I ❤ M.A.C

It is a force of habit! But I can not resist to walk past a M.A.C make up store when I see one!

To day we took the train to Cannes. It is amazing how quick that is! Only 8 minutes from Antibes to day…!

New collection…

Let’s see what’s in store to day!

Did not come out empty handed!

…and this is what I got 🙂

Now I’m off to Nice attending a dinner with the fine Love Art Crew – more to morrow!



It is nice to be important, but it is more important to be nice…..

…….it is also nice to be in Nice!

We drove in to Nice on friday. We had an appointment with the bank in order to check out the posibillities of getting a loan if something interesting villa-vice should turn up!
How umbarressing is it when you are in a serios setting like this and Sven Erik says something and I think we are supposed to laugh so I’m pressing out a loud laugh, and no one else is laughing! Oh, well, it sure turned me red and made me shot up quick…
I was so relieved when the meeting was over and I could go to the M.A.C store and buy a mascara, angled brush and lipliner! And do some photoshopping of the great lines and details in the big city!
So here are some photos i took calming down:
Place Massena
Love these big gorgeous lanterns
What a jewl
My favorite make up store
I got my stuff
Love the old buildings and their beautiful windows…
…and the balconies
Place Masséna
Place Masséna



I must say that I’m very impressed with the amazing products from Cellex-C. I have always been very interested in taking good care of my skin and my visage, so naturally I have tried a lot of products and brands. But there are a couple of brands I keep coming back too and I keep buying them over and over again, simply because they do it for me!

All my life I have been troubled with allergy, eczema and rashes. I have bought a lot of expensive products that I just have to trash after a couple of weeks use.

I have used Cellex-C‘s  serums and products for more or less five years now. I have never had a single rash or bad experience with the products.

And it is like the development of lines has radically slowed down and impaired the appearance of new lines. No kidding!

The products helps me keeping my skin soft and smooth. They make my skin glow!

I use these products every morning

Cellex-C Cellex-C Gentle Foaming Cleanser 180ml , this cleanser has its place in the shower and I use it every morning. Every third day or so I use Kanebo’s  «Silky Peeling Powder» which is super gentle!

Out of the shower I take two or three drops of Cellex-C Advanced-C Serum 30ml

Smear it over my face and neck, and let it dry for 30 seconds then I put on the Cellex-C Skin Hydration Complex 30ml and let this dry until I am dressed. Then i need a good moisturizer and there is nothing better than Cellex-C Sea Silk Oil-Free Moisturizer 60ml

The skin absorbs it immediately and leaves it nice and fresh and without any oily or shiny look. I also use an eye firming cream under my eyes, and I think this one is doing an excellent job after just a couple of month use Cellex-C Advanced-C Eye Firming Cream 30ml

I have discovered that it is not a good idea to use this eye creme if you use foundation or compact powder make up wise…it might smudge and not mix properly with your foundation and cause an uneven look under your eyes…just saying 🙂

But together with a colored day cream with sunscreen like Kanebo’s «Instant natural golden glow uv (gel)», I use GG-62 Deep Bronze, it works perfect.

Deep bronze sounds dark as I’m pretty fair and quite pale. I always protect my skin from the sun with spf 50 if I can help it.  But it fits fine. The skin absorbs it naturally and leaves it looking vaguely tanned and fresh.

These are the make up products I use on a daily basis. And it takes only like 5-7 minutes to apply! First Kanebo’s natural glow, then Mac’s «Gentle Mineralize Blush» in my cheeks, applied with Mac’s «130 brush».

A brush I could never be without!

And, to kind of prime it, I brush all over with «HD High Definition Powder» from Make Up For Ever. To add an extra glow to the cheeks and cheekbones I brush over with Mac’s «Silver Dusk» using the «187» brush. I have two of them…one for the HD powder as well.

I love the brushes from Mac…it’s become an obsession to have them, so every time I go to a Mac store I get a new brush for my collection!!

When face is sorted, I normally just choose a brownish color for my eyes and apply it with the «219» on the eyelid and use the «286» above and around the global line. And finally I put on some mascara, if necessary.

At night I clean my face with the same as I use in the morning  Cellex-C Gentle Foaming Cleanser 180ml 

To remove mascara and eye make up I use Mac’s eye makeup remover.

Cellex-C New Complexion Cream 60ml is a very good night cream. It might sting a bit as it works on the skin, but believe you me, the skin looks and feels great in the morning.

Every third evening  I try to remember to put on  Cellex-C Line Smoother 30ml I think it really helps to keep the lines soft and smooth.

Sometimes I vary and I use the Cellex-C Advanced-C Skin Tightening Cream 60ml instead of the serum. And on occasion I use this mask Cellex-C Advanced-C Skin Toning Mask 30g .

One small teaspoon of powder and two, three drops of serum mixed together in the palm of your hand, smear it over your face and neck, avoiding eyes area, leave on 5-10 minutes. Take a cloth with lukewarm water and wash off. Skin feels renewed! Put on moisturizer and makeup.

A little trick with this toning mask is that if you want your skin to appear totally matt and fresh all day; mix a little bit of the powder with water and put it on your T-zone, let dry and put on your make up as normal.

I could not believe the result! My make up was matt all day it did not turn shiny on the nose and forehead at all, even after a hard day work with lots of sweating, photographing families and running after 1 year old toddlers!! I was so surprised!


If you are not used to take care of your skin, this might seems like it is to much of a hassle. But it’s all just a routine that does not take more than 10-15 min in the morning, including make up, and tops 3 min in the evening.

And if you think it is too late, it is not!

It’s never to late to start using good products. I promise you a good result if you are consistent and faithful!

I think there is nothing wrong with taking good care of your appearance! Do you?