I Have a Weight Problem

  Most people need to watch their weight so they don’t get too fat and get health issues. I’m no exception. I try to do a little bit of excercise, I’m aware of what kind of food I eat and I try to avoid sugar drinks. But the exercise part is the most difficult to do. I like to exercise, but my problem is to prioritize it and get it done. I always have some excuses for not doing it. It’s too cold, it is snow and ice in the light slope, I have too much work to be done, it’s to late, too early, too dark. But now my shoulders and neck are very upset and they need strengthening so I figured I should do something about it.

I brought up my one of my manuals and a kettle bell from the cold, humid and dark garage into our tiny, but warm bath room. You don’t rely need much space for lifting a hand held 5kg manual up and down, but you need easy access. And you need them to stare at you in the morning. The 16kg kettle bell I would only use to help stretch my neck. By holding it in one hand and just let it dangle down while putting my head to the opposite side.

Now I have no excuse and I have kept it up every day for a week. I already feel better in my neck. I guess my arms has not yet transformed into the lean and muscular image I’m working on, but if I keep it up, I might get there. It’s all a question of power, passion, persistence and patience.

I hope to loose a little bit of weight too, but not like I did today.

This morning, when I reached for my tools from under the bathrooms dresser, they were gone. They were not there anymore. Hm..

So here comes my weight problem. 

The weights had been removed and taken from me on the basis that the bathroom was too small to be lifting these heavy weights in. This was equipment meant for garage use. I could by accident smash up the entire bathroom,  I had to remember there is a lot of glass in this bathroom and the paint from the kettle bell had contaminated the industrial concrete floor leaving black stripes where I had pushed the bell under the dresser. I also had to remember that there were heating in this floor and  that the cables could eventually get affected too if I continued this kind of behavior. Also there had been a loud sound shaking the house as I dropped the kettle bell carelessly on the floor!!!

Well, I did not really know what to say. Felt like 8…..

So obviously now I have a serious weight problem. I have lost some weight, but it’s not the same as loosing weight. 

I decided to not pick a fight, I washed the floor free from black paint thinking wether I should bring back my weights or wait?

What is right?

Maybe we need to ask Silky8?

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