Ltd #artscarf  "One In a Million" is about how unique and precious each and every one of us are!
Sneak Peek! Ltd #artscarf «One In a Million» is about how unique and precious each and every one of us are in our own special ways!

Amazing things continue to happen in the «Silk Cocoon» (read Le Petit Country Shop). And I’m going to tell you one of the stories.

Last month I was contacted by a woman, I did not know her at all, but she had seen my beautiful Ltd #artscarf collection on the web and she wondered if it was possible to see them «live»? I told her to come at Le Petit Country Shop on Sunday and she agreed, but told me to give a hint if there was any chance to come by earlier.

And as it happened I had an appointment for thursday, to help two other ladies to pick their silk scarf, so I told her to come at 18:00, if she could.

I tell you, she was so happy about it, and five to six she arrived in the Country Shop at Strai. She entered the «cocoon», stopped half way in and just gazed. She was totally amazed by the atmosphere and all the silky babies hanging around smiling and flirting with us.

 «Oh my god! They are gorgeous», she cried with a low voice filled with enthusiasm.

«How much are they?» 

I knew she must have seen the price on the SchimJolie website, but I told her!

Holding her hands to her face, smiling with sparkling eyes, she said clear and firm:

«I’ll take two! And..», she continued with an even bigger smile pointing at the lovely «Different Rose» No.1/250 «…I’ll also have one of your gorgeous #artpillows!!!!» 

I just can’t describe how happy I was to meet with this passionate person who understood the art and the silk and the concept Ltd #artscarf by SchimJolie

This one of a kind woman, she really made me feel like I’m doing something right.

She was an angel sent.

Because at times it is hard to keep up the phase and make everything work all by yourself. Sometimes the doubt comes sneaking and you wonder if you are just making a fool of your self…

But she made it all soooo worth while.

She gave me the strength to carry on!

 We selected two scarves, and as we did, she winked at me and said:

 «These are just the two first ones, I’ll be back for more.» 

I’m crying of happiness as I’m retelling this story, because it is so important and it means the world to me to get this kind of credit after all the hard work and effort put in.

Though I have a saying that keeps me going because it is true..

«If it means it doesn’t mean anything to anyone else in the world but me – that’s enough! Have faith and believe in your self!» -Ingrid Himberg

…doesn’t change the fact of the good feeling when what I create means something to others, too!

And when it is appreciated with genuine words, a body language not to be mistaken, I’m filled with pure plain wonderful complete happiness!

This absolutely stunning, beautiful woman also described to me, with passion, how she would lay them out over her sofa when she came home, and how she would pour a glass of red wine and just enjoy admiring them. I can’t tell you how home she had come.

I have the exact same feelings about the silk scarves, every single one of them, means so much to me! And the feeling just keeps growing as I work with them. Working with their pictuers, telling their story.

I never get tired of putting them on, ironing them up, packing them down, with love, to go to new homes. It’s an amazing experience. And meeting up with a silkysoulmate like her, just made my day, week, month, year!

As she left with the scarves, she whispered to me with a happy voice «I’m so filled with joy and I’m over excited about these scarves, right now I have heart beats!»

I told her I know the feeling!


Have a wonderful day, and remember to embrace life with gratitude and grace….preferably in a SchimJolie #artscarf design made out of 100% passion for life, travel, honest photography, true love, all transferred on to high quality 16mm Satin Silk!

See Me – Sea Gap

Ltd #artscarf "Sea Gap" is about how the possibilities in life lays wide open for those who dare and believe.
Ltd #artscarf «Sea Gap» is about how the possibilities in life lays wide open for those who dare and believe!

On my way to buy a hotdog at Snadderkiosken in Ltd #artscarf «Sea Gap» by SchimJolie 😀



Winter Wrap

Ltd #artscarf  Winter
Longtime no blogging, but today I just needed to get this scarfstyle OUT of my head ON to my head….:)
This Ltd #artscarf WINTER by SchimJolie as a fashionable turban!
I’m sure this will be the coolest style WS14, don’t you?
If you want to se more styles and price Get it here
And remember you do not get more fun or joy than you make yourself! That is what this artscarf from SchimJolie is all about! You need to trust yourself and do the things that makes you happy and not depend on others to do it! Doesn’t work that way, sorry!
Happy friday everyone!


Dandelions skirtHello Everybody!

Today I will tell you a bit about my new project! As you probably have noticed I’m promoting something called SchimJolie!

I do know that I’m posting a lot on Facebook, but I find it necessary. I try to post different things and to renew and variate the posts. But if you think it’s too much and not of your interest, there is a button to hide status updates from persons you don’t want updates from…just saying!

To all the others thank you for following and supporting us 🙂

SchimJolie is a new Brand and LifeStyle Concept. SchimJolie is a combination of two intelligent and creative and  brains, Scheie/Himberg = Schim…. (the love of my life and me), and Jolie is just beautiful in French 🙂

«When you do the common things in life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world.» -George Washington 

And that is exactly what SchimJolie is about to do! Nothing is new in our concept, printing on silk is way old, and wearing just a piece of garment is even older, I mean that’s what they did in the early age and still do in some parts of the world!

