Leaving with luggage

Leaving With Luggage
To give you an idea of how much I was carrying….

I’m on my way to Monaco to set up a SchimJolie silk design viewing and also to build my business net work and meet with my dealer here and see some friends!

Armed with designs to my teeth, after I had to relieve my suitcase for 2,5 kg overweight, and put them in my hand luggage in order to avoid paying €75 in extra overweight fee…I’m finally on the plane to Nice!

I’m laughing and picturing myself at 05:30 this morning pulling out 2,5 kg silk/wool designs and dressing up in them, to get my baggage checked in! Then through security with all the scarves, Suie the small suitcase packed with even more designs and Luie the tool bag tucked inside big Bluie to make it look like only one piece in addition and my StyleGuides put into a shopping bag to make it look like it was a gift I just bought at the airport! Leica camera had to go around my neck and I regretted bringing with me the big Bose headphones with noise reduction….

Omg I met a friend who works at the airport and she couldn’t help but laugh at me and wonder if they would let me through! But as soon as I’m through security I arrange everything so it doesn’t look as much. Actually my friend comment on how it didn’t look as bad as it did first!

When I enter the cabin my 10 wool/silk designs are around my neck, Luie is inside my big bag Bluie… Bluie is on my shoulder and hiding behind my back, and Suie the suitcase comes in first! Then we serve the flight attendants a big brave smile and say «Good morning», before we elegantly make our way through the aisle and find our seat! Not warm at all….!

You know I was sweating bullets, but it’s good morning exercise, kind of…I guess!