My day – Mayday?

Long time no blogging..I lost my blog to spam comments, but now I’m trying to fix it and this is a test…but I can fill the test with content incase it works!

This is my day to day:

I let the picture speak for its self..or not?

First workout at Progressive with Magnus Franzen. I lifted 80 kg…in Ltd SchimJolie Silk Scarf «Blue Hour» (the picture shows only 70kg)

I went home and had a quick style up, I put on «Pink Purses», before heading over to Tangen Media and Communication to shoot a new video toturial for SchimJolie showing «Love Is All Around» as a skirt.



Dear blog!

I have not been able to write and post pictures as my life is a bit complicated and busy at the moment. And we have had great time with family visiting us in Antibes.

Catharina flew in from London first and stayed four days. All rainy and cold. She left and a few days later Tomas flew in from Norway. He spent 10 days in the easter with us.

Beef Lover Tomas
Tomas having a XXL beef at Golden Beef in Antibes:)
Catta and me in Cannes! Drowned cats…..due to wet weather!!

In france they don’t have easter holiday like us Norwegians. During easter Lucas class went on a skiing trip for 12 days to Auron.

Auron Chair Lifts

For you who don’t know, Lucas is now in french school. Very exiting and challenging. He is learning a third language now, and coping! 12 days only speaking french worked wonders for his french language learning curve:)

Anyway we were allowed to come and visit him on sunday, easter morning, so we drove up with Tomas to spend the day with Lucas.

Lucas and Tomas reunion in Auron!

SES&IWe drove the curvy road home when visiting hours were over at 16:15. And coming home Helena had arrived from London to spend 8 days with us.

Helena and me having lunch at Baoli Beach in Cannes

Then they left one by one and only a few days later we are back home in Norway, due to Lucas «Spring Break» from the french school!

Well it is a busy life, but it is so much joy to be able to spend it living, traveling, learning, evolving, absorbing, reflecting and all in all developing and getting new experiences!

But don’t misunderstand me! Making decisions like we have, don’t come easy! And it is for sure not for everyone!

For now I just want to enjoy my stay in Norway!

Seems like the bad weather has cursed us. On the Riviera, it has not been a worse spring in 40 years, rain, rain, rain!! So don’t mention the weather, please! It is sunny and 18 degrees there now. And look what we brought with us home! Haha, be glad we are soon off again and hopefully we lose it over germany or something, haha!!!

I guess it has nothing to do with us, but it is a coincidence, though 🙂 And by the way I actually like misty weather!

Here are som of my photo catch from my hometown Kristiansand, and one of the most popular places to go swimming and sun bathing in the summer, Bertes:

And now it is May 2 I wrote this post a while ago, but I never got to post it due to among other things crappy INTERNET connection :-/……. Anyway… what can I say…Time Flies for sure! See more updated photos and adventures on




Yesterday we took a day trip to Auron! Auron is a ski resort in the French alps with over 135 km of ski runs at an elevation of 1600 to 2450 m.


Sunset at 2450 m above sea
Sunset at 2450 m above sea

We picked up our friends Christian and his daugther Carmen at 09:00. We drove 100 km, on very curvy roads. Including two puking stops we used 2 hours…..

Up in the fresh air we bought ourselves day passes and got into one of the gondolas taking us up to one of the tops! From there we skied down a little bit. Found a chair lift which took us very high! 2450 m above the sea! That was fantastic! The view from up there was amazing!

Lucas had a bad ski accident last year in the winter holiday at Isola 2000. He broke his leg, a spiral fracture, and had some terrible months after that incidence. With a plastered leg, a lot of pain, not able to play or be with his friends, constipation, humping around on crutches we wondered if he would ever ski again!

Yesterday he did. How brave of him! He was very careful and did not go fast, so he stayed with me, he,he.( I’m so slow on my snowboard these days…) He had some difficulties with his fear, but he did good, and in time he will ski like he did!

The French school he is attending now are arranging a 10 days ski course for his class up in Auron during the easter holiday. How cool is that?!

