at Xaloc, we had a closer  look around the Gothic area.  I found it very pleasent with many nice shops in small narrow streets.

We made dinner only 15 minutes late at restaurant Los Caracoles in the Raval district! Another tourist machine, but very good ambience. The food was nothing to talk about. What is to talk about was the three musical musketeers of the house! They played and sang to us, and we sang along on the spanish hits we knew  like » Bailare, åå, cantare, å-å-å-å» We made lots of fun and the other guest seemed to enjoy our good mood as well!

My mobile had a flat battery, so no pictuers…..but this…

…as we entered the restaurant we had to pass by the kitchen!

In this part of Barcelona, we were not only warned ones, but three or four times to hold on to our bags and never leave it unattended! I held so hard on to my bag. I was ready to kick in some balls anytime. Luckily I never got to do it!

Sunday we bought tickets for the tourist bus.

We hopped on the blue line, which took us up to Güell Park. Like the rest of Barcelona, Gaudi had been here and  put  his architectural signatures to the park!

There were some music men in the park as well. Entertaining visitors like us! We bought their CD as they were quite good and made us smile!

For dinner sunday we went down by the sea, at Agua, that means water! We had the best cosmopolitan, ever! Cheers girlies, it was fun! Good food, good wine, wonderful view and Five Fabulous Friends!  I felt blessed!

Flamenco! We can not be in Spain and miss out on a Flamenco show! Therefore we lined up and got into a Flamenco performance.

Flamenco is a passionate latin form of dancing, playing music and singing, while telling a very dramatic love story! I did not understand too much of the words, but with a little imagination I think I got the point and the story!

After we took a taxi to Strass Bar. It turned out to be shot down four years ago, haha! We had a drink at the new bar and then we headed home!

I can really recommend Barcelona! The city has good atmosphere and a good ambience!

Go to Barcelona!

From Kr.sand Flynonstop will take you there easily!

Here is a gallery with a lot more pictures 🙂

It’s good to travel, but it is even more good to come back home after a travel!


Champagne and Candy, like hand in the glow…;)

To morrow I think I will fly to Barcelona!

OH-NO. I have already booked a flight for Barcelona…To morrow I will meet up with some norwegian friends of mine.

I can’t wait!

My flight is at 11:50. From Nice it only takes one hour to get to Barcelona. And what more is great, I only paid 100 EURO for the ticket!!! Then there is more left so I can enjoy more good food and drink very good wine!!!


I will take lots of pictures!!

Anyone have any places to recommend???

We have booked table at Xaloc for lunch on saturday. Tapas heaven I’ve heard. Anyways gotta go and pack!

❤ ❤ BESOS ❤ ❤


Nothing beats good magazines, though! I’m all about interior these days, I wonder why?!

Everyday I am exploring the internet. Hungry to learn more. At times I find it all very confusing and incomprehensible, but yet so interesting! All the social medias and things you can join to build and share your brand, profile, work, fashion, interests, etc it is really going somewhere!

I have been on Facebook since 2007, then I signed up for Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Skype, Spotify, WordPress, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr,  etc….(not necessarily in that order) If you like to check out my profiles my username is most of the time ihimberg.

I think Facebook is Great. It is a simple way of keeping contact with family, friends and acquaintance. And to have a freaquent update on what they do. It has a nice and easy design. It is simple to share and use for everyone.

So this is a media I know well. But some how, for the past weeks I have started to find FB a bit narrow and «intern», not in a bad way, and by far not boring. I love FB and it’s functions for socializing! It just occurred to me as a stagnated place. That made me want to find out more about the other existing options and possibilities !

I have been on twitter for a long time, but I have never understood the concept properly! But as I am exploring I really see that Twitter is a good platform to catch up on what’s going on it the «big world» and an excellent way of following people you find inspiring and interesting out there! No wonder all the celebreties are there. But it is great!

I follow Nigella, Jamie Oliver, Hells Kitchen, Gordon Ramsey, Mette-Marit, Coldplay, Pink, Harald Rex (kongen din) Victoria Beckham, SAS, etc

For about two month ago I signed up at Instagram. And I have come to love Instagram. I love the way you can follow people visually, and discover beautiful pictures from all over the world with the one and only device, my  precious multimedia gadget, I’m talking about my iphone! It is a thrill!

Slowly I’m starting to understand # hash tags # and the value it has, but I guess I still have a long way to go!

I love technologies and where it has brought us to-day. Everyone is closer even though we live far away from each other!

This is how the modern world works. Obviously I am a very curious, open-minded and international person. So to be ignorant to all these new medias and not try to understand them, does not make any sence to me. But I accept that it is not for everyone 🙂

Inside I have a lot of creativity and I guess this part of me is always looking for inspiration and a way to get out – did I mention Pintrest, haha of course I’m there too!

To day I manage to creat an own twitter account for Things for sure takes time! But by being patient I think my knowledge to these medias will pay off some day!

There are so many possibilities and ways of using these fabulous technologies. I wish I had more time to explore and navigate in this jungle!!!! I find it all so incredible interesting. But I can not avoid the fact how totally time-consuming it is!

When, I like now, feel I should really be out, doing some activities instead of sitting here in front of the computer, working on my knowledge; on how to use and how to get around this mess! He he . . .

But then again I don’t see it as a waste of time either. I know I will need all the information I can get on how this works and how it all connects.

I have a plan and I want to use the medias constructively! I need all the expertise I can get on the issue!

A couple of days ago I signed up at fashiolista, as well! Very inspiring!

If it makes you happy keep doing it, if it don’t do something else!!

Have a good night!