…WELL! Where do you start to cut the leek?

…to day I just started in both ways…

I also found these three cheeky bastards in the freezer and thougth what the heck let’s eat’em..

…so I fried them for a while. Then I had them on top of my salad accompained by pesto, sundries tomatoes, oliveoil and balsamico, everything from O&Co, of course. I also had some Salsa de Habanero over the Creme Fraice to spice up the party!!

…finally a lovely lunch 🙂


So far so good I guess!

To day I have spendt the whole morning and afternoon now, getting my head into this wordpress shit 🙂

But as it happends I’m getting the hang of it,  and I think I’m ready to write my first blog post on this, to me new media, called wordpress!

So what’s on my mind to day is acctually my longing for  FRANCE, Provence and The French Riviera and I will illustrate it in pichtures:

This was captured on our «Tour the Provence» in 2009


Gordes, in the Luberon is  one of the most beautiful small villages in France. Where parts of the film » A good year» with Russel Crow has been recorded
Moustiers-Ste-Marie is a lovely village, in a gorgeous setting!
Cassis was a very ancient fishing port and is an interesting village to visit
Cassis is still a small fishing port
Say no more! What a fun place to be!!


Place du Petit Puy, and the staircase of the 10-11th-century «Notre Dame du Puy cathedral» Inside the cathedral are three paintings by Rubens.
The old town («vieille ville») is large, old, and extremely interesting.
ANTIBES, my favorite place in france!!

Antibes: The natural beauty remains in the vieille ville (old town), with the ramparts along the sea and the long, arched protective wall along the port. There are plenty of little streets for exploring, restaurants of all types and prices, and lots of shops!