Here are som pictures from Auron. My mobile had a flat battery, so I only got these few photos to share…;-)

Lucas in his skiing outfit! I had forgotten that we had to cut his skipants off last year so he is übertrendy in jeans
Lucas in his skiing outfit! I had forgotten that we had to cut his ski pants off last year so he is über trendy in jeans yesterday…

Chair lifts




«If you want to change, you have to be willing to be uncomfortable»

-I’m starting work out TO DAY……

I find it rather hard, I must admit! But in order do get rid of exccess fat I have no choice, really! So sneakers and running gear, you are about to get used again. It’s funny though, how the shoes still fit, but not the top…well it’s fact of life, when the body is not being used it stores all the energy in its temple…..and I want to eat good food, so no choice, really!

The road is calling – LET’S HIT IT, HIMBERG!





I really want to try these SUP boards, but so far I have only got to check out prices and where they sell them!

There is a store next to Nice airport so when we picked up Tomas last week we parked, totally illegeal, like everybody do here outside the shop and ran in to enquire!

Didn’t get a board….but on final sale I spotted cool t-shirt I thougt would fit Tomas, so I bought it!

Gave it to Tomas, but they had forgotten to take the alarm off…

To day our chinese friend Leeka is coming, so when we pick her up at the airport I will go and sort out the t-shirt!

Otherwise it’s good weather for all sorts of sport here! Every day for the past week we have been out jogging. This week we are going to join Antibes tennis club!

Bought new rackerts on friday,

and got to play on saturday!

Now we are going for a run arond Fort Carre! A lovely place to run with a marvelous view on the sea side




Lucas and a class mate were carrying a big heavy box with things for the gym when suddenly Lucas lost his grip and the box fell right on his big toe. And then another class mate managed to fall on top of the box and Lucas poor toe…..

It was painful, so painful that we had to come and pick him up and take him to x-ray.

As we drove to pick him up a terrible rainstorm came over us and the sky just opened! The water came flooding down the hill we were driving up!

We should not have been driving with water coming down like this, but our only concern was Lucas…

And of course the tank was nearly empty, so we had to fuel up at a gas station. A lady pointed at our license plate and that’s when we realized it had fallen off….ok, so luckily we had to fule up…!

We made it to the school! Driving down to the hospital the weather was like this:

Happy ending!

After 2,5 hours at the emergency the doctor told us that the toe was heavy beaten, but not broken!!

So lucky Lucas, though accident stroke, he came from it with minor harm!! God bless!!

No soccer practice for a week…but he had a lot of practice on saturday. He joined his team on a football cup the whole day from 08:45 until 16:00




…is Lucas Scheie’s big idol! That is what he told his new french football trainer to day at his first session with his new french team!

Team Fontonne Antibes

On saturday there was not only a big fashion show in Antibes, it was also the day where all the sports clubs and organizations in the area gathered at the big sports arena to invite and tell new members about all the facilities the place has to offer!

Antibes Sports Arena and saturdays action

I got brochures for squash, zumba, tennis and volleyball. Svein Erik got one for sailing. Then we went over in the far end where the football club had a stand. We managed to find out that practice was on wednesday at 13:45

The french schools have wednesday off, and they never have homework for thursday. That is because wednesday is the big sport and practice day. In stead of school, it’s the children’s  working on their talent kind of day.

Anyway, the international school is not off, but they finish at 13:10 and they don’t have homework. So we were just in time to get to La Fontonne where the french boys plays football.

We came, a bit lost as you are when you are new, but that was «pat de problem», they welcomed us as we should be long time friends and guided us over to Lucas year 2003 team.

Parents were not allowed on the field, so Lucas had to manage the whole introduction by him self. And the french don’t speak english if they can help it, and the trainer was no exception.

He regarded Lucas in french, and when he understood that Lucas did not understand too much of what he said, he just found a translater among the other players, and they were sorted!

Team Fontonne Antibes

What a welcome! I was just in awe, and told Svein Erik time over how great this must be for Lucas!

And as practice began he just blended in with the other boys and David, the coach, encouraged Lucas in french, and made him feel absolutely secure and safe. The way of training also looked very educational, interesting and fun!

Run and breath…five stations with different exercises and a short breathing break….
Breath some more. And as you can see we had to stay behind these fences:)

Lucas was way over his head happy afterwards and wanted to join immediately. What a relief! Because he was, as expected, a bit critical to the language challenges, but he soon enough understood that football is a united language!!!

On saturday all ready he will be playing a match with his new team.