Home Run and Family Photo Fun

Collage1_72It’s really working out. At first I was not sure if it would be a good idea, but now I have no doubts anymore!

Mobile photo shoots, as in driving home to the motive, is the new thing for me! I love coming home to my friends and clients and save them the time and hassle it takes for the lot to pack, collect them selves and get going to a photo studio or location.

Every setting is individual and unique! And all they have to do is get dressed and be ready when we have agreed. Then I use only like 30 minutes of their time. And I must say, the results, so far, has turned out amazing!

SchimJolie PhotoGraphy is so much more though it’s less! Less in a good way! Less stress if you understand!

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We also have locations together with «Le Petite Country Shop» at STRAI next to Drømmehaven. Come visit us!

Here is a slide show from the family fun shoot:





Crab n’ Crayfish Chef

Oh! So SWEET a Niece!

Look at this!! Isn’t she great! This is my wonderful niece Lisa Anna: I got a phone call from my brother last week. He asked if I was available for an assignment because he had this brilliant idea for a picture he wanted in his new house!

And you know what?

As it happens, and as I told you in an earlier blog post, I will say YES when friends and acquaintances ask me to do a photo-job!

So here Lisa Anna and I are kind of cooking.… She is holding a crab to the left and a crayfish to the right! I’m holding my Leica M8, and the two of us are at least cooking together a picture…!!

I think the photo came out fantastic!

Bring them on these all these untraditional and fun assignments!


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Last week I got a request from a friend. She wondered if I could photograph her 6 weeks old son.

Well, I thought….

I don’t have a studio anymore, as I have given away my share of my former photo business in town. (I’m all out of that affair for over a year now)

Then I thought of how fun it would be to take the challenge. I do have some cameras and I have for sure the experience. I also have a big living room where a little 6 week old easily could fit in!

Coming back from France, after 10 month, I’m for the moment out of work! And I’m kind of missing meeting clients and being social with them! Though I have a project I’m working on called SchimJolie I’m open for different kind of design and photo assignment!

So I figured, Yea! Let’s try, and see if I’m still up for it!

I rigged my living room and prepared for the shoot!

Home Office

It worked perfect! And I was given so much joy and I think I gave some back! When I start working with treasures like these small babies I forget time and place!

I was sweating bullets as I flew around, slowly, high and low with my big Hasselblad and Leica around my neck.

It was great fun and I’m so glad I said yes to help them out with some proper nice photos!


We have a nick name on the model…BLÅB, and don’t ask, it’s just very intern stuff.



How fun it is to have all this positive feedback of my art work! It encourages me to promote them more! Thank you for all the nice comments and e-mails!

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Collage1 Collage3 Collage4 Collage5 Collage6 Collage7 Collage8 Collage9 PASPATOUT

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Passepartout is french, and means it «goes for all», passe-par-tout. And that is exactly what it does for my art work images.

This is my favorite way of presenting my photography!!

White passepartout and a simple black frame;

– It is so nice, so timeless, simple and decorative!

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Perfect Xmas present 😉

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