To day I have made burgers for dinner!

It always makes me laugh thinking of the hysterically funny movie «Dumb Dumber» with, one of my over all time favourite comedian actor, Jim Carry.

They sit in this burger shop and  have put lots of chilli on this guys burger and Harry asks in a very funny way «How’s your burger????» Hahahaha!

Cheeky 2 Cheeky 1


This is how my burger started out to-day:

BurgerMince meat, oregano, mint, basil, salt and pepper! The outsider meatball is for Lucas, no herbs in his shit…

Yo yo

I also baked in some cheese before I fried them in the pan!

So answer to my question will be: They tasted delicious, and I called them «Herb Burger»

I totally forgot to take a picture of the finished result…to hungry! Sorry…next time 🙂




«Good morning, my sweet pumpkin pies!», it is soon halloween and pumpkin time!

Pumpkin have turnd up in a few dishes I have had lately. First time was at Kick Mat & Malt, just before we left for France in August. They served it with roasted lamb. I relly enjoyed that.

The other day I also got pumkin in a cours I ordered, and I think it tastes so good. It has a soft and mild taste.

At the harvest festival at school, the only thing that was missing infront of all the food the parents had brought to help out an elderly home in Nice, was a big pumpkin! I’m sure you can feed a lot of people for days on one big pumpkin, hehe

There are a lot of different dishes, soups, mashes, purés and cakes to be made from this nutritius fellow.

Yesterday at the supermarked I spotted pumpkin slices for sale. So I bought a slice just to try and see what I could make out of it! It was very chaep, too 🙂

I made a dish in the oven with potatoes, garlic, red pepper, herbs like rosmarine, oregano, timian and of course Mr. Pumpkin and lot of olive oil form O&Co,  a little bit of salt! It turned out super delicious together with roasted chicken!

So this morning I read som nutrition facts. They are loaded with healthy vitamines and minerales. So go get your pumkin for halloween, and use the inside of the fruit/vegetable, I’m not sure what it is…a cross maybe? make something good.

Recipes and nutrition facts:


Just thougt I wanted to share! Have wonderful sunday everyone!

Love from me ❤



I renturned to the spa I discovered a few weeks ago when we were staying at the La Lune de Mougins Spa Hotel! This time I got treatment: Full body massage and a full facial. Oh man, did I feel good after wards!!

I usually treat my self to spa and massage two or three times a year. This is the second time this year. Hopfully I will have one more before x-mas 🙂

Usually I do skin treatments my self with Cellex-C, but once a year it is alright to put a professionell skin therapist to do the job.

She used some products called THALGO. First she cleanced my skin, scrubbed it, steamed it and removed all the black worms….than she put on a mask and finally she massaged in a serum which pumped my skin and made it glow, totally!! Very good products, I recon!

This was a real treat to my self.

I encourage all you readers to treat yourself, go and get a nice massage and just dive into the state of total relaxation.

Let this hour be your priority! Relax and set your mind free.

I always come up with new ideas and good solutions when I decide to take this kind of therapie. The lovely smell of herbs and oils, the soft music and the thouch of soft hands rubbing and loosening up the mucles and speeding up the blood sirculation just makes you feel incredible good and relaxed!! It can’t be anything but healthy!

So book now at your favorite saloon, beautyparlor or spa resort.

Just do it!

PS! In Kristiansand I can recommend NIMUE HUD for both facial treatments and a good massage. Anita, who runs the place is a gorgeous, warm and welcoming person with long experience! She also do permanet eyliner and brows, with great success! And botox!




Soon the school begins and than we have to get in to some routines, but for now we need to calm down and relax!