But to combine my photography from different destination in the world, not edited, all with a title and number, printed on one piece of 100% highest quality silk in limited editions, with fashion and all the multiply, adjustable styles you can get out of it, produced in England, seems to be something new!

We have attended two big fashion fairs, one in London and one in Copenhagen. Both places we got so much attention and credit for our new concept, the visitors loved the innovation and the creativity!

So here I am in front of my «silkybabies» as I like to call them, at SchimJolie’s Head Quarters, wrapped up in Ltd #artscarf «Dandelions» as a skirt, fitted just under my knees!

Because of SchimJolie – I am as happy as I can be!

In the back ground from left is:

«Yellow Summertime» as a nice evening gown  – «Standing Tall» as a smart dinner dress – «Dandelions» as s cape – «Pink Purses» as a scarf and «Duomo di Milano» as a skirt!

See more photos and styles at

And if you want more information just contact me on Facebook, Ingrid Himberg or by email – or here on my blog



How fun it is to have all this positive feedback of my art work! It encourages me to promote them more! Thank you for all the nice comments and e-mails!

Take another look at my pieces of art, here are some ideas:

You can decorate the walls in your home, your office, your reception, your restaurant, your café, your store, your hotel, your business etc! 

Or give the perfect present to family, friends, employees, colleague, old, young…..

Buy my travel art and get «unique decoration and a piece of destination!»
Collage1 Collage3 Collage4 Collage5 Collage6 Collage7 Collage8 Collage9 PASPATOUT

Contact me at if you want to order or have any questions 🙂






There is a double meaning of ART IN THE TOWER!

On an assignment from Kristiansand Kommune, Arthur, also called Art, have been inside the fire tower in Kristiansand. He has made a photo documentation from the inside of the tower in order to give an impression of the walls and it’s potential for art decoration.

The reason?!! An ART competition is launched!

Art thougth it was a challange to take good photos inside the tower, but I think he did a very good job! See more photos HERE

1 mill NOK is the budget set off to decorate the inside of this tower! See more information HERE  if you have some good ideas and want to take part share your art!

(Thank you Mille for sharing your Art, haha!!)



Just before the rain started to hammer down we had a nice visit to Cotignac and Correns. Cotignac is a little cosy village in the inland of provence. We used 1 hour and 15 minutes  from Antibes to get there.

We thought we’d better check it out! Becourse our friend Sissa, running «Provence Reiser», have her food and wine courses and the painting and art classes here in these, as it turns out, beautiful surroundings.

After walking the streets and shooting some pictures we had a pizza. Then we decided to drive through Correns as well. This is the next village and the place where Angelina and Brad has bought a Château with a wine yard called Miraval. Here «they» produce a rosé named «Pink Floyd»

Did not find the Château and did not see the americans. But it seemed to be a nice place…As it happend we were in a bit of a hurry to meet our friends, Anette and Christian down in St. Rapaël. So we rushed off!

Here is the photo catch of the day 🙂



After the wonderful evening on thursday I woke up friday morning with a sore troth. And during the day I had to admit that I had caught a cold of some sort. Because my nose was totally blocked followed by the typical fever and a heavy head!

On saturday the cold had really caught me and I was thinking of not going to the dinner party we had prepared for later that evening. All was arranged with the children. A nanny would come and look after the boys.

I was a bit late to sign up for the dinner so when I contacted Linda she said it was full at their table. We called to hear if another table was available, but they were fully booked at La Petite Maison for saturday evening!

At that point I was considering staying home, but the boys was really looking forward to see us go and to meet the nanny, a 20 year old local girl called Elisa. So we decided to go to Nice anyway, even though I was not well.

Then Linda called me! The NYC gang would not make it for dinner so we could come instead and have their places! Then I just pulled all my energy together, snorted my nose, threw in some painkillers and said let’s GO!

And I do not regret going. The food was amazing and the Love Art Crew was all about giving their guests a good time!

Linda told me that the lady who runs the place is some character. Nicole, a real impulsive woman who loves a little bit of noise in the restaurant.

This evening it was very lively, at one table they were singing opera and the next thing you know is the house band working their way around playing salsa and lambada. The ambience was wonderful, everybody, the whole restaurant, were in a good mood!

We got food from heaven, I think! It was all so tasteful. And the best thing about it all:


So «Constanca», my nick name when we are eating out, got to try all the food. I was so full at the end that I though I might burst, but I didn’t…

As our friends from Love Art and Cap d’Ail went in the Monaco direction, we stood a bit lost wondering weather to go home or not! Than Casper Christensen from Klovn suddenly stood right in front of us!

We got into a funny conversation with them and they asked us to join them for a beer at Wayne’s Bar! Said and done! But that is the Danish Dynamite story

Here are some pictures from the dinner party



This must be the art party of the year!

Yesterday we attend the opening of the exhibition Love Art at Hotel Normandy in Cap d’Ail, next to Monaco.

