To day I have made burgers for dinner!

It always makes me laugh thinking of the hysterically funny movie «Dumb Dumber» with, one of my over all time favourite comedian actor, Jim Carry.

They sit in this burger shop and  have put lots of chilli on this guys burger and Harry asks in a very funny way «How’s your burger????» Hahahaha!

Cheeky 2 Cheeky 1


This is how my burger started out to-day:

BurgerMince meat, oregano, mint, basil, salt and pepper! The outsider meatball is for Lucas, no herbs in his shit…

Yo yo

I also baked in some cheese before I fried them in the pan!

So answer to my question will be: They tasted delicious, and I called them «Herb Burger»

I totally forgot to take a picture of the finished result…to hungry! Sorry…next time 🙂




«If you want to change, you have to be willing to be uncomfortable»

-I’m starting work out TO DAY……

I find it rather hard, I must admit! But in order do get rid of exccess fat I have no choice, really! So sneakers and running gear, you are about to get used again. It’s funny though, how the shoes still fit, but not the top…well it’s fact of life, when the body is not being used it stores all the energy in its temple…..and I want to eat good food, so no choice, really!

The road is calling – LET’S HIT IT, HIMBERG!





Champagne and Candy, like hand in the glow…;)

To morrow I think I will fly to Barcelona!

OH-NO. I have already booked a flight for Barcelona…To morrow I will meet up with some norwegian friends of mine.

I can’t wait!

My flight is at 11:50. From Nice it only takes one hour to get to Barcelona. And what more is great, I only paid 100 EURO for the ticket!!! Then there is more left so I can enjoy more good food and drink very good wine!!!


I will take lots of pictures!!

Anyone have any places to recommend???

We have booked table at Xaloc for lunch on saturday. Tapas heaven I’ve heard. Anyways gotta go and pack!

❤ ❤ BESOS ❤ ❤


We left Kristiansand at 7 o’clock wednesday morning heading for Torp. Our flight was at 11, so we assumed that would be enough time to get there. And it was!

I have never flown from from Torp before so I was a bit excited how that would turn out, flying with Ryan air and all. I’ve heard so much about how strickt they are with the baggage and overweight. I had clear instructions from Svein Erik…Ryan air had send him like alot of mails warning him about the charges if there were overweight… so I packed carefully and minimalistic….and watched the weight 🙂

Everything went smooth! We arrived safe in Liverpool, turned time one hour back and got our rental car, passing a yellow submarine on our way to the parking lot!

We drove stright to Harrogate, an approximately two hours drive from Liverpool airport and our destination for the next four days!

I had been told that Harrogate is a very nice, old, posh English town. And that turned out to be true. It was not posh in a negative way, it was just very clean and nice and polite. It was well kept and had a really nice and relaxed atmosphere. There were a big Turkish bath in the middle of the town. In the earlier days the royalties used to come here and get treatments and go for a swim. Now most of the bath had been turned into bars, restaurants and night clubs. And that looked well nice, if you ask me!

We went to the turkish bath on friday afternoon and it was a totally lovely experience!!

If you ever have the chance go and stay a couple of nights in Harrogate!

And if you have a pilot in your stomach you can come to Harrogate and take the pilot license with