Dear blog!

I have not been able to write and post pictures as my life is a bit complicated and busy at the moment. And we have had great time with family visiting us in Antibes.

Catharina flew in from London first and stayed four days. All rainy and cold. She left and a few days later Tomas flew in from Norway. He spent 10 days in the easter with us.

Beef Lover Tomas
Tomas having a XXL beef at Golden Beef in Antibes:)
Catta and me in Cannes! Drowned cats…..due to wet weather!!

In france they don’t have easter holiday like us Norwegians. During easter Lucas class went on a skiing trip for 12 days to Auron.

Auron Chair Lifts

For you who don’t know, Lucas is now in french school. Very exiting and challenging. He is learning a third language now, and coping! 12 days only speaking french worked wonders for his french language learning curve:)

Anyway we were allowed to come and visit him on sunday, easter morning, so we drove up with Tomas to spend the day with Lucas.

Lucas and Tomas reunion in Auron!

SES&IWe drove the curvy road home when visiting hours were over at 16:15. And coming home Helena had arrived from London to spend 8 days with us.

Helena and me having lunch at Baoli Beach in Cannes

Then they left one by one and only a few days later we are back home in Norway, due to Lucas «Spring Break» from the french school!

Well it is a busy life, but it is so much joy to be able to spend it living, traveling, learning, evolving, absorbing, reflecting and all in all developing and getting new experiences!

But don’t misunderstand me! Making decisions like we have, don’t come easy! And it is for sure not for everyone!

For now I just want to enjoy my stay in Norway!

Seems like the bad weather has cursed us. On the Riviera, it has not been a worse spring in 40 years, rain, rain, rain!! So don’t mention the weather, please! It is sunny and 18 degrees there now. And look what we brought with us home! Haha, be glad we are soon off again and hopefully we lose it over germany or something, haha!!!

I guess it has nothing to do with us, but it is a coincidence, though 🙂 And by the way I actually like misty weather!

Here are som of my photo catch from my hometown Kristiansand, and one of the most popular places to go swimming and sun bathing in the summer, Bertes:

And now it is May 2 I wrote this post a while ago, but I never got to post it due to among other things crappy INTERNET connection :-/……. Anyway… what can I say…Time Flies for sure! See more updated photos and adventures on




Big TreeIt has rained in Antibes since monday. I kind of like rain when it is not so cold.

We have had our dear Catharina visiting us since Tuesday.

I guess this was not the weather she expected, but not much to do about it! She is leaving to-morrow, so now we head for Cannes to do some shopping and to have a nice lunch no matter how wet it is!

After all it is «La Jour de la Femme».



– What you see depends on what you’re looking for!

To me this year has been a year of breaking loose, challanging my self, jumping into the unknown and taking the consecvences.

I have learnd sooo much, both good and bad.

All this experience I will now bring with me into 2013 and make them count.

I want to keep moving, keep learning and last, but not least, keep smiling!

– Smile trying, smile crying, but still smile 🙂 

– A smile can change your life!

Happy new year to all of you from all of me!

Here is a photo gallery of my best captures during 2012


Last sunday is only a week ago, but to me it seems like a few month ago. So much have happened!

I love life when it is full of action. Like last sunday when Espen Hennig Olsen and his lovely wife, Jannicke, called and asked if we should meet! They had some time before their flight departure so we invited them for breakfast at our terrace!

In a jiffy we made something out of what we had in the refrigerator. We are good at using what’s in store. A pinch of creativity and a teaspoon of positive thinking helps too! And when you don’t worry and just do what you have to do, most things turn out well.

So we had the most impulsive and interesting breakfast with two people I have never met in my life before.

But Espen Henning Olsen is the MAN! He is the owner of the new flight company FLYNONSTOP. (Check it out and book your flight for spring holiday NOW if you are from the area!)

When he came I gave him a big, warm hug and thanked him for this big investment that means people from the south of Norway can travel directly to a lot of destination in Europe.

