Now I’m very tired of tidying….and still there are a more mess left, can you believe it? And I have, believe it or not, one more overloaded car to go! This is madness! It seems to be an endless road I have started on. But I will hang in there and see it through, I have no choice!

It’s just ridiculous all the things we have collected through the years. Things we have though that maybe one day, mayby one day, maybe one day this will come in useful…..

…and it might, and I know the minute I throw all these things away, there will in short time be a question or a need for some of them, but what the H**L I need to clear up my mess, it is messing with my mind! I have no more use for all this stuff!!!

I threw away my graduate suit, (russedress) I have stored it for over 20 years…so in my mind I could think why not store it 20 more and just keep it….for what?? For my grandchildren to see all the dirty stuff written on it, hahaha, I think not! So rest in peace god old russedress!

I also threw away all the outfits, or should I say funny costumes, Mette and me used in Spain, totally serious, omg!!!! But when they are about to vaporize it’s about time…though they are funny and could come in handy for a bad taste party some time, but to what end….maybe again…

This wonderful green outfit did its last dance performance for Mette’s birthday video..haha! RIP green glory!!

Well I gotta go, but before I go I will recommend this lip glass from MAC:

It sit put on your lips for a long time….

and gives them a nice shine, I think…. !

Messy mind is of to get order and system! Wish me good luck 🙂