Out of pure curiosity, and because I by chance remembered this wedding event taking place in Mandelieu, I decided to persuade my boys to come with me and take a look.

My curiosity clearly have connection with my over 12 years in the wedding industrial business as a wedding photographer.

«Salon du Mariage»used the whole congress center of Mandelieu, and turned out to be a very big happening!

I think photographers were the most represented exhibitors. There were like ten stands with photographers and movie makers. Interesting to see how they do it here. And also to compare the price level and the quality.

My conclusion must be that weddings in France are big business. I had like a ton of brochures when I finished my tour in the «Salon du Mariage» and sat down with Svein Erik and Lucas for a coffee one hour later!

Here are some photos to give you an impression and maybe inspire you if you are planning a wedding 🙂