I went, by impulse, into a hair dresser and asked for some curls. Thought I wanted to stash my self up a bit for the art party 🙂

We took the train from Antibes at 18:24 precise… and 50 minutes later we got there. As we never have taken the train to this destination before, we messed up a bit and walked a detour before we finally ended up at the party.

We came a bit too late, so the artists had already presented them selves. Among the artists, and the main reason for us to come, was to see the work of Cathrine Knudsen and Camilla Prytz both very clever girls!

Here Cathrine is showing a scarf with her art print on from her clothing collection for Part Two, Autumn 2012.

She had also exhibited six large images which impressed me and fell to my likings, a lot!

Camilla is striking a pose for me! Her jewlery and glass art is very beautiful made, I think!

Beautiful colors!

We met alot of great people and made some new useful connections.

We also met an old friend from Kristiansand, Jarl, who is doing big business in NYC.

Two good looking guys!

Jarl is into a lot of projects and we had a interesting conversation with him and his colleague, Michael, on the Humanity Pride Productions.

And if you ever plan to go to NYC he can help accommodate you through his NYC Guest Suites concept!

After having a wine taste, delivered by Belle Epoque Wines, we went down to the after party at La Pinede and had a great night.

I’m very exited to see the sculptures that Espen Eiborg is working on. We met him last night, and he told us about his new area in sculpturing fascinating figures in wood. I am a big fan and I love his paint work.

Btw, at the wine tasting we got to try the Rosé wine «Pink Floyd» from Château Miraval, which is Angelina and Brad’s wine yard….it was very good, too!

Finally a big BIG «THANK YOU» to the wonderful, warm welcoming people behind this event Linda Sofie Bern and Jo Ringestad, and of course the owners of Hotel Normandy, Dag and Michelle Ringestad!

You really rock!!


My mobile camera was burning hot as we left Mougins after a very pleasant lunch the other day.

Oups! I didn’t see the «no photo» sign until now….But I guess it is if you only shoot the art! I’m making a documentary here! Must bee all right!


Since saturday we have been like nomades traveling around…Before we decides to move to south of France we rented our apartment out for a week in september.We could have canceled them, but at the moment we thought it would be all right taking a week somewhere else and discover new places for instance…and we sure did!

Having known this for such a long time we could have booked way back in advanced, but, hey, did we…? No, two days before we booked at a cheap family resort in Cannes La Bocca. I mean the price should have alarmed us, but sometimes money talks and you get blinded by how much you can save and you compromises with quality. Not a good idea in most cases.

We arrived at Pierre & Vacances Beach Resort Cannes in La Bocca. At first it seemed all right, the reception was pretty nice. We checked in and took all our luggage to our room. And talking about luggage, how much do you need for a week when the plan is to lay by the pool or at the beach to relax….

We had a full car, me I had like one big bag, two medium, and one small bag  with stuff I most likely never will use during this week, plus my 27″ Mac and a TV set of 32″!

I came dressed for Cannes and the Croisette, but was quickly pulled down to La Bocca…what a shit hole. Just going to the Inter Marche, a supermarket, made me feel uncomfortable, it was so dirty and sketchy on the road and in the places we passed!

We got back to the room with our grocery bags with saturday goodies and thought we better make the best out of it. There was a TV set in the living room were Lucas and his new friend and sleep over guest, Alexander, rigged the playstation.


We put our TV in the bedroom to watch «Homeland»a new series we have started on! So exiting, just saying!!!!

I had already noticed the stench in the room. A stench of ammoniac and sewage. But I kept convincing my self that a few sprays of perfume and a good airing would make it disappear. Wishful thinking.

The toilet was terrible it smelled of pure piss. And I’m sure there was so much piss on and in the plastic CARPET that they would have to change the whole ting to get rid of it. I can just imagine how boys have been standing up and spraying around……

We made it through the night and early sunday morning we went jogging along the beach getting plenty of fresh air!

Our new friends, parents of Alexander (7) and Carmen (9), also norwegians, invited us to come with them on a boat exhibition in Cannes on sunday so we met them there at 11.

Then we spent the whole afternoon with them looking at yachts and having a marvelous time. We were not back in La Bocca until late. But nothing had changed it still smelled awful and the place just sucked. Though we had prepaid for 7 days we decided to get out of there!

Said and done!

Now we are at a wonderful spa hotel, La Lune de Mougins, just two minutes from the international school in Mougins. The atmosphere here is so nice and the staff is really friendly. They put us in «Suit 1″and the colors and the interior is inspiring and pleasant. Lucas and I were jumping up and down in the beds like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Being so happy!

There is a lesson here. If you don’t experience bad, you’ll never know good!

It is so important to be grateful of what you have and make the best of it, but it doesn’t mean that things can not get better:)

Anyway here we are, happy as pigs in shit…..

Lunch at Le Petit Fouet in the old town center of Mougins made me even more happy! It was a real treat both price-vice, taste-vice and surrounding-vice!

If you go to south of France I really recommend to visit Mougins and the Vieille Ville (Old Town)!

Here is my photo catch the last few days!