I found some blackberries!

I wanted to make a pie, but I did not have flour!
So I decided to make something simple and sweet!
I made a Blackberry soup!

I wonder how this tastes, with one cup of blackberries, a spoon creme fresh, a pinch of powder sugar and vanilla sugar all mixed together with my genius Bamixer!

WOW! It tastes GREAT!!!!




Moose on the riviera is highly unlikely, but when you are on a budget and have access to unlimited supplies, you gotta give it a try!

I defrosted a big 1,7kg moos piece, on monday! Svein Erik prioritized his luggage to contain 15 kg moos meat the last time he flew from Norway…

So this week we have had elk burgers, elk soup, elk casserole, elk steaks, elk stew, elk snadder…with more or less success! Elk can be very chewy, to be honest!

I cut off some quality pieces and put them in a marinade. I hope they have gone smooth and tender by now. I will make lunch out of them to day – Friday ELK BEEF – yummi…!

They have been soaking in my herb and oil mixture since tuesday and should have absorbed all the good spices by now!

So now I’ll go ahead and fry them in my pan!

To be continued…

…the elk steacklets were totally amazing, so juicy and soft! We enjoyed them together with a bottle of Amarone on friday! It’s been a quiet and relaxing weekend!

TIPS! Rosemary really puts a nice taste to elk meat!



Man has to eat!

This morning I woke up and decided to eat a box of sardines for breakfast. I don’t think I have ever eaten that before. Not as I can remember at least .

There were four fat buggers in the tin. I took out the bone and removed the skin and put it on some green salad together with some chèvre, brie, figs and walnut!

It was delicious, I ate it before I had time to take a picture, and that was a shame…but I will for sure have it again!!!

Now I understand why there are single shops only selling sardines and tuna!

Colorful tins with sardines
Tins with Tuna

Here are some of the dishes I have succeeded snap shooting 🙂

Have a faboulos saturday every one 🙂

Norwegians talents


As I told you earlier, I’m making an effort to get rid of food in the freezer and in the fridge, before buying more.

I bought a lot of parsley two weeks ago, and I can tell you right away if you put it in a plastic bag in the fridge OR put the bouquet in a glass of water…

…in the fridge like this they will stay nice and fresh for at least two weeks…or, if you want, you can just put them straight in the freezer.

Anyway, I wanted to use this in a soup. Sometimes I just feel like making a soup out of what I have in the fridge. So to day I have….

…spring onion, its a winner anytime tase-wise!!

…big bunch of green tasteful parsley…

…..cut in the parsley with scissors, is one way of doing it!

….kick in some lovely Spinach, full of iron and healthy vitamins..

…a whole «bama bag»

..huile d’Olive au Citron from O&Co, of course!

Steam it down….

…..bamix it and add 0,5-0,7 liters of water.

Use Gordon Ramsey  if you have! If you don’t have – GET ONE!!

…..realized I needed a smaller pan in order to get the right swivel..

…blow’n taste….

…..tasted good..but soup needs more spice! Mr.Chilli is on his way!!

…found some tomatoes…might as throw them in!

…sinking tomatoes…I have also added some nutmeg, pepper, fresh garlic and some pumpkin and sunflower seeds…and two cashew nuts, to be exactly!

Then I pored in some cream and creme fresh heated it up and took an extra round with the bamixer…

Did not look too good…. so I gratinated some cheese on top..hoping it should look better…hehe…

Anyway, looks very healthy, yea….gusje green… was good, though!

And when it had rested for a few hours and was reheated it tasted even better. My mother came and had a bowl, she liked it, she said.

It was eatable….. and very, very, very, ecologic, green and healthy. After one bowl I was full for six hours!!!!

GO GREEN 🙂 And have a fabulous afternoon everyone 🙂 And just make food out of what you have – be creative!