It makes life a lot easier for travel hungry «south of Norway people.»

And taking into consideration what Svein Erik and I are planning down here in the south of France, direct flight to Nice fits like a glow and we couldn’t have asked for a better timing!



Let me ask you

What is important for you when you are thinking of traveling some where?!

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I ❤ M.A.C

It is a force of habit! But I can not resist to walk past a M.A.C make up store when I see one!

To day we took the train to Cannes. It is amazing how quick that is! Only 8 minutes from Antibes to day…!

New collection…

Let’s see what’s in store to day!

Did not come out empty handed!

…and this is what I got 🙂

Now I’m off to Nice attending a dinner with the fine Love Art Crew – more to morrow!



My mobile camera was burning hot as we left Mougins after a very pleasant lunch the other day.

Oups! I didn’t see the «no photo» sign until now….But I guess it is if you only shoot the art! I’m making a documentary here! Must bee all right!


Since saturday we have been like nomades traveling around…Before we decides to move to south of France we rented our apartment out for a week in september.We could have canceled them, but at the moment we thought it would be all right taking a week somewhere else and discover new places for instance…and we sure did!

Having known this for such a long time we could have booked way back in advanced, but, hey, did we…? No, two days before we booked at a cheap family resort in Cannes La Bocca. I mean the price should have alarmed us, but sometimes money talks and you get blinded by how much you can save and you compromises with quality. Not a good idea in most cases.

We arrived at Pierre & Vacances Beach Resort Cannes in La Bocca. At first it seemed all right, the reception was pretty nice. We checked in and took all our luggage to our room. And talking about luggage, how much do you need for a week when the plan is to lay by the pool or at the beach to relax….

We had a full car, me I had like one big bag, two medium, and one small bag  with stuff I most likely never will use during this week, plus my 27″ Mac and a TV set of 32″!

I came dressed for Cannes and the Croisette, but was quickly pulled down to La Bocca…what a shit hole. Just going to the Inter Marche, a supermarket, made me feel uncomfortable, it was so dirty and sketchy on the road and in the places we passed!

We got back to the room with our grocery bags with saturday goodies and thought we better make the best out of it. There was a TV set in the living room were Lucas and his new friend and sleep over guest, Alexander, rigged the playstation.


We put our TV in the bedroom to watch «Homeland»a new series we have started on! So exiting, just saying!!!!

I had already noticed the stench in the room. A stench of ammoniac and sewage. But I kept convincing my self that a few sprays of perfume and a good airing would make it disappear. Wishful thinking.

The toilet was terrible it smelled of pure piss. And I’m sure there was so much piss on and in the plastic CARPET that they would have to change the whole ting to get rid of it. I can just imagine how boys have been standing up and spraying around……

We made it through the night and early sunday morning we went jogging along the beach getting plenty of fresh air!

Our new friends, parents of Alexander (7) and Carmen (9), also norwegians, invited us to come with them on a boat exhibition in Cannes on sunday so we met them there at 11.

Then we spent the whole afternoon with them looking at yachts and having a marvelous time. We were not back in La Bocca until late. But nothing had changed it still smelled awful and the place just sucked. Though we had prepaid for 7 days we decided to get out of there!

Said and done!

Now we are at a wonderful spa hotel, La Lune de Mougins, just two minutes from the international school in Mougins. The atmosphere here is so nice and the staff is really friendly. They put us in «Suit 1″and the colors and the interior is inspiring and pleasant. Lucas and I were jumping up and down in the beds like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Being so happy!

There is a lesson here. If you don’t experience bad, you’ll never know good!

It is so important to be grateful of what you have and make the best of it, but it doesn’t mean that things can not get better:)

Anyway here we are, happy as pigs in shit…..

Lunch at Le Petit Fouet in the old town center of Mougins made me even more happy! It was a real treat both price-vice, taste-vice and surrounding-vice!

If you go to south of France I really recommend to visit Mougins and the Vieille Ville (Old Town)!

Here is my photo catch the last few days!