Cobra in my Core

As long as I can remember cars have been a fascination of mine.  Not any odd car,  but the old precious valuable vintage cars. The cars with elegance and style, with curves and lines, the cars with a story the cars before mass production and modern galore.

And look what I came across today, via Bloomberg LP , my dream car of all times the 1963 Shelby 289 Cobra.

Cobra in my Heart…Cobra in my Core…

It’s funny how just the picture makes my eyes sore, and how I sit here longing for more….maybe one day! Dreams are free and I’m using my right to dream on.

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Ingrid Himberg

Designinglife is a blogg about how I make the most out of my life by beeing open minded and creative. I love to design my own things. I love my camera. Photography, design and real estate developement is what I am into work wise. I love to see things from different angles, both visually and practically! I also love travelling, discover new places, eating good food and drinking good wine. I write about my experience regarding places I have visited, things I do and some of my thoughts about things I think about... I like to take care of my self as well, and I try to look good. I work out, I take care of my skin and I like to eat healthy and to cook!! I always try to spice up my blog with interesting pichtures, I think...

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